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Quotation1 Initiates an increased Speed Boost. While running at Mach Speed, the resulting sonic boom ruins most enemies that get in Sonic’s way, except for monsters. Quotation2
Sonic the Hedgehog: Official Game Guide

Mach Speed (ブーストダッシュ Būsutodasshu?, lit. "Boost Dash") is a move used by Sonic the Hedgehog that has only appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) as one of Sonic's Custom Actions. It is a move that gives Sonic a short boost of speed. It can only be used after Sonic obtains the Blue Gem.


In order to use Mach Speed, Sonic has to possess the Blue Gem Level Up Item. When Sonic is in possession of it, the player has to select the Blue Gem with the directional pad and can use it by pressing Xbox-Button-RT/R1ps3.

When using this move, Sonic can perform a "Super Sonic Boost Dash" that makes Sonic perform a fast, but very brief dash that increases his speed to its maximum. If Sonic runs into an obstacle while dashing however, he will fall down on the ground for a second.


  • The mechanics of the Mach Speed is similar to the Mach Speed Sections found in certain levels of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), though it is not specifically the same as Sonic does not lose any Rings when he collides with objects.
  • When ramming into something with Mach Speed, a glitch will occur where blue winds will still appear around Sonic while he runs at very slow speed.
  • In real-life, the term "Mach Speed" derives from the word "Mach Number" which is actually a ratio of a body moving at the speed of sound. 
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