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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (マリオ&ソニック AT バンクーバーオリンピック Mario ando Sonikku atto Bankūbā Orinpikku?, Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver Olympics) is a sports game by Sega, published by Nintendo in Japan and by Sega in North America and Europe. The game is officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through exclusive licensee "International Sports Multimedia". The game is the third official crossover title to feature characters from both the Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog respective universes. It has been released on the Wii and the Nintendo DS on 13 October 2009 and is the first announced video game based around the 2010 Winter Olympics.[1]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games enables players to assume the role of a Mario or Sonic character while competing against the others in Winter Olympic events.[1] The EU release was on 16 October 2009.


In January 2009, an article in the Spanish Nintendo magazine Nintendo Acción mentioned a sequel to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, to be created for the 2010 Winter Olympics.[2] Both IGN and Eurogamer received confirmation on the games' existence, with IGN stating that game would be officially announced within the following month.[3][4] Dennis Kim, licensing and merchandising director for the event, stated in February that a Mario & Sonic title "[is] being discussed and planned for Vancouver". Kim also stated that Vancouver 2010 and the IOC will share royalties from this game.[5]

The official announcement did arrive within the month as predicted, the game's title being given as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games at a joint press release by Sega and Nintendo on 12 February 2009.[1]


Some of the events in the Wii game use the Balance Board accessory. The multiplayer mode offers "co-op and competitive gameplay" whereas the DS version uses its wireless capabilities.[1]

Mission Mode

In order to proceed in the game, the player must complete missions. If the player fails or wants to try again, the player will lose a life. Extra lives can be found in the cities and can be won from missions.

Frostown missions

Ski jumping


A logo of Ski jumping

  • Land with style: Get 25.000 points from landing. Gold star from getting 30.000 points
  • Fight the wind: Pass 110m while battling strong winds. Gold star from passing 130M.
  • Hit the K point: Land between 120-130M. Gold star from landing at least to 129M.
  • Beat tails! Gold star from getting over 200 points


  • Finish 2nd or better: Finish 2nd or better without sprint areas. Fill the sprint cauge by staying behind your opponents. Gold star from finishing in 1st place and in under 20 minutes
  • 5-sprint challenge: Finish in 1st place without sprinting more thatn 5 times. Gold star from finishing in 1st place without using sprint once.
  • Win without crouching: Finish in 1st place without crouching. Gold star from finishing in under 15 minutes
  • Beat luigi. Gold star from finishing in under 15 minutes


  • Land +4 shots: Hit four or more targets within 30 seconds. Gold star from landing all shots within 10 seconds
  • Win on the hills: Finish in1st in hlly course. Gold star from finishing in 15 minutes.
  • No-acceleration run: Finish 1st by crouching and sprinting only. A button is for starts, penalties and shooting only. Gold star by finishing in 15 minutes
  • Beat knuckles! Gold star by finishing in 15 minutes

Speed skating 500m

  • Finish in 50 seconds: Get to the goal in 50 seconds. Gold star from reaching the goal in 35 seconds.
  • Final Sprint: Use final sprint when crossing the goal. Gold star from reaching the goal in 35 seconds
  • Do a curve dash: When ! Appears (Hold L button until it appears) after curving, release the L button to do a curve dash. Gold star from doing curve dash twice.
  • Beat Bowser JR! Gold star from reaching the goal in 35 seconds.

Nordic combined

  • Mash the A button to clear the penalty (the delay before starting) within 15 seconds.
  • Get a skill: Spin the wheel to get a skill. Draw any skill (Except "nothing") to clear. Gold star from getting special charge skill
  • Maintain the lead: Stay ahead of 3 rivals as they try to catch up and finish in 1st place. Gold star from reaching the goal in 20 minutes
  • Beat Eggman Nega! Gold star from reaching the goal in 15 minutes

Sparkleton missions

Snow machine fight

Snow machine

Logo of Snow machine fight

  • Break the ice: Break 10 blocks in 1 minute! Gold star from breaking 20 blocks
  • Blow 'em away: Defeat everyone in 2 minutes. Gold star from without getting hit
  • Use charge shot: Beat everyone in 2 Minutes using only charge shot by Holding A button. Gold star from without getting hit
  • Beat Peach. Gold star from without getting hit

Ski shooting

  • Shoot only red targets: Shoot only red targets to win with 500+ points! Golden targets are counted as different targets. Gold star from getting 2000 points
  • Win a close victory: WIN WITH LESS THAN 500 points separting you and your rival. Gold star from 150 points separation.
  • Hit egg hammer 3 times: Hit egg hammer three times, when it's glowing. Gold star from getting over 2000 points.
  • Beat Amy: Gold star from getting 10 000 points

Rocket Ski jumping


Logo of Rocket ski jumping.

