Megalodon Commando

aka Jack

  • I live in On a farm across the waves... New Zealand!
  • I was born on February 2
  • My occupation is Playboy, gunslinger, artist, veteran gamer, comicbook fan, movies, music, kill some villians!
  • I am a bloke

Da rules of Megalodon Commando Edit

(That includes me!) When you want to contact me here on my page, here are a few No-No's you need to know.

1.) No insults or cyber bullying here. Especially sassy remarks!

2.) No bad language except for mild ones. I will either delete your message or report it to the Admin.

3.) No racist or discriminating comments.

4.) No spam or repeating conversations.

5.) No role-playing (except for a joke)

Ok, you got it? Alright, lines are open!

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