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Magic Lamp
Sonic holding the Magic Lamp.
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic and the Secret Rings
(Only appearance)


A small golden magical oil lamp.

The Magic Lamp is an object that appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is an oil lamp from the world of the Arabian Nights that was used to imprison Erazor Djinn in ancient times until he had granted the wishes of a thousand people as punishment for his evil. It can also be used to force Erazor Djinn to grant three wishes to the person who wields it.


Long ago, the Magic Lamp was used to seal Erazor Djinn inside of it as punishment for his crimes, where he would remain trapped until he had granted the wishes of a thousand people. After Erazor served his sentence, he was ready to continue his evil ways, though he was still bound to grant the wishes of the owners of the Magic Lamp. Under unknown circumstances, the Magic Lamp was crushed into a twisted orb and came into the possession of Shahra.

Crushed Magic Lamb

Sonic holding the crushed Magic Lamp.

When Sonic the Hedgehog found the Blue World Ring, Shahra gave the crushed Magic Lamp to Sonic, only telling him it would be their last resort for stopping Erazor as she could not use it herself. When Shahra was killed during the showdown with Erazor, Sonic wished to Shahra that she would "go back to the way she was", which led to the Magic Lamp being restored. When Sonic finally beat Erazor, he pulled out the Magic Lamp as Erazor boasted of his invincibility. Understanding the meaning behind it, Sonic told Erazor that he was supposed to grant him three wishes now.

Despite Erazor's refusal, Sonic used the Magic Lamp's power over Erazor to force him into grant three wishes: bringing Shahra back to life, restoring the world of the Arabian Nights and its storybook back to normal, and trapping Erazor within the Magic Lamp until the end of time. After granting Sonic's final wish, Erazor was sucked into the Magic Lamp, sealing him within it once more. Sonic then took the Magic Lamp to the Evil Foundry where he threw it into the lava pools, either destroying it or making sure no one would ever find it again.


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