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Magic Gems are objects that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are gems with magical properties found on Shanazar.


Magic Gems are small jewels with magical properties. These gems come in different shapes; one specimen appeared as a golden necklace containing several smaller gems while another resembled a hand-sized cyan Chaos Emerald. Each Magic Gem also exhibits different magical powers; one could transform its wearer into a frog when they spoke a certain phrase, while another could grant its wielder protection from all dangers.[1][2]


As Grand Vizier, Dr. Robotnik gave Princess Kupacious a necklace with a Magic Gem, secretly designed to turn her into a frog when she discovered his plans to seize Shanazar. Adoring her gift, Kupacious organized a royal walkabout to show it off.[1] Robotnik also acquired a Magic Gem that protected its wielder from dangers from a wizard so he could be safe while his Dimension Blender merged Mobius and Shanazar.[2]

Upon discovering Robotnik's plans, Kupacious ordered her Imperial Guards to execute him, thus triggering her Magic Gem necklace and turning her into a frog.[1] Even so, Kupacious stole Robotnik's protection Magic Gem as his Dimension Blender was activated, causing Robotnik's plans to fall apart. On Mobius, Kupacious retained possession of both Magic Gems while she became queen of the frogs.[2]


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