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Master Core: ABIS
Master Core ABIS
Master Core: ABIS
First appearance

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
(First and only appearance)

Transformation overview
Base character


Cause of 

The five Arks of the Cosmos and merging with Astral Babylon's core unit

Voice actor(s)
Voice actor(s)

Andrew Paull

Voice actor(s)

Taiten Kusunoki

Physical description
Color scheme

Silver grey, purple, black, red



Skills, powers and abilities
Enhanced powers
and skills
  • Energy bolts
  • Meteor summoning and manipulation
  • Teleportation
  • Gravity manipulation
Moves and techniques

Gravity Dive

Master Core: ABIS (マスターコア: ABIS Masutā Koa: ABIS?) is the twisted transformation of SCR-HD, which was created when SCR-HD merged with Astral Babylon's artificial black hole/core unit and the energies from the five Arks of the Cosmos. It is the final (and only) boss of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

After SCR-HD completed its objective of bringing the Arks of the Cosmos to Babylon Garden, it became Master Core: ABIS and tried to prevent Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues from stopping the ship's core unit, which was about to create a black hole that would destroy the Earth, but was defeated by the Extreme Gear riders.


Near the end of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, SCR-HD suddenly appeared at Crimson Tower, though heavily damaged, and stole all five Arks of the Cosmos from Wave. Still acting according to the objective given to it from the Arks of the Cosmos, SCR-HD made a quick escape from the Crimson Tower and brought all the Arks of the Cosmos back to Babylon Garden. This made Babylon Garden transform into Astral Babylon, and as well made the core unit of Babylon Garden create a black hole that threatens to consume the planet. In the process, through the Arks of the Cosmos' influence and power, SCH-HD merged with the core unit, the very core of the black hole, and transformed into the twisted Master Core: ABIS.

Soon after transforming, Master Core: ABIS was confronted by Sonic, Jet with their respective teams on the Mobius Strip, who had come to disconnect the core unit and thereby stop the black hole from destroying the world. However, as Master Core: ABIS had merged with the core unit, they were forced to fight it to stop the black hole. Master Core: ABIS fought back however, and even tried to use the Arks of the Cosmos' gravity manipulating abilities against them. Sonic and co., however, managed to use this power against Master Core: ABIS by flying into it to damage it.

Eventually, Master Core: ABIS was defeated by Sonic, Jet and the others, resulting in it being consumed by the black hole it had created, thus disappearing into nothingness. This stopped the black hole from consuming the Earth, and all returned to normal.

Powers and Abilities

By absorbing the energies from the five Arks of the Cosmos and the core unit of Babylon Garden, Master Core: ABIS is granted powers and abilities far beyond its normal form. Through being connected to the black hole created by the Arks of the Cosmos, Master Core: ABIS can utilize their gravity manipulating properties to perform Gravity Drive, but on a much larger scale than Sonic or Jet can do, and can completely distort gravity in a large radius and tear the environment apart through gravity shifts.

Besides gravity manipulation, Master Core: ABIS can form large yellow energy bolts and shoot them at its opponents. It can also create and gather giant blocks of molten rock and throw them like meteors at its opponents, which create large explosions upon impact. It has also shown the ability to teleport over short distances.


The battle with Master Core: ABIS is similar to that of the Babylon Guardian, but is considered much harder. It has a five minute time limit in story mode and also it has six hit points, which is double of what the Babylon Guardian had and the only way to hit it is to take advantage of its Gravity Dive and hit the sphere underneath it, similar to the Babylon Guardian's vase. Each two attack is considered a lap and from second lap. The Master Core starts shooting energy balls or throwing meteorites. Other characters can hit the Master core too, but it is only counted when the player him/herself hit it. The player must try to be the first place to hit the sphere first and complete the game under five minutes during the story.


  • Master Core: ABIS' name is derived from its symbiotic relation to the black hole's core and "abyss", a common term for a seemingly-endless stretch of empty space.
  • Master Core: ABIS somewhat resembles Metal Overlord.
    • This is also the second final boss based on a gigantic robot that Sonic faces, the first being Metal Overlord.
  • It is possible for SCR-HD to fight Master Core: ABIS, despite that the Master Core: ABIS actually being SCR-HD.
  • Master Core: ABIS may have six hit points in story mode, but if this course is chosen outside of story mode, one lap requires two hits to advance to the next one. Choosing to race 99 laps requires the player to hit the boss a total of 198 times in order to finish the race.
  • In a normal race, if the player selects to do one lap only, Master Core: ABIS will only use one attack which is when he tosses meteors on to the track. 
  • Master Core: ABIS' appearance differs between the two versions. In the Wii version, his face is completely metallic, while in the PlayStation 2 version, his face comprises a bunch of wires and a glowing red dot.


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