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  • I live in Cincinnati
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Art Student
  • I am Male
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  • Hello. I don't know if this problem is from me or not, though I think it just applies to this wiki, since I can use it on the others. But since yesterday, I couldn't use the visual editor, it just glitches on the "Loading" state and does not move. I know that this is nothing that important, but you know, sometimes this kind of editor is easier than the source mode on ocassions. That's why I asked.


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  • im the 1 that added ya on skye by ur name and u just removed me whyd u do so??

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  • i apologize what i said too you friends your a great pal but can you change my ban to something early than 3 months please im sure i'l promise i wont cause trouble believe me i just felt lonely please don't be mad at me :( im really sure im sorry and i'l behave i was being a troll because i wanted you guys to have company with me

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  • Excuse me for bothering you at this moment,but we have another vandal...

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  • I have a question, What is your favorite extreme gear? Mines the Chaos Emerald/Chaos Emeralds, and it has Super Sonic, he is the one that makes games more exciting and more enjoyable and his deep voice in the first and second yeesh it's super deep. 

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    • Bullet Francisco wrote:
      Thanks, I'll take your advice.

      As you should. This man knows his ****

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    • As you should know I found this by accident, or intentially because I wanted to see what happens when I play as multiplayer and won as one character Super Sonic was the character I used, and I tried to figure out what was he saying, I first thought he shouted "Cool" I tried it out, the first time I did, what he said was hard, but then I got it and kept the thought that this was the word he said. Until a later year, possibly by the volume was a little louder, I decided to keep trying but I still heard parts of his voice still making a noise. Later I turned up the volume up a little and listened a little more closer and I heard this first G, then a low ooo sound with a ugh sound and later a click sound, I think it was the d sound at the end. I know knew that Good is what he shout. So now if you want to know what he said, try to think. In Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity characters perform tricks, now some characters usually break the fourth wall and face the camera, to understand a little more, here is a line of what Super Sonic says when in ending a race:

      Super Sonic:

      "What happened?"-When he loses a race.

      So Super Sonic faces the camera right? I mean he is like looking strait at you with his eyes squinting and he hands in there posistion like well....I don't know what word is good for this, so what line would he say if he is looking at the player. So first he is way more patient and he doesn't get iritated like Sonic does when looking at the camera, so he starts a trick and says Yes and lands a trick and says good, because the player did something great, so I think this will be better to get you to grasp my point. Also don't forget his X rank trick in SRZG, if you see him closely he faces the camera and points directly at it, then does a barrel roll. Tell me what you think if this helped you know why he says that word. 

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  • Angel Beats was a great anime.

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  • Okay, so I want to add in information but the user called Blazing Flare might remove it. (Sorry Blazing Flare, I want to check information with the admin before anyone removes it).

    So, can you check with it as an admin.

    Tikal Trivia: (I'll sharpen the writing if it is approved, which it naturally should be).

    • Tikal was one of the first female protagonists / female main characters designed alongside Amy Rose (who has had a character and design revamp) in Sonic's modern-gaming era. [Which is basically Sonic Adventure to Present]
    • Tikal shares many similarities to Silver the Hedgehog. One is that the two are from different timeline from Sonic's "present" timeline. Tikal being from the past of 4,000 years ago and Silver from (4,000 years in) the distant future of the current timeline. The two also have natural abilities; Silver uses his psychokinesis and Tikal uses her (unspecified) mystical powers to be able to float and carry being such as Chaos. Tikal also has the ability to communicate telepathically.
    • She is the first female (of the modern era) to be seen, that is able to harness the emeralds power (link to emeralds which subs to Master and Chaos - minus Sol). The other female being Blaze the Cat, who uses the power of the Sol Emeralds and Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
    • Tikal is the first female who can transform (from Spirit-ball form and Physical) which does not require Emeralds or an energy source. The second female to transform is Blaze the Cat, using the powers of the Sol Emeralds. [[[Indented* In this form, Tikal does not gain any special abilties. Instead she is able to roam around freely and at lightspeed as well as being able to transmit advice.]]]
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  • Looks like Fidel is on the loose (again!). Can you block him?

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  • 'Cuz you was mah first girlfren.

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