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MetalIsland Area (メタルアイランドエリア Metaruairandoeria?) is the third level of Tails' Skypatrol.


As with the other levels of Tails' Skypatrol, the plucky fox must simply fly across the level left-to-right, dodging obstacles and maintaining the flight gauge via copious consumption of mint candy. The level sees Tails navigate his way through a whirring course of aeronautics equipment attached, for some reason, to pieces of the terrain itself. Fixed-position cannons blast munitions into the cyan sky, and the robots come thick and fast. Some of the rock formations in MetalIsland Area seem to have been reused from Tidal Tempest in Sonic the Hedgehog CD.



The boss, Carrotia

Carrotia, an anthropomorphic rabbit, is another of Witchcart's henchmen. Carrotia's vehicle is, in true bunny cliché, a big floating carrot; on top of this, she attacks poor Tails with a barrage of vegetable-shaped homing missiles, and deadly kisses.

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