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Mandrake Root

Blockhead Bill tosses Society Max a Mandrake Root, from Sonic the Comic #135. Art by Richard Elson.

Mandrake Root is a flora that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are plants that grow in the Mandrake Swamp of Planet Meridian in the Special Zone.[1] Blockhead Bill uses them to transform his companion, Society Max, into a dinosaur; the transformation appears to be instantaneous when the Mandrake Root touches Max's tongue.[2] However, the socialite Max dislikes the taste, requesting that Bill put some dressing on it next time. The roots also seem to get in his teeth, and Max has been seen using a toothpick after returning to normal.[3]


When Bill ran out of roots to feed his friend, the pair of them ventured into Mandrake Swamp to collect more. Before they could succeed, they were captured by Root and forced to carry out his plan.[1] Despite this, Bill was able to procure at least three more Mandrake Roots, which he later used to fight Sonic the Hedgehog and the Chaotix Crew.[2][3][4]


  • The Mandrake Roots are named after (and loosely modelled after) the real world Mandrake, which has been used in magic rituals because of its bizarre shape and its hallucinagenic properties.

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