Master Zik is the boss of Tropical Coast in both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World. Master Zik is fought at the end of Zone Two and Zone Four on the Wii U version and as a boss zone on the 3DS version of Tropical Coast.


Tropical Coast Zone 2 (Wii U)

Master Zik is fought at the end of Tropical Coast Zone 2. He will roll around on a giant apple attempting to crush the player. Periodically, he will stop rolling on the apple and launch numerous spikeballs in different directions. Zik is too high to be reached with the Homing Attack or Flying Kick, so what the player has to do is lure Zik to a juicer located somewhere on the planetoid. Once the apple is gone, the player must follow Zik through the geyser of juice to the next planetoid, where he will run around launching orbs of energy. As long as the player can avoid the energy orbs, the player can attack Zik. Hitting him enough times will defeat him.


Master Zik and Gulpo in the Nightmare Zone.

Nightmare Zone (Wii U)

Master Zik is fought in the Nightmare Zone in a battle similar to his fight in Zone 2, but the giant apple is replaced by the Second-Level Nightmaren Gulpo. To defeat him, the player simply has to lure him into a portal located somewhere on the planetoid.

Tropical Coast Zone 4 (Wii U)

Master Zik is fought again at the end of Zone 4. He will begin the fight by telekinetically summoning numerous fruit to surround him. They can be targeted by the Homing Attack. The best way to attack Zik is to lock onto numerous fruit and onto Zik as well. Once he's taken enough damage, he will leap to another planetoid, but not before dropping a capsule with an Orange Wisp inside. By using the Orange Rocket power, the player can reach the next area, where Zik will now summon two rows of fruit to surround him, making it harder to lock-on to him. After attacking him enough, the battle will travel to another planetoid where he will try shooting two orbs of energy at a time. The player must keep attacking Zik until the battle is over.

Tropical Coast Boss (3DS)

Zik 3DS Icon

Master Zik is encountered as the boss of in Tropical Coast. He will create a force field of fruit to protect himself. To attack the player, he will send electrified fruit after them. However, it is only electric on one side, so if the player jumps over the fruit, they can use the Homing Attack to send it at Zik, breaking a gap into his force field. The player can attack him then. If the player hesitates, Zik will follow after the player to run them over with his force field. Afer taking enough damage, Zik can summon a giant, spiked lychee nut after the player. The only way to destroy it is to attack the area without spikes. Destroying the lychee nut will release a capsule with a Yellow Wisp inside. The player can use the Yellow Drill power to strike Zik to great effect. This would be essential, and an easier way to defeat him.


Zone 2 (Wii U)


Zone 4 (Wii U)

Zone 1 (3DS)


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