Mancini claiming to have seen a ghost in the forest.

Mancini is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is an ordinary civilian who enjoys visiting and camping out in the Forest occasionally. However, he is mortally terrified of ghosts, and becomes paranoid if he detects the tiniest sign of spectral activity. If Mancini suspects a ghost, he becomes frightened to the point of insomnia.



Mancini finding out that the "ghost" was really Eggman's robots.

In Shadow's story, Mancini gives Shadow his sixth Town Mission. Recently, he had noticed red flashing lights and a lot of loud noises, and due to his serious case of phasmophobia, he jumps to the conclusion that there is a ghost in the forest. Knowing that Shadow is a G.U.N. agent, he tells him to get rid of this supposed ghost, although it turns out that it was actually Badniks causing the disturbance. When Mancini finds this out, he bluffs that he doubted it was a ghost all along, but still feels nervous at the presence of the robots.

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