  • Go through rings: Go through 6 floating rings. Gold star from going through over 10 rings
  • Use the ring dash: Pass through three rings, while using special dash. Gold star from passing through 10 rings during Special dash.
  • Pass 2400M: Get a record of at least 2400M. Gold star from getting a record of 2800M
  • Beat Metal Sonic. Gold star from getting a record of over 2000M.

Supersonic downhill

  • Go faster than 150 km/H!: Go faster than 150KM/H. Gold star from going faster than 300 km/H
  • Finish the race: Reach the goal without getting disqualified (Hitting the blocks on your way). Barriers protects you from disqualifying. Gold star from reaching goal in under 20 seconds.
  • Use mushroom dash: Collect mushrooms to do a mushroom dash at least 5 times. Gold star from using mushroom dash 10 times.
  • Beat Dry Bowser. Gold star from finishing 1st in under 25 seconds.

Polastraits missions


  • Do a starting dash: Hold the A button and release it in a right time to do a special dash. Gold star from releasing A button right before the gauge is full.
  • No crash run: Reach the goal without crashing. Gold star from reaching the goal without hitting the wall.
  • Keep the boost maxed: Boost while keeping the gauge full for a total of 10 seconds or more before reaching the goal. Gold star from keeping boost maxed  out while boosting for over 20 seconds.
  • Beat Yoshi! Gold star from reaching the goal in under 50 seconds

Ice hockey

  • Pass the puck: Pass the puck four times before time runs out. Gold star from passing the puck 4 times before timer reaches 5:00
  • Land a solid check: Check your opponent once or more and win the round. Gold star from checking three times
  • Score first: Be the first, who scores the goal. Don't let opponent score first or let the time run out. Gold star from scoring before 5:00
  • Beat Silver and Blaze part 1! Gold star from scoring over 10 points


  • Jump aboard: Get great or better from start run and boarding. Gold star from getting PERFECT from both jumping and boarding.
  • Don't fill the gauge: Reach the goal in 1:20 without filling the gauge (Teamwork moving increases the gauge). Fill gauge and you fail. Gold star from reaching goal in 1:00 or less
  • Reverse controls: Reach the goal in 1:05 with reversed controls. Gold star from reaching the goal in under 0:55
  • Beat Wario and Waluigi! Gold star from reaching the goal in under 0:55

Alpine skiing GS

  • Ace the gate dash: Hit the inside of the gate to do a gate dash 5 times. Gold star from doing gate dash 5 times in a row
  • Red gates mean go: Pass through only RED gates. Gold star from reaching the goal in under 1:30
  • Advanced gate dash: Hit 3 gates while crouching for an advanced gate dash. Gold star from doing advanced gate dash 3 times in a row
  • Beat King boo! Gold star from reaching the goal in under 1:00


  • Jump aboard: Get GREAT or better from boarding. Gold star from getting PERFECT from boarding
  • Do 3 dashes: Charge energy by holding stylus in touch screen and dash 3 times. Gold star from doing this 3 times in a row
  • Don't hit the walls: Cross the finish line without hitting the wall at least three times (2 is OK, third ends the mission). Gold star from crossing finish line without hitting the wall once.
  • Beat Eggman Nega! Gold star from crossing the finish line under 1:00

Cubyrinth missions

Ski cross racing

  • Stick the jump dash: Do two jump dashes. Gold star from doing jump dashes in a two first jump platforms
  • Grab rings: Reach the goal 1st with at least 3 rings. Gold star from reaching the goal with 10 rings
  • Don't use items: Do not use items and reach the goal first. Gold star from reaching the goal within 1:30
  • Beat Shadow: Gold star from reaching the goal within 1:20

Fever Hockey

  • Hit the bonus gate: pass the puck in bonus gate, when it opens. Gold star from getting puck to bonus gate before 5:00
  • Score a super shot: score a super shot, when you have passed puck 4 times in a row (when there reads MAX with rainbow colors). Gold star from scoring a super shot in 5:00
  • 50 pts by intermission: get 50 points or more in the firs period. Gold star from getting 100 points.
  • Beat Silver and Blaze part 2: Come back from losing 30-0 at the start of the first period to beat Silver and Blaze. Gold star from scoring 100 points and winning
  • Beat Bowser and Dr Eggman, part 2: Gold medal from scoring over 50 points.

