McDonald's Sonic Spinner Collection is one of the many toy collections that McDonald's has made in collaboration with Sega. These toys only originate from the European version of McDonald's and were released in the summer/fall of 2007.

The collection consists of four spinning toys, all Sonic-themed. This is actually the boys' half of the product, with the girls' half being Hello Kitty-themed at the time.



The promotional banner for the Sonic Spinner Collection.

The following toys are available with the Happy Meal:

  • Sonic Spinner: This is a flat Sonic X-themed disc. It is launched using a reverse-spinning launcher that makes the disc fly through the air.
  • Sonic Flying Disc: This is a sort of frisbee that is thrown, spinning through the air to be caught by another person's hand.
  • Sonic Wheel: When the winder on the side is operated, the plastic Sonic figure inside spins around quickly, causing the clear wheel to spin along the floor.
  • Sonic Speed Globe: This is another launcher. It is used by pressing a button which pushes the Sonic globe with full force, causing it to roll quickly in a straight line.

Romanian version

Romania's McDonald's received a similar product advertising Sonic X. It comes with two toys. The first item is a glowing frisbee which acts as an illusion disk, though it actually has reflecting mirrors inside projecting a hologram-like version of a miniature Sonic figure slightly above the hole in the middle. This product was also released briefly in Switzerland. The second item is a Sonic-themed "light spinner" device. The center part with the Sonic graphic is battery-powered and has two red LEDs. When a button is pushed, the device rapidly spins around and lights up, creating an interesting "ring of red light" effect.

Earlier European products and Asia's share

In 2003, Sonic Spin Attacks were created in Europe to promote Sonic X, leading to the Spinner Collection. They came in four varieties (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow), each with four discs and a launcher, but they didn't function properly. These products later reached Asia in 2004 (specifically India) and became popular in Pakistan. Due to the product's popularity with young Pakistani kids, it came with a similar 3D spinning top version and later with scales and pencils of Sonic X.