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The Magenta Wisp is a type of Wisp that is exclusive to the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. They grant the Magenta Rhythm Color Power. They appear in Silent Forest and Sky Road.


The Magenta Wisps' overall appearance resembles that of a magenta-colored eighth note. The have an ellipsoid-shaped heads with a single green eye on the front, and three sphere-like tentacles stemming from the bottom of it. Also, on the back of their head, they have a short note stem with a flag attached on top.

Powers and abilities

The Magenta Wisps are able to levitate in midair at will, which serves as their main method of transportation.

The Magenta Wisps are able to generate and store their own unique variant of a powerful energy known as Hyper-go-on inside their own bodies, which is their life source. It is unclear to what extent they can use their own Hyper-go-on.

The Magenta Wisps are able to pass on a fraction of their Hyper-go-on to other beings by phasing into their body, which allows them to transform into the Magenta Rhythm which enables air bouncing.



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