Deluxe halfpipe

  • Do a perfect spin: press all the four directional buttons during an air trick to do a perfect spin, then finish. Gold star from doing perfect spin three times
  • Grab coins: Reach the goal with at least 7 coins. Gold star from reaching the goal with 10 coins.
  • Do a special trick: Collect at least 5 coins to do a special trick, then reach the goal. Gold star from doing special trick 3 times
  • Beat Jet! Gold star from getting over 15000 points (Three special tricks)

Blazing Bobsleigh

  • Spin your rival: Hit your rival in defense mode (With the steel plate forward) and Spin them around. Gold medal from doing this at the first seconds of the mission (as quick as possible).
  • Win backwards: come first facing backward! no rotating allowed! Gold medal from reaching the goal in under 1:15.
  • No heart run: No hearts on the run this time! Try to finish without being disqualified! gold medal from reaching the goal in 1:20
  • Beat Big bullet Bill: Cross the finish line before big Bullet Bill! Gold medal from reaching the finish in 1:20
  • Beat Bowser and Dr Eggman! Gold medal from reaching the goal in under 1:20

Icepeak mission


Ace the bump turn! Ace 20 turns out of 30! Gold medal from acing 30 turns out of 30.

  • Land 2 air tricks! Pull of a Twister (Slide stylus either left or right) and a Kossak (slide stylus to down). Gold medal from doing both tricks three times during the jump.
  • Do 2 air tricks! Pull front flip (Slide stylus to upright and downleft) and a backflip (Slide stylus upleft and downright). Gold medal from pulling other tricks after doing ordered tricks.
  • Beat donkey Kong! Score more points than Donkey Kong. Gold Medal from getting over 25.000 points

Short track 500M

  • Avoid your rivals! come in 1st or 2nd without bumping into your rivals. Gold medal from reaching the goal 1st and in under 40 seconds
  • Win with no recovery! The recovery zone is gone! reach the goal in 1st place without recovering! Gold medal from reaching the goal in under 40 seconds
  • Win without the Stamina! Come in 1st with 0 stamina (black heart) at the finish line! Gold medal from reaching the finish line inunder 40 seconds
  • Beat Vector! Gold medal from reaching the finish line in under 40 seconds!

Snowboard cross

  • land your best jump! land 1 best jump from the big jump ramp! If done right, the character spins as they fly! Gold medal from landing the best jump at the first ramp
  • Slipstream! Get close in behind your opponent to get 1 slipstream speed burst! Gold medal from doing this as quick as possible
  • Drift dash! When your trail turns orange, releas the R button to drift dash! Do it 3 times and win! Gold medal from doing drift dash over 5 times
  • Beat Wario and Waluigi! Gold medal from beating Wario and waluigi in 50 seconds


  • Knock a stone away! knock a rival's stone out of the house (circle)! This mission is missing the gold medal requirement
  • Deliver to set area! Slide the stone onto the designated area (the middle)! Gold medal from getting the stone to the smallest ring.
  • Win all 2 ends! Beat your rivals in 2 out of 2 ends! don't lose even one end! Gold medal from getting 5 points as overall score
  • Beat Dry Bones! Gold medal from getting 5 points as overall score

Figure skating

  • Land a triple spin! Do a succesful triple spin jump to the tune of "the nutcracker"! Gold medal from doing the triple jump spin at the first section.
  • Combo jump! Do a succesful combo jump(Two jumps in a row) to the tune of "Carmen"! gold medal from collecting all snowflakes at the path.
  • Got rhythm? Hit 20 steps with the stylus in time to "Die fledermaus" to turn the Rainbow notes! Gold medal from getting all notes in rainbow colors
  • Beat Rouge! Gold medal from getting over 100 points

Blizland missions

Extreme snowboarding

  • Land a special dash! Send the rival flying with the special dash (fill the cauge and press Y button twice)! Gold medal frm doing this at the start of the mission
  • Fill the trick cauge! Press the control pad during jumps to do tricks and max out the trick cauge! Gold medal from Filling the trick cauge in 30 seconds
  • Win on clean run! Come in 1st without hitting any rivals or other characters (chain chomp, egg pawns) in the way! Gold medal from reaching the goal in 3:20
  • Beat Bowser and Eggman! Part 3. Gold medal from reaching the goal within 3 minutes.

