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Master Scholar from Sonic the Comic #116. Art by Richard Elson.

Master Scholar is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is the leader of the House of Knowledge, and thus one of three rulers of the Drakon Empire along with Emperor Ko-Dorr (leader of the House of War) and Sister Haggra (leader of the House of Magic).

Like other Drakons, Master Scholar is actually an alien fish who moves around on dry land by means of a highly advanced exo-suit. Unlike the heavily armoured suits common in the House of War (e.g. those worn by Prosecutors), Master Scholar wears a slim exo-suit resembling academic robes with shoulder pads. His helmet is of a unique design, egg-shaped and resembling a tall turban or Papal Tiara. He also wears spectacles and carried scrolls affixed to his belt. His staff of office is long and thin, with a wavy spiral shape at the head.


Master Scholar, along with two other members of the House of Knowledge, was summoned to the House of Magic by Sister Haggra, who had seen an image of Sonic the Hedgehog in the Vapours of Destiny. Haggra realised that this blue hedgehog knew the secrets of the Chaos Emeralds and asked both Master Scholar and Emperor Ko-Dorr if they knew him, which they both denied. Master Scholar pointed out that if Sonic really knew "the ancient mystery", then the three Drakon leaders would already know about him, but Haggra insisted that the Vapours of Destiny were never wrong.[1]


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