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  • Your profile said you would say something evil on chat when you appear and you didn't.

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  • " JokerJay, NOS, Uhoh

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST SHUT THE F**K UP! I don't even know who is more annoying, the guy who asks stupid a** f**king questions all the time, the guy who married his PS4 and states the obvious along with stuff no one cares about, or the one who rotates the same memes and is obsessed over Punk and acts like he is some powerful war lord when THAT F**KING SHEEP HAS DONE WORSE. Seriously, I once thought Splash and Krazy were the worst and then I see your f**king faces. Oh P.S. NOS and Uhoh, LEARN WHAT DONT FEED THE TROLLS IS!!!


    I'll admit, you were annoying then and you are still annoying now, but not as much as the three above. I'd say more but you'd deny your actions and then start talkin' s**t aboot me in the chat.


    HOLY CRAP, THE GUY WHO THINKS HE CAN SAVE THE WIKI AND ACTS LIKE HE OWNS IT! F**k off, nobody likes you, the more I see you, the more I want to grab the butter knife. Oh and thanks for putting me in the "dreaded Chat gang" category before even meeting me, very nice.

       Bullet and Flare 



    Just an advice kiddo, keep your corn ABC Family-a** show corny sitcom situations too yourself. In fact, I don't get how people bother to help you, you never listen, that's why I don't give a f**k and snark.

       Krazy, Toxice, Unleashed, Plays, Flame, Geeky, Myself etc. 

    Category of mehish users, first 4 I hated but whatever.




    You like anything Sonic don't yah M8? Well, good for you, but you didn't have to f**king make 3 comments about you disagreeing with my opinion on my Worst Sonic Moments blog.


    You make absolutely no sense, that is all.


    There's nothing harsh I can say about you, but I actually admire the fact that you only edit rather go near the community, I'm serious, I admire that. Thanks for actually caring for this Wiki."

    While I'm flattered that I helped make much of your time here enjoyable, I'm afraid that I have to enforce the "no personal attacks" policy and tell you that some of the things you've said to several Users on your Userpage constitute as personal attacks. I don't know all the details about what went on between you and some of the others, but leaving stuff like this on your Userpage was really uncalled for, and it speaks very negatively about your maturity in handling your personal conflicts with these individuals. If you have any grievances with any of us, please express them in a way that doesn't violate any of our policies, or ask some of these people to talk to you on another site/Wiki and express your unfiltered aggressions towards them there -- I will not tolerate this kind of behavior on SNN.
    I can tell that your interest in staying here has diminished greatly, and that you clearly plan on retiring from SNN very soon if you haven't already done so. But if you still plan on staying here for a short while longer (say, a couple weeks or more) for whatever reason, I must ask you to please remove the mean-spirited messages you have left for various Users on your User page. Again, even though you clearly plan on leaving this place, so long as you continue to be a member of SNN you're still obligated to obey our site policies, and as an Administrator I cannot simply ignore any rule-breaking that I see -- so believe me when I say that this is nothing personal.
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