Intense Short track

  • Special Dash! Press L and R to make special dash thrice and finish 1st! Gold medal from reaching the goal in 2 minutes.
  • Stay on the course! Use B button to jump and reach the goal without falling from the course. Gold medal from reaching the goal in under 2:30
  • Pothole track! Reach the goal in 1st place in a pothole track! Gold medal from reaching the goal in 2:00
  • Beat Omega! Gold medal from reaching the goal in 2:00

Ultimate Figure Skating

  • Ace a jump! Hit the spring then trace the mid air's numbers in order for a PERFECT to the Sonic Medley! Gold Medal from tracing the numbers in 1–3 seconds from their appearance.
  • Grab 99 rings! Get 99 rings in Mario Medley. Gold medal from getting over 110 rings.
  • Beat over ten Kikis! Get to spin are and knock over ten Kikis to the tune of Mario and Sonic medley. Gold medal from knocking over 15 Kikis.
  • Beat Daisy! Gold Medal from scoring over 3000 points

Curling Bowling

  • Knock down Goombas! Knock down moving Goomba. Gold Medal from knocking down the goomba with X6 and mini mushroom.
  • Knock one down! Knock down only 1 Goomba! Knocking more than one initiates game over. Gold Medal from knocking the Goomba with Mega mushroom.
  • Get a mini strike! shrink the stone with blue mini mushroom and get strike! Gold medal from getting Super Strike (X6)
  • Beat Dry Bowser! Gold medal from scoring over 150 points!

Adventure mode

Sonic and Mario and toad

Toad meeting Sonic in Adventure mode.

The Nintendo DS version also has an adventure mode: Eggman and Bowser kidnap the winter spirits. Without them, all the snow in various areas melts and the Olympic Games are spoiled. It's up to Sonic and Mario to save them by retrieving the spirits and save the games. Along the way they will find old friends and enemies ready to help them or slow them down. Neither Sonic nor Mario can talk in the game, their dialogues are spoken by Toad. Later in the game, it was revealed that the last stage in the game was the only stage that was still snowing when the other five stages had nothing but grass. In the game, Mario and Sonic find news briefs hidden in barrels, crates and pots which give brief snippets of information about both universes' characters. In addition, the heroes can pick up leaves from maple trees which give facts and trivia about the real world Olympic Games and famous athletes.


All the events of the game include:

Wii version

Olympic events

  • Alpine Skiing - Downhill (Whistler Creekside)
  • Alpine Skiing - Giant Slalom (Whistler Creekside)
  • Ski Jumping - Individual Large Hill (Whistler Olympic Park)
  • Ski Jumping - Team Large Hill (Whistler Olympic Park)
  • Freestyle Skiing - Moguls (Cypress Mountain)
  • Freestyle Skiing - Ski Cross
  • Snowboard - Halfpipe
  • Snowboard - Snowboard Cross (Cypress Mountain)
  • Skating - Speed Skating 500m (Richmond Olympic Oval)
  • Skating - Short Track 1000m (Richmond Olympic Oval)
  • Skating - Short Track Relay (Richmond Olympic Oval)
  • Figure Skating (Pacific Coliseum)
  • Bobsleigh - Skeleton (The Whistler Sliding Centre)
  • Bobsleigh (The Whistler Sliding Centre)
  • Ice Hockey (Canada Hockey Place)
  • Curling (Vancouver Olympic Centre)

Dream Events

Radical Highway2

Bowser and Dr. Eggman racing on Radical Highway in Dream Snowboard Cross

  • Dream Alpine - Individual (Seaside Hill)
  • Dream Alpine - Team (Seaside Hill)
  • Dream Ski Jumping - Individual (Good Egg Galaxy)
  • Dream Ski Jumping - Team (Good Egg Galaxy)
  • Dream Ski Cross - Individual (Mario Circuit)
  • Dream Ski Cross - Team (Mario Circuit)
  • Dream Snowboard Cross - Individual (Radical Highway)
  • Dream Snowboard Cross - Team (Radical Highway)
  • Dream Short Track (Egg Factory)
  • Dream Figure Skating (Mario World/Sonic World)
  • Dream Bobsleigh (Nocturnus Gate/Special Stage)
  • Dream Ice Hockey (Bowser's Castle)
  • Dream Curling (Sherbet Land)
  • Dream Snowball Fight (Christmas Village)
  • Dream Gliding - Individual (Sky Sanctuary Zone)
  • Dream Gliding - Team (Sky Sanctuary Zone)

