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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Mari-An is a female Echidna, formerly from the Lost Tribe, and the wife of Rob O' the Hedge. A formidable warrior, Mari-An helped free the Lost Tribe from the High Sheriff's control. Later, when the Lost Tribe arrived on Albion, Mari-An remained in the Kingdom of Mercia to be with Rob, with whom she eventually had a child named Jon.


Member of the Lost Tribe

Mari-An first appeared when the tribe arrived in Mercia. To her shock, Mari-An discovered that her brothers, Zax and Raynor, had disappeared. Accompanying Knuckles the Echidna, she set out to find them. The two later split up, and upon their reunion, Knuckles was accompanied by Rob O' the Hedge. Rob and Mari-An's similar personalities led them to fight atop a log over a nearby river. Mari-An defeated Rob, and the two fell in love. Meeting up with Sonic and Tails, the group worked together to save the tribe from the High Sheriff's enslavement. Upon their successful escape from the clutches of the High Sheriff, Mari-An accompanied Knuckles and Rob as the two guided the Lost Tribe of Albion.

Life with Rob O' the Hedge

Having fallen in love with Rob and realizing he was her soul mate. Mari-An decided to remain in Mercia with Rob. She later married with the complete approval of her parents and some time later the two had a child.

Some time later, Mari-An went to be at Rob's side after putting their son Jon to bed. While staying at Never Lake, the two witnessed the arrival of Silver the Hedgehog, who insisted he be brought to Sonic the Hedgehog as soon as possible, as his future depended on it. Rob left with Silver on their quest to find Sonic. Mari-An was left alone at Never Lake, to stay and keep an eye on her child.

The family later went into hiding following an assassination attempt on Jon's life by Lord Mordred Hood, and the other members of the Mercian Freedom Fighters began to fear that they had been killed. However, in reality they had managed to escape to Never Lake where they eluded the Dark Egg Legion.


Like Julie-Su, Mari-An is more aggressive than typical female Echidnas. When Knuckles questioned her ability to handle herself in a dangerous situation, she responded by throwing him to the ground. As demonstrated by her fight with Rob, she possesses a number of fighting skills that make up for her lack of special abilities. With these skills she managed to defeat Rob in their brief scuffle.


  • Just as her husband, Rob O' the Hedge, is based on the English folk hero Robin Hood, Mari-An's name is derived from Robin's love interest Maid Marian (although the format has been changed to comply with Archie's established female Echidna naming customs).


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