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March 13, 2009
  • I live in Alaska
  • I was born on July 29
  • My occupation is Floor staff at a movie theater
  • I am Male
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  • You've been through this before, you know the drill. Two weeks before you get demoted and if you come back you can ask for the rights back.

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  • Well, I say I should do something about that! Sayyyyy... screwing up an ordinary formal greeting!

    Howdy, hi, hola, hallo, aang, ola, and good-freaking hello thou wonderful person. How art thou, fellow Enforcer of the Hedgehog Encyclopedia and fellow Ace Attorney fan/Brony?

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    • Either way, the only issue I think I'm gonna have to deal with is transferring all my data from my old 3DS to my new one -- I'll need to get a Micro SD card with an adapter so I can transfer my files from my 3DS's SD card to the Micro SD card, then putting the Micro SD card into the New 3DS. But hey, if all goes well, then all I won't need to get into the slot again for a while since I'm gonna get a big Micro SD card. And I at least have a charger already, so yeah. I just feel bad for the newbies who're gonna be getting a 3DS of any kind for the first time.

      So tell me, have you played the fan translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2.

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    • Well, in my case, I'm just going to buy either a 32GB or 64GB Micro SD card and try to have it installed at the store where I'll be using the data transfer tool and trading in my old 3DS XL. To pay for said Micro SD card, I'll be selling my old DSi, which I held onto since buying the 3DS XL I have. I'm glad I did, too, or I wouldn't have had the idea to sell it to buy something I'll inevitably need before I get the New 3DS XL itself. I recently wiped that sucker clean just for such a purpose. Haha!

      By the way, to answer your question from a few days ago about comments regarding the C-Stick, I recently read a review on both the standard and XL New 3DS systems on GameSpot, and it was received well. They remarked that it was stiff, but it was very responsive, too.

      I have not played the fan translation yet. I wasn't aware that was finished, actually. I hope it will run on my Mac system, but if not, I can always run it on my Windows virtual machine, I suppose.

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