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  • I live in einer fliegenden Festung, die im Regenbogen Boulevard rumschwebt
  • My occupation is Spieler-Zum-Ragen-Bringer, Unbesiegbarkeits-Sterne-Werfer, Sinnlose-Fanfictions-Schreiber, Youtube Pooper
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  • Here's to another year

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  • Look Rainbowser, I humbly apologise for causing yet more conflict between us on the *spam* topic. It was not at all necessary for me to have done so.

    I should never have posted the picture of Amy Rose in the first place, nor should I have gotten so worked up over it and defended myself to the extent that I did. I guess it's just that I felt like my picture of Amy Rose (which I had removed myself) was being rejected in some way. I should have posted it to my wall, and not an irrelevant thread. I regret getting so worked up over what you had to say about it. I just felt like what you said was degrading me, and that those who read your comment would think of me as an immature idiot. I didn't want to look like an idiot to all the people who read your comment about me spamming, so I felt the need to defend myself. Your comment on the Vector thread about Spongebob characters was a little irrelevant, but it was wrong of me to point it out to everyone, just because I had felt the need for justice. By doing that I have caused even more unnecessary trouble and conflict, And two wrongs don't make a right.

    Anyway, this is getting very stupid now, and I would like to move on. We're arguing on a Wikia thread, for god sakes! I am very sorry for the childish way in which I have acted on these two threads. Hopefully you can forgive me, and we can move past this and get along.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this. I really appreciate it :3


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