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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Marine the Raccoon
Su 58-8-0
Marine the Raccoon
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #180

Latest Appearance

Sonic Universe #56

Total Number of Appearances




  • Budding Mechanic
  • Marie
  • Mary



Mysterious ability of shooting a projectile from her fist


Shadow's attitude

Marine the Raccoon is a friend of Blaze the Cat from the Sol Zone, and is an enemy of Dr. Eggman Nega. In her debut, after rescuing Sonic and Tails, she shows them her Chaos Emerald, only to have it taken away by Johnny. She exists in both the Pre-and Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Sonic Rush Adventure (Archie)


A frightened Marine explains that Tails is the one who knows how to make inter-dimensional boats to Shadow.

Marine first came across Sonic and Tails after they crashed their Plane in a storm. After doing a quick check-up, she determined them to have "a clean bill of health" and quickly recruited the two on her crew, with her acting as captain. Sonic ignored her, but Tails remained interested and asked about what kind of adventure she was talking about. She told him about pirates that had landed a few days ago, and the treasure that they're after. Sonic was now interested as well, but Tails was curious about what they were after. Marine then produced a Chaos Emerald she found saying it was the treasure. When asked if she knew what exactly it was she was holding, she replies "Duh! It's a giant, pretty gem!" Moments later it was stolen right out of her hand by Johnny - a tall, green, speedy robot pirate. Marine and her crew then went in pursuit of him to retrieve the emerald.

Meeting up with Blaze the Cat, the four went in pursuit of Johnny. Eventually, the group discovered Captain Whiskers and Johnny, battling them as well as Dr. Nega, who organized the theft of the Chaos Emerald. The battle resulted in the Chaos Emerald being retrieved. Tails then constructed a ship to get himself and Sonic back to Mobius Prime, while Sonic gave Blaze the green Chaos Emerald so she could locate the missing Sol Emeralds.

Living Weapons

After Shadow is defeated by Metal, Marine and Blaze find him in the ocean, and bring him aboard Marine's boat, the Ocean Tornado.[1] Marine fetches a towel for the soaking wet Shadow, and happily remarks that Shadow looks sinister, then says that he looks familiar, and asks if he's related to Sonic. Shadow replies, and states his name. To this, Marine gets excited, and asks if he's "Full of mystery, and danger". Shadow starts talking to Blaze, by which Marine responds by trying to get attention by introducing herself, and telling Shadow that they're all on her boat. Shadow throws his towel in Marine's face, explaining his situation, which excites Marine.


Shadow angry at Marine for lying to him.

[2] Shadow and Blaze continue talking, while Marine tries to steal the spotlight, and shouts that Blaze is a princess. Blaze tries explaining about Marine, much to her anger. Blaze says that Marine helped to build the Ocean Tornado, and Marine yells that she also captains it. Shadow then rudely asks Marine why she doesn't captain them towards a port, calling her "Marie". Marine snarls her correct name back, calling Shadow a "Half-Empty Gully Sack", and childishly remarks that she might.[3] Blaze then rudely asks Marine to pull them into the port. This angers Marine, and she starts grumbling to herself about how rude Shadow and Blaze are being to her.

Marine begins sailing the Ocean Tornado into the cave, whilst asking Blaze if she smells smoke.[4] The smoke is revealed to be fires started by Metal Sonic attacking the Coconut Crew.[5] After Shadow and Blaze are easily defeated,[6][7] Marine attempts to stop the rampaging robot by jumping on his head and punching him. Metal Sonic spots Blaze trying to attack him again, so he proceeds to swing Marine in the direction of the attack, much to her amusement.

Marine universe

Marine in Sonic Universe.

Marine hangs on, and dodges the attack, injuring Blaze in the process.[8] Shadow now tries to attack, but Metal again uses Marine as a way to protect himself from harm. Shadow yells at Marine to move, once again, calling her by the wrong name. Marine replies that she's working, and corrects her name. Metal Sonic begins charging a beam, as Marine moves just in time to avoid getting hit herself. Metal then grabs Marine, and throws her toward a burning building.[9] Blaze comes to Marine's safety, and tells her to get on the Ocean Tornado.[10] Marine does so, and as Shadow launches Metal into the sky, Marine quickly fires the ship's cannon at Metal Sonic, blowing him apart.[11]

Later, Marine starts bragging about her victory to Shadow, but he complains that she destroyed his only way home. He then asks her if she could build him a way home, to which Marine responds by saying that she can't, and only Tails knows how to. Shadow is clearly enraged, just barely keeping a lid on his anger with her. Marine then gets scared, and backs off.[12]

A Lack of Sol

While Blaze was on Mobius searching for one of the missing Sol Emeralds, her world appeared to be suffering ill effects; without all the Emeralds, the weather patterns started to become unstable. As a massive storm approached, Marine and a local koala pulled a dingy up to a pier on Southern Island with some difficulty due to the bucking waves. While the koala complained about the "worrisome" state of the world lately, Marine secured the boat to the dock and insisted that things would turn out fine, saying with confidence that her "best mate" Blaze would recover the Emeralds and set everything right. (SU: #22)

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Problems with Pirates


  • In the games and sometimes in the comics, Marine's muzzle is white. While in other scenes in the comic, however, it is tan.
  • In Living Weapons, when Shadow asks Blaze of how she and Sonic encountered, Marine interrupts and exaggerates the story. In the scene she was recounting, she had a light glow around her hand which was her mystery power from Sonic Rush Adventure.
  • Marine appears Sonic Universe #22 Off-Panel as Blaze's "secret weapon" to distract her foes, mostly Shadow and his team.
    • During the Off-Panel, Marine makes a statement to the "Over 9000" internet meme to Omega's weight.


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