Nintendo DS version

Snow time

Mario and Sonic in Dream Snowboard Cross on the DS Version

Olympic Events

  • Skiing - Alpine Skiing GS (Whistler Creekside)
  • Skiing - Ski Jumping LH (Whistler Olympic Park)
  • Skiing - Moguls (Cypress Mountain)
  • Skiing - Cross-Country (Whistler Olympic Park)
  • Skiing - Nordic Combined (Whistler Olympic Park)
  • Skating - Speed Skating 500m (Richmond Olympic Oval)
  • Skating - Short Track 500m (Richmond Olympic Oval)
  • Skating - Figure Skating (Pacific Coliseum)
  • Snowboard - Snowboard Cross (Cypress Mountain)
  • Bobsleigh (The Whistler Sliding Centre)
  • Bobsleigh - Skeleton (The Whistler Sliding Centre)
  • Ice Hockey (Canada Hockey Place)
  • Curling (Vancouver Olympic Centre)
  • Biathlon (Whistler Olympic Park)
  • Luge (The Whistler Sliding Centre)

Dream Events

  • Dream Skiing - Ski Cross Racing (Snow Island)
  • Dream Skiing - Rocket Ski Jumping (Cape Aurora)
  • Dream Skiing - Super Sonic Downhill (Trial Mountain)
  • Dream Skating - Intense Short Track (Frozen Cruiser)
  • Dream Skating - Ultimate Figure Skating (Ice on Lake Arena)
  • Dream Snowboard - Deluxe Halfpipe (Half Maple Tree)
  • Dream Snowboard - Extreme Snowboarding (Twinkle Village)
  • Dream Bobsleigh - Blazing Bobsleigh (Drivers' Highway)
  • Dream Ice Hockey - Fever Hockey (Skyscraper Rink)
  • Dream Curling - Curling Bowling (Perfect Bowl)
  • Dream Biathlon - Ski Shooting (Hunters Athletic)
  • Dream Snow Machine - Snow Machine Fight (Block Ruins)


The cast consists of the full roster from the previous game, as well as some new characters.

Sonic the Hedgehog series

Playable Characters

Icon Name Ability Type Wii Stats DS Stats Special Emblem
Sonicicon Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Sonic-Wii-Stats Sonic-DS-Stats Spin Dash Sonic flag
Tailsicon Miles "Tails" Prower Skill Tails-Wii-Stats Tails-DS-Stats Tailspin Flight Tails flag
KnucklesMASATOWG Knuckles the Echidna Power Knuckles-Wii-Stats Knuckles-DS-Stats Screw Driver Knuckles flag
AmyMASATOWG Amy Rose All-Around Amy-Wii-Stats Amy-DS-Stats Pink Typhoon Amy flag
Shadow (Mario & Sonic series) Shadow the Hedgehog Speed Shadow-Wii-Stats Shadow-DS-Stats Chaos Boost Shadow flag
BlazeMASATOWG Blaze the Cat All-Around Blaze-Wii-Stats Blaze-DS-Stats Quick Tornado Blaze flag
M&S London 2012 - Vector Icon Vector the Crocodile Power Vector-Wii-Stats Vector-DS-Stats Head Slide Vector flag
Doctor Eggman (Mario & Sonic series) Dr. Eggman Skill Eggman-Wii-Stats Eggman-DS-Stats Egg Spin Eggman flag
MetalSonicMASATOWG Metal Sonic* Speed Metal-Sonic-Wii-Stats Metal-Sonic-DS-Stats Air Boost MetalSonic flag
SilverHedgeicon Silver the Hedgehog* Skill Silver-Wii-Stats Silver-DS-Stats Levitate Silver flag

Rival Characters

Icon Name Ability Type Event
Jeticon Jet the Hawk Speed
  • Snowboard Cross (Wii)
  • Deluxe Halfpipe (DS)
Omega-5 E-123 Omega


  • Speed Skating 500m (Individual Festival) (Wii)
  • Short Track Relay (Team Festival) (Wii)
  • Intense Short Track (DS)
Eggmannegaicon Eggman Nega Skill
  • Ski Cross (Wii)
  • Skeleton & Nordic Combined (DS)
Rouge (Mario & Sonic series) Rouge the Bat All-Around
  • Figure Skating (Wii and DS)

