For the earlier robotic version of Knuckles, see Metal Knuckles.

Mecha Knuckles (メカ ナックルズ Meka Nakkuruzu?) is a robotic doppelganger of Knuckles the Echidna.

Sonic Advance

Mecha Knuckles was the boss of Angel Island Zone in Sonic Advance. It was built with the capability of performing virtually every move Knuckles has, including his abilities of punching, gliding, and spin-dashing.

It looks like a magenta version of Knuckles with yellow gloves at first, but after being struck four times, its external shell will burst off, revealing a metallic endoskeleton with glowing red eyes underneath. In this form, Mecha Knuckles retains its standard abilities, but its speed is greatly increased, and gains a new attack that allows it to rapidly launch giant homing missiles out of its mouth. After being attacked another four times, the robot malfunctions and explodes into pieces, forcing Dr. Eggman, who was observing the battle, to flee.

The current player character seems slightly stunned when seeing Mecha Knuckles for the first time, but Knuckles' reaction is comically over-the-top when he sees his robotic doppelganger.

Other Appearances

Archie Comics

MechaKnuckles Archie

Mecha Knuckles deflecting a blast from Mecha Sonic in the Archie comics

In the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics, the Freedom Fighters were once forced to roboticize Knuckles to combat a roboticized version of Sonic, called "Mecha Sonic" and the robotic Knuckles was dubbed "Mecha Knuckles". After a drawn out battle, both combatants were eventually restored to normal. (MMS)


  • In the Sonic Advance Hisshō Perfect Guide, Mecha Knuckles' name is written as "Mechanical Knackles" in English.
  • His appearance as the doppelganger Knuckles as the boss with your different palette is similar to the third stage boss of Streets of Rage 3 which is also a copy of Axel, then when it is defeated is a robot

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