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Metropolitan Highway

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Metropolitan Highway is the twenty-third stage in Sonic Forces. This stage is set within Metropolis, Dr. Eggman's city.

The stage features multiple skyscrapers and open highways. Various buildings with advanced technology fill the city. It shares the same location as Capital City, and Null Space.


Metropolitan Highway is located within Metropolis which, compared to its two previous incarnations, appears as a magnificent white city, filled with skyscrapers and brimming with technology.

The stage primarily takes place on the rooftops and highways of the city, with some sections taking place within the buildings themselves.


After the destruction Death Egg, the Resistance Forces launched the attack on Metropolis . Sonic must find Eggman and grab him to allow the Resistance to win. Knuckles and Rouge promise cover support, while Amy leads him toward the doctor.





Name Artist Length Music Track
"Metropolitan Highway" Tomoya Ohtani, Jon Underdown 3:48


Sonic Forces - Metropolitan Highway01:43

Sonic Forces - Metropolitan Highway

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