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October 31, 2009
  • I live in Where you least expect me
  • I was born on October 22
  • My occupation is Hopeless House Cat
  • I am Figure it out; entertain me with your answer
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    Antisocial Personality Disorder. Enjoy the read.

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  • Is there another Sega. homepage Clumsyorchid Kate burning She continue to banned me writing visitor message is not a spam 

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    • Well you can least try.

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    • Jorgebunny.zare wrote: Well you can least try.

      I am under no obligation to get into contact with anyone from Sonic Team for you. If you want to be taken more seriously by Sonic Team, you should represent yourself when making requests of them.

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  • I'm Looking for a Sega member' I want them to choose this project game idea I'm doing one day it'll be the best game ever but the bridges are broken, it seems it's kind of not connected you know what I mean sonic adventures DX like story mode select your character, that sort of thing but it's even greater than that way the best and the bomb action packed. Incredible effects, Seiko never experienced this game if they ever see it I am writing it all down I'm working around the. clock to finish, it but not Saturday and Sunday I need to take a break off i'm constantly working all day to bring this. game idea into the world, so they can make this come true it's supposed to be incredible action that Sonic would enjoy by a little guy side But. the thing is I can't find Sega to see this but i'm Simply unknown to them. I know Sega has been two game ideas and they had problems on that site ain't How they made their ideas that they're all the same like Sonic I love People have to make their own characters in the game they can't just keep loving sonic like so much they have to make something new and SEGA want that Sega wants to see something new and that's why I am there I want to make something new for Sega. like they never seen before new stuff new places new adventures new action in a whole lot of stuff something cool. something scary something French, I'll something scary but not that much but if they want that I'll give it to them any idea they want bring, it into their face smack of paper in their face they will say I love this idea this  And  I can  liv a long time making ideas for them even if I turn old and I'm working for them I'm still a smack a paper in their face I make sure these ideas a perfect If they could see what I see there's no way I can lose sorry It is very nice to meet you so you were listening to us all this time i I didn't know there was another one ^_^ lol.

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