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Megalo Station

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Quotation1 Dodge skytrains and race the main drag of this futuristic city! Quotation2
In-game description

Megalo Station is the first course in the Heroes story of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity and a location in the city of Monopole. It is where Sonic must race six SCR-GPs and SCR-HD to escape with the Ark of the Cosmos.

Unlike the courses in the story mode, it doesn't play as an actual start-to-finish race where Sonic starts without a timer, whereas in all the other courses, the player gets electrocuted if they have bad timing



Megalo Station as seen in gameplay.

The story begins by the "meteor" falling. Then Sonic, Knuckles and Tails are seen driving on a futuristic road toward Megalo Station. Tails is driving the car and telling Sonic about the meteor that fell last night. Upon entering a tunnel, a surveillance camera identifies the ring shaped stone in Sonic's possesion. Suddenly MeteorTech robots burst out and began attacking them. After escaping into an elevator, Tails had his suspicions about why the robots are on a rampage. Upon attempting to leave the elevator, they were assaulted by more MeteoTech robots causing them to crash into the tunnel wall and be hurled out of the tunnel. Tails and Knuckles were able to avoid falling to their demise because of their ability to fly and glide. On the other hand, Sonic found himself freefalling to his doom. About three hundred stories to his doom, the "stone"  suddenly activated, subtracting gravity thus, saving Sonic. Sonic was surprised at what the stone did. Sonic was then playing with the "stone" for some fun. He then raced the MeteoTech robots in Megalo Station.



Megalo Station

Like Metal City from Sonic Riders, this city is a futuristic city with many hovercars zooming about. The starting gate is in a futuristic train station that opens up to a freeway that has multiple branching paths, depending on the player's gear parts. The player could gravity dive straight through the freeway, ride along a wall, smash through a parking lot, ride in a car, grind on a rail, or use an air ride. No matter which path you choose, you will end up back at the train station.

The city of Monopole, where Megalo Station is located, is much more streamlined then Metal City was. It functions more as a regular city in the future with mass transport by train, parking lots, gardens and freeways compared to how Metal City functioned like a giant highway.

The course contains a total of two rails, one blue rail being connected to a red rail at the start of the level after the first trick ramp. This rail if, if connected properly leads you to pass the trains in the shelter right beneath it. The second and single rail is around the end just after the only Gravity Dive in the course, leading the player to the top right passage near the ending.

The course contains a total of only one barricaded shortcut. It is accessible right after the open passage way for players to use their Gravity Control boost. To access it, the player must remain on the right during the linear section where the player is prompted to Gravity Dive. Inside the tunnel there is a trail of cars that can be easily broken through. The second shortcut is next to the second rail in the course, leading the player across a passage to a shorter one.

The course contains two Air Ride shortcuts after the only Gravity Dive section near the open passage around the end, leading the player to the same place as the grind shortcut.


Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Find the fastest route to the goal to reach it in under 1:02 minutes! Sonic
  • Normal: 1:02-0:57
  • Super: 0:56-0:52
  • Extreme: <0:52
2 Reach the goal with at least 100 Rings! Sonic
  • Normal: 100-129 Rings
  • Super: 130-159 Rings
  • Extreme: 160 or more Rings
3 Score at least 15 points by performing stunning tricks! Tails
  • Normal: 15-27 points
  • Super: 28-34 points
  • Extreme: 35 or more points
4 Perform at least 3 grinds before reaching the goal! Sonic
  • Normal: 3-5 grinds
  • Super: 6-8 grinds
  • Extreme: 9 or more grinds
5 Earn 520 points performing meteor bursts before reaching the goal! Sonic
  • Normal: 520-749 points
  • Super: 750-899 points
  • Extreme: 900 or more points
6 Take on 3 robots and outrace them all! Knuckles
  • Normal: 3rd place
  • Super: 2nd place
  • Extreme: 1st place
7 Use gravity control to break at least 5 targets! Amy
  • Normal: 5-7 targets
  • Super: 8-10 targets
  • Extreme: 11 targets

Musical Themes

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity - 019 - Through Traffic04:43

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity - 019 - Through Traffic

The music played in the level is entitled "Through Traffic". It has a fast-paced techno beat, best suited for racing in the advanced city.


  • There are two "Attack" shortcuts in this track. One is a spring near the start, the other is nearer to the station and can only be reached by using Gravity Control.
  • A 100 Ring Capsule is located at the start, on a wall running section. To reach it, another character must pass you, ride the slipstream path they leave behind, and use Gravity Control to reach the wall.
    • It's also possible to obtain it (not using the slipstream path) if the player gives enough distance from the Capsule and uses Gravity Control aimed upwards towards the Ring Capsule.


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