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Quotation1 I've changed a lot since I started hanging out with Sonic, but I can't depend on him forever. I know I can do this by myself! Quotation2
Miles "Tails" Prower[1]
This is about the version of the character in the games continuity. For other versions, see Miles "Tails" Prower (disambiguation).

Miles Prower (マイルス・パウアー Mairusu Pauā?), better known by his nickname, Tails (テイルス Teirusu?), is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games, comics, and animated series released by Sega.

The name "Miles Prower" is a pun on "miles per hour", a reference to the famed speed of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an 8 year-old yellow, anthropomorphic fox with two tails (similar to the mythological kitsune), hence his nickname. He is known to be Sonic's best friend, sidekick, and an expert mechanic. He is able to use his two tails to travel at super speed as well as propel himself into the air like a helicopter. His debut was on October 16, 1992, introduced in the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2; the 16-bit version was released that November.

During his first appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, his fur was orange in color, but the color was changed to yellow-orange for Sonic Adventure, and light-yellow for Sonic Heroes. In 1993 and 1995, he starred in his own games, Tails and the Music Maker for the Pico, Tails Adventure, and Tails' Skypatrol for the Game Gear. Tails is the third most popular character of the series, behind Sonic and Shadow, according to official polls.[2]

Conception and creation

Yasushi Yamaguchi, originally the main artist and zone designer for Sega's Sonic Team, was assigned to create a sidekick character for Sonic in an internal contest.Yamaguchi originally created Ray the Squirrel (who would only appear in SegaSonicArcade)[3] to be used as a sidekick but designed Tails as an internal competition for a sidekick to the speedy hedgehog after Sega of Japan rejected the Flying Squirrel idea. The character was meant to hold a "deep admiration for Sonic." The name 'Miles Prower' played on a speed pun and was originally intended to be a tanuki, a raccoon-like canine native to east Asia, and extremely popular in Japanese folklore. The designers decided to change him to a fox, however, to avoid possible comparisons with Mario, who at the time had a power up called the Tanooki Suit, which allowed him to fly, and made him look like a tanuki. His entry won, but Sonic Team decided to change his character's name from "Miles" to "Tails" in which Yamaguchi was none too pleased at all about.

Yamaguchi ended up with a compromise. He put the name "Miles" in as his legal name; "Tails" would be his nickname, ending up with the full name of Miles "Tails" Prower.

Tails was redesigned (along with all of the other Sonic characters) by Yuji Uekawa for Sonic Adventure. Tails' redesign saw him having his fur color changed to a slightly orange shade of yellow, and he gained visible blue irises. He also became slightly slimmer and taller, as did Sonic. He also gained a more streamlined appearance with slightly more rounded ears as well as longer tails, which are used as his main form of attack, most notably the Tail Swipe.


A Kidnapping Gone Wrong: A Fox's First Adventure

File:Tails classic.jpg

Tails was first seen in Sonic 2 for the Master System, where he was kidnapped by Doctor Ivo Robotnik for ransom. This is the first time that Sonic's main object was to help his new best friend. Sonic observes the capture of Tails and must find the Chaos Emeralds and stop Robotnik. In the end Tails was saved by the speedy blue hero and together they set out for the events of the Genesis Version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Tails was first made playable in the Genesis version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where he was played alongside Sonic and also as a playable character from the second controller, or could be chosen as player one. He could also be played in two-player racing games in Sonic 2. Tails is invincible when played as/controlled by the computer in Sonic and Tails Mode; if he were to fall off the screen or lag behind from obstacles, he simply flies right back onto the screen. In this game Tails and Sonic follow Robotnik in a form of revenge for kidnapping Tails through the events of the Master System version. Despite that fact that Tails can fly and is shown to when he flies back on screen, if he is controlled by the player, the player cannot make him fly. There is a possibility that during development, finding out how long he could fly or how he would be controlled was never finalized. For instance, in Sonic Chaos, Tails flies by use of a Special Action on the ground, not jumping then Flying like later in Sonic 3, and its lock-on Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Chaotic Imbalance

Tails sonic chaos

Tails trying to catch up with Sonic.

Sonic Chaos (1993), on the Game Gear/Master System was the second game in which the player could control Tails, and the first game in which the player could control his flight. The way the player controls Tails' flight is widely different from all future appearances of Tails. Tails flies by use of a Special Action on the ground, not by jumping and then flying while in mid-air.

