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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the version of this character before the Super Genesis Wave, see Mecha Sally (Pre-Super Genesis Wave).

Mecha Sally is a transformation that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is the roboticized version of Sally Acorn.


Mecha Sally look much like herself, except with blue irises and sclera and as well mechanical-looking with extensive details. She retains a metallic version of her blue vest, but her hands are silver, her midsection is silver with a black and red crystal or panel underneath her upper torso, black boots, black shoulder guards, and blue legs. In addition, her cheeks have silver disks and her hair has an extra pair of 'spikes' on the sides. Her tail is still brown.


Worlds Collide

In the altered reality created by his and Dr. Wily's use of the Genesis Wave, Dr. Eggman envisioned a version of Mecha Sally who would serve him alongside Mecha Sonic once the Super Genesis Wave rewrote all of reality.[1]


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