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Marza Animation Planet Inc.

Marza Animation Planet Inc. (マーザ・アニメーションプラネット株式会社 Māza Animēshonpuranetto Kabushiki Kaisha?), formally known as Sega Sammy Visual Entertainment (Sega Sammy VE Animation Studios) is a Japan-based CGI animation studio dedicated to making full-length feature films. Their extensive résumé includes CGI Add-in's for television series and video games. They are currently known as the main CGI development group for Sega. They have been known to animated various features of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Production list

Video games

  • Sonic Free Riders (2010) (Opening CGI Movie, CGI Animated Storyboard Inserts, Graphic Design)
  • Sonic Colors (2010) (Opening CGI Movie, CGI Cutscene Inserts, Ending CGI Movie, Graphic Design) (Co-Animated & Co-Produced with Animaroid, Inc)
  • Sonic Generations (2011) (Opening CGI Movie, CGI Cutscene Inserts, Ending CGI Movie, Graphic Design)

Under Sega Sammy VE / Visual Entertainment R&D Department

Short films

Feature films

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (TBA) (Live-Action/CGI Animation Production) (In partnership with Sony Pictures)

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