Tails has multiple new abilities, which are obtained from monitors instead of already being possessed. When a Heli-Tails monitor is broken, Tails will be able to fly at supersonic speeds until the effect wears off. When a Hyper Heli-Tails monitor is broken, Tails will be able to fly at hypersonic speeds and the effect lasts longer.

A Huge Misunderstanding: The Fight for the Master Emerald

Tails returned as in Sonic 3, and its lock-on game Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Tails made his third major appearance, this time able to pick up Sonic when possible, while he was flying. This was a big step forward for Tails; he became much better known and respected at this point for his usefulness. In this game Tails tries to stop Dr. Robotnik, as well as his and Sonic's new rival Knuckles The Echidna who was tricked by Robotnik to think that the two of them were trying to steal the Master Emerald.
Tails Sonic3

Tails flying across Angel Island Zone.

In Sonic 3, Tails can fly, swim, and run at high speeds. Under normal conditions Tails is still unable to channel his power with the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Tails. Tails tries to defeat Robotnik, but Knuckles constantly gets in the way by destroying paths and trying to do all he can to stop Tails and Sonic from getting to the Master Emerald. When they first land on Angel Island, Knuckles steals the Chaos Emeralds, so Tails must set out for the Special Stages. On the way Tails goes through Hydrocity Zone, the Marble Garden Zone, Carnival Night Zone, the Icecap Zone, and the Launch Base Zone. Knuckles has concocted multiple traps and knows the areas extremely well. Once Tails arrives at Launch Base, Knuckles tries to stop him but falls into the water below, meanwhile Robotnik has set the Death Egg's launch into action. Tails, on the way up to space, destroys Robotnik's Big Arm Boss and jumps off the launch pad.

In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Tails leaves the Launch Base Zone certain that he has stopped the Death Egg's launch only to realize that Robotnik was able to successfully get it into space. When he notices that Robotnik is not on board the Death Egg, Tails decides he has to go further through Angel Island. While tracking down Robotnik, Tails stops in Mushroom Hill and notices that Knuckles is still on alert, spying from a hidden cave. Tails waits till Knuckles is gone, then proceeds on. Tails then looks in the cave to find an entrance to the Special Stages, and sets out to find the Super Emeralds. Once Tails found the Super Emeralds, he could finally channel his power and become Super Tails. In this powered state Tails can run much faster, is invincible and called on his Flicky friends, who also became Super, to help destroy Robotnik's machines. Tails proceeded through Mushroom Hill until stopped by Knuckles who uses a giant wind machine to blow Tails up into a new area in the forest. Tails then finds Robotnik sending a satellite signal to the Death Egg, he destroys the Satellite, then follows Robotnik onto the Flying Battery. While on the Flying Battery, Tails notices that Knuckles is not on board. Without the distraction, Tails could finally destroy his target Robotnik. During the fight, Robotnik caused irreparable damage to the Flying Battery and it was destroyed. Tails followed Robotnik to an old Pyramid in Sandopolis Zone, then to Lava Reef. After protecting the Lava Reef Zone from Robotnik, Tails continues into the Hidden Palace, where he learns that Knuckles has been waiting. The two enter a grudge match but Tails prevails. They hear a loud explosion only to learn that it was Robotnik who had stolen the Master Emerald. Now learning that he had been tricked, Knuckles takes Tails to a secret underground passage in the Hidden Palace, and takes him to the Sky Sanctuary Zone. As a last ditch effort, Robotnik overruns the area with EggRobos and deployed the n
Supa tails

Super Tails fighting the Great Eggman Robo.

ew Mecha Sonic who tries to stop Tails. Tails defeats the Mecha Sonic and runs up to the Death Egg, as the Sky Sanctuary is being slowly destroyed behind him. On the Death Egg, Tails finds Robotnik who is stalling as much as possible, but its no use, Tails was to strong to defeat. As a final resort Robotnik runs away into his Great Eggman Robo, and initiates a grueling battle against Tails. When Tails destroys the giant robot, Robotnik tries to fly away in his Eggmobile with the Master Emerald, but Tails once again defeats Eggman finally for good. As Tails falls with the Master Emerald, Sonic catches them in the Tornado, the two then drop the Master Emerald off on Angel Island and make friends with Knuckles.

