A Metal Sonic replica is the fifth boss of Sonic Forces. He is fought in Red Gate Bridge by Modern Sonic and the Avatar. He has five hit points.

Boss guide

Metal Sonic appears on the bridge after the player clears the Star Posts. Once he appears, Metal Sonic will begin to run away from the player. The player must boost to get close for a Homing Attack to damage him.

Throughout the battle, there is a wall of energy cubes that follows the player as they chase Metal Sonic. Contact with the cubes will damage the player. Metal Sonic's main attack is to conjure electrified versions of Infinite's energy cubes and have them create pillars of electricity to damage the player. During this section, the Red Star Rings appear and can be collected.

When Metal Sonic is brought down to half health, he will change his attack pattern and use his V. Maximum Overdrive Attack that the player can jump over , Quick Step, or hit him with the Wispon to avoid. Metal Sonic will also gather Moto Bugs to protect himself when the player gets close, which can be knocked away with consecutive Homing Attacks to damage Metal Sonic.

During this boss battle, keep two things in mind: do not stall in place for too long, and do not take too long to clear the boss fight. If the player stands in place, they will notice a wave of energy cubes closing in on Sonic and the Avatar. If the player is caught in the wave, they will take damage. If the player take too long to finish this boss fight on the other hand, they will eventually run into a dead end, where Metal Sonic immediately flies up and lets his cube wave close in on Sonic and the Avatar, thus making the player restart from the beginning on the phase.

When Metal Sonic is injured enough, the player will be prompted to use a Double Boost to rush down Metal Sonic, defeating him and completing the stage.


  • Metal Sonic is the only boss in Sonic Forces that is fought in a regular stage.
    • Metal Sonic is also the only boss battle in Sonic Forces not to have a trophy attached to it.
  • The Giant Metal Sonic Replica is a reference to his boss fight in Sonic X-treme.
  • The background music is a remix of the original background music used in the US bad future version of Stardust Speedway.


Name Artist Length Music Track
"Battle with Metal Sonic" [US ver. Remix] Kenichi Tokoi 3:23
Battle with Metal Sonic - US ver. Remix


Sonic Forces - Metal Sonic Boss Fight Gameplay (S Rank)

Sonic Forces - Metal Sonic Boss Fight Gameplay (S Rank)



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