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The Meek Tribe are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a primitive race of blue aliens from the prehistoric period of Planet Granite.


Like their nearest neighbours, the Thickskull Tribe, the Meek Tribe are blue-skinned aliens with two tentacles for arms and three tentacles for legs. Unlike the Thickskulls, however, the Meek Tribesmen are diminutive, slim, frail and peaceful, unable even to defend themselves when the Thickskull Tribe attacked the Meek camp.

The Meeks live in caves and wear loincloths made from white fur. They can make fire and make pottery bowls, cups, plates and even teapots. They use pebbles as a primitive currency. They also appear to be superstitious, believing that Amy's crossbow was a magic stick.


The Meek Tribe were attacked by thugs from the Thickskull Tribe, but were saved by the timely arrival of Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary, who retaliated and drove the Thickskulls away. The Meeks were keen to acquire Amy's crossbow and Tekno suggested teaching them how to make their own weapons, but Amy did not think it would help in the long term. Instead, Amy and Tekno taught the Meek Tribe to laugh at the Thickskulls if they returned and say that fighting was now old fashioned. The Meeks convinced the Thickskulls that differences were now solved around the table, and sat down with them over tea and sandwiches to discuss the cause of the Thickskulls' anger, hinting at the development of a non-violent culture.[1]


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