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  • Does it really need to be that way?

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  • Our wikia is wrong. Vector and Espio's spin dash in Chaotix are all called Spin Dash, both in Japanese and English, as according to both manuals, and there is nothing out there that uses these names. You can check it out on [1] and Sonic Retro. I have just not gotten to that. My point being, Shadow uses the Sonic Boost in a different way, but it is still the Sonic Boost, like how Shadow uses chops and kicks in Shadow the Hedgehog but it is still the Punch Attack, and how the fly characters uses different ways to fly in Sonic Heroes but it is still called the Ascending Flight for all. And as we have been over and over again and again several times, Shadow's boost has the same properties as the Sonic Boost as seen in Generations, ergo is it the boost. That is all to it.

    However, I know that you will not listen, because if have to be blunt, you my friend is completely unreasonable in every regard when someone disagrees with you. I know I am the one to talk, but you are far worse than I could ever be. Even when the clear facts are laid out in front of you, you refuse to believe them and hold stubbornly onto what you think is the absolute truth. And the more we try to reason with you, even with the most reasonable people here, the more stubborn you get until you completely exhaust us. And that brings the bad out in all of us. From what I can tell, that behavior has gotten you into a number of jams, yet you don't seem to have learned from it.

    I am not trying to harass you or rant at you, but this attitude has to stop. We cannot keep doing this every time we disagree. Try to be reasonable and look at the facts laid out in front of you and weight them against one another without attachments to one of them. Shadow's boost increases speed in the same manner as the Sonic Boost. Shadow is surrounded in an aura like the Sonic Boost, Shadow is invincible when using it like the Sonic Boost, and he can mow over things like the Sonic Boost. And your defense is that Shadow's stance and short burst makes it the same as the Chaos Boost in Mario and Sonic. That is vague and determined by the individual.

    Can we just for once discuss a disagreement without you getting unwaveringly stubborn? And to support my facts, let me bring up what Myself 123 said to me:

    To weigh in, the US Chaotix manual does mention Espio having a "whirl attack" which could refer to his version of the spin jump and/or the spin dash. However, the "Super Moves" section of manual uses the terms "spin attack" and "super spin" and does not mention any variants, it's also worth noting that the spin attack section excludes Heavy and Bomb, who use standard jumps in the game.

    As for Sonic Boost, there isn't anything that outright states that the move solely involves running, the Unleashed and Colours manuals state that it allows Sonic to move faster, and while the Generations manual does say that it allows Sonic to run even faster, it doesn't specifically mention anything about it being "powered by running" as you stated, in fact this contradicts the move itself as Sonic can perform the boost in mid-air (the Air Boost), which the manual lists as being the same move, this would be impossible if what you claim is true.

    As for the 3DS version, if Shadow shouts "Chaos Control" it's probably because he's using Chaos Control and not the Boost.

    Chances are Shadow's version of the move is a variant and not called "Sonic Boost" but as it has no name, the best place to put the information is on the Sonic Boost page.

    How can you keep denying facts like this?

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    • No, you kept going back on yourself, you pointed out several times that there are similar, but different moves which was countered with the same response every time. If you're "done" as you put it, I guess that means you're fine with it being changed.

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    • You are wrong you imedtialy rufused to acept the information about the 3DS version claming we were talking about just the HD version when we were talking about the move used in both versions. You never listened to what I had to say just throwing it out. Your acting all high and mighty right now claiming I'm drawing out I gave up long ago. I'm not the only stubborn one here you both are just as quilty as me on that front. I've already changed the page to just includ it based on the facts we know I'm done trying to claim it's the Chaos Boost or the Sonic Boost I listed the true facts and if you change it that would be vandlism by speculation which this wiki doesn't support.

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  • Wait a minute. I cannot add a page for unnamed move. I only know it's a a variation of the dig move.

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