Additional Sonic Characters

Referee Characters VIP Characters Audience Characters In event Characters

Mario series

Playable Characters

Icon Name Ability Type Wii Stats DS Stats Special Emblem
Marioicon Mario All-Around Mario-Wii-Stats Mario-DS-Stats Spin Mario flag
Luigiicon Luigi All-Around Luigi-Wii-Stats Luigi-DS-Stats Luigi Rocket Luigi flag
Peachicon Peach Skill Peach-Wii-Stats Peach-DS-Stats Mid-Air Float Peach flag
Yoshiicon Yoshi Speed Yoshi-Wii-Stats Yoshi-DS-Stats Flutter Jump Yoshi flag
Daisyicon Daisy Speed Daisy-Wii-Stats Daisy-DS-Stats Flower Trampoline Daisy flag
Warioicon Wario Power Wario-Wii-Stats Wario-DS-Stats Wario Waft Wario flag
Waluigiicon Waluigi Skill Waluigi-Wii-Stats Waluigi-DS-Stats Air Swim Waluigi flag
Bowsericon Bowser Power Bowser-Wii-Stats Bowser-DS-Stats Spinning Shell Bowser flag
Bowserjricon Bowser Jr.* All-Around Bowser-Jr.-Wii-Stats Bowser-Jr.-DS-Stats Back Spin Shell Bowser jr flag
Donkeykongicon Donkey Kong* Power Donkey-Kong-Wii-Stats Donkey-Kong-DS-Stats Hand Slap Dash DK flag

Rival Characters

Icon Name Ability Type Event
Big-Bullet-Bill-icon Big Bullet Bill


  • Skeleton (Individual Festival)
  • Bobsleigh (Team Festival)
  • Blazing Bobsleigh (DS)
King-Boo-icon King Boo


  • Alpine Skiing(Wii)
  • Giant Slalom (Individual Festival on Wii and DS)
Dry-Bowser-icon Dry Bowser


  • Ice Hockey (Wii)
  • Curling Bowling (DS)
  • Super Sonic Downhill (DS)
Dry-Bones-icon Dry Bones


  • Ice Hockey (alongside Dry Bowser)
  • Curling (Team Festival Wii & DS)

Additional Mario Characters

Referee Characters VIP Characters Audience Characters In event Characters


* = not in the previous game

Dream Event Locations

Sonic Stages

Mario Stages

  • Mario Circuit from Mario Kart Wii
  • Good Egg Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy
  • Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  • Sherbet Land from Mario Kart 64
  • Cool, Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64
  • Dream Figure Skating features 3 Mario backgrounds: World 1, Bowser's Castle, and Peach's Castle.


The game was well accepted. Most of the reviews define it as "much better than the first title". All the events are unlocked from the start which is great news in terms of accessibility. The controls are also tighter and seem less random but this does mean that sometimes gameplay can be a bit too simplistic: these were the things most noticed. An average of the votes it received is 7/10.


  • This game marks Omega's first non-cameo appearance on the Wii, as well as Dr. Eggman Nega's debut on a home console.
  • Super Sonic appears as an unlockable costume for the player's Mii, giving his/her Mii the same stats as Sonic the Hedgehog, although a pseudo-Super State for each character appears in the Dream Figure Skating event for Sonic's World.
  • Blaze's outfit for this game looks similar to her regular outfit, but slightly altered. The same applies for Amy as well, but her outfit has a few more minor changes.
  • This is the second 2009 sequel of a 2007 game (Sonic and the Black Knight is the sequel of Sonic and the Secret Rings and this game is the sequel of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games).
  • In the DS version, Metal Sonic's eyes are red, but when he's in first place, his eyes are green.
  • If the player looks closely in the beginning of the opening cutscene in the Wii version, Metal Sonic's hands are white instead of yellow
  • Characters such as Diddy Kong do not appear, but costumes of them are available for the Mii.
  • On the Wii boxart, Sonic has a snowboard and Mario has skis, but on the DS boxart, it's the other way around.
  • This is the last Mario & Sonic game to feature the 4Kids Entertainment cast (with the exception of Mike Pollock).
  • This was the only installment in the Mario & Sonic series where the handheld counterpart was released in the same year as the console until Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in 2015. (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Wii-2007, DS-2008; Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games: Wii-2011, 3DS-2012).
  • In the DS version, if the player listens closely when trying to open the gate in Adventure Tours, it almost sounds like Amy's theme song, "My Sweet Passion".
  • The female characters have new winter outfits for the game, while the male characters do not.



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