Welcome to my Message Wall. Feel free to leave me a message on something or anything. I will not be able to respond for much of the day during the School Days (unless it's a Federal Holiday, a snow day, week-long break or something) as I'm not available for much of the day. If you need to chat with me, note that I live in the Eastern Seaboard in the US (Timezone: Eastern Standard Time UTC-5 from Nov-Mar and Eastern Daylight Time UTC-4 from Mar-Nov) so if you need to know when you're available at you're time, please click here. If I'm not there, leave me a message and I'll do my best to get a reply if I can. Make sure to know these rules

  • If you need to leave me a message, make sure you click "Leave Message" (with the topic)
  • Please don't Curse (Keep it clean...)
  • NO Spamming or Insulting (THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED)
  • Follow this page if you're gonna make a message.
  • After a few days, if no response, a thread will be closed.
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