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Mad Space

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Mad Space is the twelfth stage in the Dark Story of Sonic Adventure 2. It is the final treasure hunting stage exclusive to Rouge the Bat, and the equivalent to Knuckles' stage, Meteor Herd. Her actual boss fight with Knuckles, however, takes place on Meteor Herd. This stage's background music is "34°N, 23°E", with Tabitha Fair as the vocalist.


Rouge sets out to the outer perimeter of the Space Colony ARK to retrieve the rest of the Master Emerald shards and then flee the ARK. She obtains three of the Shards, and is then confronted by Knuckles, whom she then fights. After their fight, Rouge runs at Knuckles in an attack, but slips and falls towards a lava-like substance. Knuckles (claiming he only did this for the Master Emerald), catches Rouge's hand and pulls her up. Rouge then pulls her hand away and gives Knuckles the rest of the Shards, which he then fuses together with his own Shards to reform the Master Emerald. Knuckles then apologizes for hurting Rouge and runs off.


Collect 100 Rings

Rings are quite sparse in this stage, and collecting 100 of them in less than two and half minutes is extremely difficult. After grabbing the nine Rings in front of the player at the start of this stage, use the rocket to reach the enormous space station first, and collect about thirty-five Rings up there. Next, drop down to the Capsule Planet, and collect another fifteen Rings before dropping back down to where the stage started. There, grab the Super Ring containing twenty Rings from the platform below, and pick then up the final twenty-one Rings from the outlying platforms.

Find the Lost Chao

This mission requires the Mystic Melody. First, travel to the enormous space station and climb to the upper ledge with the five floating Containers. From there, drop down to the large platform below and approach the Ancient Ruin. Play the Mystic Melody and jump into the Warp Hole that appears. The player will then be transported to a hallway blocked off by six Iron Containers. Smash the Containers and jump into the Warp Hole behind them. The player is then transported to an identical hallway (only with an enemy instead of Containers) housing a third Warp Hole. Jump into it to be transported to the lost Chao's location.

Collect the Emerald Pieces in 4:30

The enormity of Mad Space can make this mission rather difficult, so be sure to know the stage well. The best strategy is to head to the enormous space station where the player must work their way down until something comes up on the radar.

Clear Hard Mode

  • The first Emerald Shard is floating beneath the Holy Planet. Climb down the side of the planet as far as Rouge will go, then glide underneath it and grab the Shard.
  • To reach the second shard, glide to the Spherical Planet. The shard is here placed on the platform at the bottom, but it can be tricky to reach due to the mixed-up gravity. The player needs to get a running start to get to the shard's platform.
  • The final shard is located above the platform near the upper ledges of the enormous space station which have two pairs of rotating spiked Balls and a Meteorite on them. Once there, perform a Screw Kick to get into the air and reach the shard.

Big the Cat sighting

Sonic2app 2017-02-18 19-44-51-759

Big the Cat in Mad Space.

Once on the enormous space station, head towards the platform with the blue headlight, and glide then toward the barrier of light. From there, Big can been seen sitting on top of the pillar.

Big's location in Hard Mode is unknown.

Chao Container locations

  • Jump off the plaform where this stage stars on and descend towards the platform below it. The first Chao Container can be found on a small platform besides the main platform.
  • On the Capsule Planet, the second Chao Container can be found on the highest platform of all, which is set on the upwards tip of the planet.
  • The final Chao Container can be found on the upper ledge of the space station which has a Hawk enemy, a Hint Box, and a Rocket on it.


Stage Layout

The stage takes place in space where Rouge must collect three shards of the Master Emerald. The stage has three planetoids that may have one of the shards. There are also floating areas in the lower areas of this stage. Like Meteor Herd, the stage also has large containers and some of the space colony's platforms. There are also GUN Hawks in this stage.

Level Up Item

Rouge's Iron Boots Level Up Item is located in this stage on the spherical planet. It allows her to break steel containers.


  • The hints in Mad Space are much different from those that are in other treasure hunting stages. The first hint is completely written in backwards while the last two are written regularly, but tell the exact opposite location of where the Emerald Shard actually is.
  • When translating the stage theme song "34°N, 23°E" into geographical coordinates, it is the location of the Mediterranean Sea, just north of the coast of Libya, Africa. It is unknown if this was an intentional reference.
  • In the original Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, the player must first travel to the Capsule Planet before going to the Spherical Planet where the Iron Boots are. This is because the rocket leading to the Capsule Planet can be activated without having to break a steel container in this version. In all subsequent ports of the game, the rocket leading to the Spherical Planet is the only one that can be activated without having to break an Iron Container.


Name Artist Length Music Track
34ºN, 12ºE ...for Mad Space Tabitha Fair, Fumie Kumatani 3:33
Degrees 34n degrees 23e


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