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Mechanical Zone is the third Zone in Sonic Jump and its sequel Sonic Jump 2.


In the skies, Sonic wonders where Dr. Eggman has went to until he notices a flying fortress in the distance. Sonic prepares to enter the fortress to save Tails.


The Zone consists of three acts followed by a boss fight against Dr. Eggman at the end of the third act. If the player reaches the goal with at least fifty Rings, they will receive a fragment of the purple Chaos Emerald.


Mechancial Zone boss
During this boss fight, Dr. Eggman will be in a machine that swings a ball around attempting to hit Sonic. Sonic, himself, must attempt to hit Eggman while jumping from disappearing platforms that reform after about 5 seconds. Only three hits are needed to take down Dr. Eggman's machine.



Sonic Jump Soundtrack - Mechanical Zone-000:45

Sonic Jump Soundtrack - Mechanical Zone-0

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