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Megopolis City is a location that appears in Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was once the capital city of the Floating Island and the centre the Echidna Empire.[1] In the present-day, the city now lies in ruin from eight thousand years of neglect and decay.


At its peak, Megopolis City was filled with grand buildings which were teeming with Echidna technology and history. Pochacamac's chambers were the largest, where he supposedly lived with his daughter Tikal.[1]




Megopolis City 8,000 years ago, from Sonic the Comic #180. Art by Richard Elson.

Eight thousand years ago, Megopolis City was under the control of Pochacamac and his powerful Echidna Empire.[1][2][3] Kohenyu were also known to roam around the outskirts of Megopolis City and were treated as sport and food for the echidna dwellers.[4]

The city eventually came under attack from the Drakon Empire, aliens coming to claim the Chaos Emeralds that the Echidnas had stolen from them, sparking the Great War.[2][3]

Present day

When Knuckles resurfaced eight thousand years later, Megopolis City had been abandoned and left in disrepair. Since Knuckles has no memory of how the city once stood, he left it in peace.[5]

Knuckles would visit Megopolis City when he detected an intruder in that location. There, he encountered a Guardian Robot which he took out at the cost of damaging the city, before encountering Dr. Zackary for the first time.[5] After a series of adventures, Knuckles tasked the Guardian Robots with cleaning up Megopolis City, using his trunk of ancient documents. The city became the landing spot for the D.R.A.T. during their mission to steal the Chaos Emeralds. However, they were betrayed by Ms Alpha and her team, leaving them to be captured by the Guardian Robots.[6][7][8]

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