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Mid-Air Trick Actions is a maneuver used in Sonic Advance 2  and Sonic Advance 3. which enables the character to control their movements through mid-air while sometimes executing an attack. Unlike Trick Actions, however, the Mid-Air Trick Actions only serve to change the user movements rather than granting additional points and/or filling the user's energy gauge in gameplay.

In all its appearances this move is achieved by pressing a directional button on Controlpadds with RBUTTONDSSNNdisco.


When performing a Mid-Air Trick Action, the user performs a certain acrobatic move when thrown into mid-air. Depending on the user's choice of trick, the user can then either move forward, up, down or even backwards through mid-air. This allows the user to either manipulate their course through the stages or to gain extra height or horizontal momentum.

Game appearances

Sonic Advance 2

In Sonic Advance 2, it allowed all of the characters, excluding Super Sonic, to move in any four directions after being launched into the air by a Spring or Ramp. This allowed the characters to gain access to some previously inaccessible areas as well. Almost all horizontal tricks were attacks while the up versions served as an extra jump. Each characters action is different:

Sonic the Hedgehog

Name of Trick Action Direction Description
Humming Top (ハミングトップ Hamingutoppu?) Left/Right Sonic spins his hands and body in a tornado-like manner damaging enemies around him.
Back Star (バックスター Bakkusutā?) Backwards Sonic does a mid-air back-flip, can be used to avoid landing on obstacles or to quickly change direction and still keep momentum.
Hop Jump (ホップジャンプ Hoppujanpu?) Upwards Sonic does an extra jump with his hand reaching upwards, as if to grab a ledge.
Bound (バウンド Baundo?) Downwards While in midair, Sonic stops moving and performs the Bounce Attack. It cannot change direction, but it does damage enemies and can destroy certain platforms.

Miles "Tails" Prower

In the game, all of Tails' Trick Actions does not damage enemies and Tails tends to lose momentum when he lands except for his forward action

Name of Trick Action Direction Description
Window Jump (ウィンドウジャンプ U~indō janpu?) Left/Right Tails spins his tails. His movements during this Trick Action has a slight upwards inclination.
Back Rotor (バックローター Bakkurōtā?) Backwards Tails spins his tails underneath him and moves backwards.
Happy Spring (ハッピースプリング Happīsupuringu?) Upwards Tails does an extra jump with both hands stretched upwards.
Propeller descent (プロペラ下降 Puropera kakō?) Downwards Tails dives down, similar to skydiving.

Knuckles the Echidna

All of Knuckles's Trick Actions can damage enemies.

Name of Trick Action Direction Description
Burning Straight (バーニングストレート Bāningusutorēto?) Left/Right Knuckles stops in mid-air, then does a headbutt with major horizontal force. When Knuckles lands he immediately does a Spin Dash. Both parts of this move can damage enemies.
Back Attack (バックアタック Bakkuatakku?) Backward Knuckles immediately does a dive with his elbow sticking out. Only the startup of this Trick Action damages enemies as the rest of the attack has a very low opportunity to damage. Knuckles still keeps momentum with this Trick Action.
Spiral Upper (スパイラルアッパー Supairaruappā?) Upwards Knuckles performs his Spiral Upper attack in midair and ascends slightly. Knuckles will stop moving when he lands after using this.
Drill Claw (ドリルクロー Dorirukurō?) Downwards Knuckles stops in midair and performs Drill Claw. Can destroy certain platforms.

Cream the Rabbit

Name of Trick Action Direction Description
Sweet Roll (スウィートロール Suu~ītorōru?) Left/Right Cream spins forward while jumping.
Milky Turn (ミルキーターン Mirukītān?) Backwards Cream pushes her body backward, as if she is pushing against the wind/air.
Petit Step (プチステップ Puchisuteppu?) Upwards Cream jumps upward.
Soft Bomber (ソフトボンバー Sofutobonbā?) Downwards Cream dives downward bottom first. This is the only one of Cream's Trick Actions that can damage enemies.

Amy Rose

Name of Trick Action Direction Description
Humming Top (ハミングトップ Hamingutoppu?) Left/Right Amy spins forward while hearts circle around her damaging enemies around her.
Back Star (バックスター Bakkusutā?) Backwards Amy pushes her body backwards similar to Cream.
Hop Jump (ホップジャンプ Hoppujanpu?) Upwards Amy does a pose similar to Sonic's Hop Jump, but after the peak of the jump has been reached, she will cover her skirt.
Mid-Air Hammer Swirl (空中回転ハンマー Kūchū kaiten hanmā?, lit. "Midair Spin Hammer") Downwards Amy dives down while performin the Hammer Whirl. This Trick Action can not only damage enemies, but also destroy certain platforms.

Sonic Advance 3

In Sonic Advance 3, all of the characters, except Knuckles, can use this by being in certain pairs.

  • Sonic and Tails can only use these when paired together.
  • Amy and Cream can only use these when paired together.


  • In Sonic Advance 3, although Knuckles has a pairing with Sonic (Fighting Buddies), he is still incapable of using the actions. In the Sound Test, the player can hear Knuckles making sounds as if he was capable of using. This suggests that while there is game data for him to use it the idea was scrapped in the final copy of the game.
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