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Sonic Adventure 2
Meteor Herd

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Meteor Herd is the fourteenth stage in the Hero storyline in Sonic Adventure 2. It is the last playable stage as Knuckles. It is also the stage in Dark Story where Rouge fights Knuckles.


During the hero's trip, their shuttle's cargo bay opens up, causing the pieces of the Master Emerald to fly out into outer space. Upon landing at the ARK (which, due to Knuckles' panicking over the loss of the Master Emerald shards, nearly resulted in his, Sonic, Tails and Amy's deaths), Knuckles heads off to the outside of the colony to find the pieces. After finding them, Knuckles then battles Rouge, who gives him the remaining Master Emerald shards.


Meteor Herd takes place on the outside of the space colony ARK, inside a meteor field. The lowest area is home to many pieces of yellow equipment that appear to be bulldozers of sorts, as well as housing a large tank filled with Lava. Meteors fall from the sky, so it is highly recommended to keep moving. The higher you travel up the level, you come across many small platforms, as well as storage-container like boxes fixed in a floating position in the level.


Collect 100 Rings

There are plenty of Rings in this stage, but the trick is holding onto them with all those Meteorites failing from the sky. Keep moving, and the chances of being hit are automatically reduced. To complete this mission as quickly as possible, begin by gathering the eight Rings around at the starting point. and another six on the ground just ahead. There is Super Ring containing twenty more on the blue tube to the east, and another six Rings on the ground east of that. Break the large Container atop the platform directly east of the large center structure to find a Super Ring containing another twenty Rings. There is another Super Ring containing five Rings on the middle ledge jutting out from the west of the large central structure, and a Super Ring containing ten Rings behind the northern door on the west wall. The remaining Rings are easily obtained by taking the rocket between the four towers to the first set of platforms overhead.

Find the Lost Chao

The Ancient Ruin in this stage is on the building high overhead. To reach it, start by taking the rocket between the four towers of the large central structure. The rocket drops the player on a platform with a Spring. If the player bounces from that Spring, they will land on a blue platform with another rocket. Use that rocket, and when it is possible to let go of it, stick to the wall and climb up until the top of the ledge is reached. The player then has to Glide around the building to the right to come to another ledge. Do the same thing from atop it to land next to the Ancient Ruin. Activating that Ancient Ruin opens a Warp Hole into a narrow room containing another Ancient Ruin. Activating this one opens another Warp Hole. By going through the portal, the player will find the lost Chao.

Get the Emerald in 4:30

A good strategy for this mission is to take up the rockets mentioned in the section above, and then Glide down in a circle to see if anything comes up on the radar.

Clear the Hard Mode

  • The first Emerald Shard is behind the southern door on the eastern wall of the large central structure.
  • To find the second Emerald Shard, firstly, the player needs to head for the platform just above the Spring at the very top of the large central structure (A platform distinguished from the others by the 1-Up Item Box on the metallic beam that juts from it). Once there, walk off to the end of the beam with the 1-Up at its edge, and put the Sunglasses on. The Sunglasses will reveal a hidden Spring at the end of the beam. Bounce from it, and gently push right on the control stick as a second Spring is coming down. The player must use this Spring while they are turning the camera to get a bearing on the shard. The player then has to Glide about the apex of the bounce to grab the shard.
  • To find the third Emerald Shard, return to the building where the lost Chao is found. Instead of climbing up after releasing the rocket, however, go to the right until a ledge with a Phoenix enemy and a moon symbol come into the view. Put the Sunglasses on, and a Spring appears next to the moon symbol. The Spring launches the player into the air, and the player then has to glide forward to grab the Shard.

Big the Cat sighting

Sonic2app 2017-02-15 21-56-59-161

Big the Cat in Meteor Herd.

Head left around the large central structure to arrive between docks 0-2 and 0-3. There, one can see three square pipes come out and extend below a floor. Go up to the glass section of this floor, and look through it. From there, Big can be seen hanging onto the left side of the center pipe.

In Hard Mode, Big's location is unknown.

Chao Container locations

  • Drop down on the left of the starting platform to find the first Chao Container.
  • To get the second Chao Container, use a stationary Meteorite to open the door on the south side of the huge structure. Doing so will reveal the second Chao Container behind the door.
  • In the platform area with the large containers, the third Chao Container can be found inside the front and left container.


Level Up Items

The Sunglasses can be found here. Near the start area is a large tower at the center of the meteor.  At the four faces of this tower are panels that can be broken by punching a meteorite at them.  Behind one of these panels is a switch that will open up the floor panels on the tower. Inside this magma chamber is the Sunglasses Level Up Item.


  • Sonic2app 2015-04-28 14-31-28-662

    The end of the invisible rail.

    In Meteor Herd there is an unused rail in the stage. It's invisible, but if the player hacks and chooses to play as either Sonic or Shadow, they can use it. It starts on the tall structure in the middle. The player must go the middle set of girders, and go to the middle of the girder on the right (as seen from the starting point).


Sonic Adventure 2 "Meteor Herd" Music03:30

Sonic Adventure 2 "Meteor Herd" Music


Sonic Adventure 2- Meteor Herd Mission -1 - A Rank HD02:38

Sonic Adventure 2- Meteor Herd Mission -1 - A Rank HD

Sonic Adventure 2

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