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Mildred is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is an anthropomorphic dog who lives in the Wood Village Zone.


Like other residents of the village, Mildred believed that Clive the Donkey was a wimp because he preferred technology to sport.[1]

For several weeks, Mildred and the Wood Village Zone had been harassed by a lone Trooper (who was Clive disguised to get back at the villagers) who demanded extra taxes. After the Trooper had collected another set of taxes from Mildren and George, she berated her husband when he turned out too meek to defend them, but ended up praising George when he told her that he had called the Freedom Fighters for help. Mildred saw to her surprise though that only Tails came to help them, instead of Sonic or Shortfuse the Cybernik.[1]

Later on, Mildred heard from Tails that Clive had used his technical expertise to help Tails escape from a Trooper transport ship. As such, she and her village gained a new-found respect for Clive.[2]


Mildred is a henpecking wife, dominantly nagging and complaining to George about how he should be able to stand up to himself.[1]

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