Not to be confused with the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode Hero of the Year.
The man of the year - while its title name being obvious

Title name of the animated short.

Man of the Year, also titled as Sonic the Animation in Movie Theater and just Sonic on the title) is an over minute and a half length animated short that has been featured in the compilation game Sonic Jam. The hand-drawn animation of the short has made by TMS Entertainment (known as Tōkyō Movie Shinsha during that time)[citation needed] as combining with computer-generated graphics. Although character designs are close to the games counterpart, the animation style is reminiscent of Animaniacs, Batman the Animated Series and Tiny Toon Adventures.

The short has no spoken dialogue, but several pieces of music play through the short (see Trivia section) and sound effects from video games are included. The short's only main characters are Dr. Robotnik and Sonic.

Plot Summary

After this moment, none of badniks have seen

The newspaper article of "Man of the year".

After the logo zooms in and fades out, the screen is shown to hover over the city on the island of Robotnik's hideout, as Dr. Robotnik walks in the room in pajamas and going to a desk with a mug of coffee and a newspaper. He spits out the coffee when he discovers that the newspaper article that states Sonic being the "Man of the Year". Robotnik balls up the paper and throws it at the TV, which sets it on, showing the same thing with people being excited. Enraged, Robotnik tries to turn the TV off, but stumbles on room trash heap, where he for a moment then comes up while swinging and strangling a Sonic doll. He suddenly gets an idea and runs out the lab.

Write that paper above and not their faces

Robotnik on Sonic suit terrorizing the city.

In the city, Sonic is seen running around on the buildings and jumping from wall to wall while suddenly Robotnik appears in a Sonic suit from the corner of the street, running around (with rocket boosters on his feet), and wreaks havoc by doing things such as drawing on the faces of people who want his autograph, jumping on cars, and destroying sign posts. After his actions has causing chaos in the city, television screen then announced that Sonic was the "Worst Man of the Year", as showing Robotnik performing an akanbe. Sonic, not knowing of the crimes committed in his name, stops to talk to some civilians who watched the same television screens but, much to his confusion, they start yelling at him.

At the same time, Robotnik standing on top of the building, as he's overlooking Sonic getting yelled at, and laughing villainously, until he is shown about to fall off the building.



  • Throughout the animated short, following pieces of music are played:
  • The end of the short says, "To be continued," but no continuation was ever produced.
  • Robotnik's laugh at the end of the short is taken from the Japanese boss theme of Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
  • In June 2016, the animated short was shown during the Sonic 25th Anniversary event held in Joypolis.[1]


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Sonic Jam Man Of The Year


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