The Tails' Series


Tails flying with his Ring.

Tails starred in his first solo role in Tails' Skypatrol (1995), which was a sort of puzzle game on the Game Gear. In this game Tails must defeat the evil Wendy Witchcart, who is terrorizing the island. In this game Tails is set in a permanent flying state, which is very much unlike his other appearances where he has a limited flight. Tails does have a stamina bar which when depleted will cause him to lose control of his flight.
Tails next game was Tails Adventure, which was a Metroid-esque platformer with RPG elements (Note: according to the Japanese release, the events of the latter game took place before Tails ever met Sonic). Tails Adventure was released the same year as Tails' Skypatrol. These two games gave Tails a more in-depth background story before the main Sonic the Hedgehog events occurred. In this game Tails uses items and inventions to defeat the Battle Kukku Army. During the events of the game Tails finds the Chaos Emeralds and creates various ships to find his way to the leader Grand Battle Kukku. The more Chaos Emeralds Tails collects, the stronger he becomes, he is also able to fly longer and faster.

Triple the Terror Means Triple Trouble

Tails is a playable character in the Game Gear Game, Sonic Triple Trouble (Sonic & Tails 2 in Japan). In the game, Tails and Sonic set out to stop the evil Dr. Robotnik who has stolen the Chaos Emeralds to power his Atomic Destroyer weapon. It however malfunctioned, and dispersed the Emeralds back to the planet. Robotnik found the Yellow Chaos Emerald and tricked Knuckles by informing him that Sonic and Tails would use them for evil, so Knuckles helps Robotnik by trying to stop them. While Sonic and Tails go out to find the Emeralds they are confronted by a bandit named Fang, who wants to sell the Emeralds for profit. Tails and Sonic have to go after Robotnik, Knuckles, and Fang.

In gameplay, Tails can fly and perform various other actions depending on the environment and objects at hand.

Tails sonic 3d blast

Tails in Green Grove Zone ready to take Sonic to a special stage.

Knowledge of the Special Stages

Tails appears in the game Sonic 3D Blast, where he is not playable but vital to finishing the game. In the game Tails can be found around the various levels where he will wait for Sonic. If Sonic gives Tails 50 rings, Tails will transport Sonic to a Special Stage where he can collect a Chaos Emerald. After Tails has received 50 rings and Sonic returns back to the level, Tails will not transport him back to the Special Stage again, but will instead give Sonic extra bonus points at the end of the level if Sonic continues to give him more rings.

In this game, Tails and Knuckles act exactly like the condition of the Special Stage Rings that would appear once the player had collected 50 rings and finished a level. The difference is that Tails and Knuckles are in the actual level, not at the end of a level. Tails and Knuckles also cash in rings, sort of like a bank, so players can give them 20 rings then come back later in the same level and give them 30 more. In other games you would always need 50 rings at the end of the level or you would not get into the Special Stage.

File:Sonic the fighters tails.png

The Youngest Champion

Tails found himself in the fighting ring for the arcade game Sonic the Fighters, which was later ported to the GameCube and PlayStation 2 (excluding America) via Sonic Gems Collection. In this fighting game, he can fly into enemies, spin dash and punch rapidly. He is the fifth character the player fights in the story mode, and his stage is "Canyon Cruise", which takes place on a boat.

Tails' gameplay and attacks are very effective in many scenarios, being able to deflect projectiles and dodge high and low attacks by Flying or Spin Dashing. Some of Tails attacks have below average power but a good number of them cause devastating damage. Tails can throw enemies while flying and also steal someone's weapon, like Amy's Hammer. Some of Tails attacks are also multi-hitting like the Spin Dash, which can hit a foe 3 times or up to 5 if they are near a wall. Tails can launch himself off the walls of the fighting ring, as well as do a Wind-up Punch that sends his foe into the air.

A World Prix Runner

Tails is also a playable character in Sonic R. He has good turning and can take shortcuts with his flying ability. Tails is the most average of the starter characters with a good top speed and high acceleration. When controlled by the computer, Tails will most usually win first to third place, always beating Amy and Eggman. Tails turning skill allows him to make corners without skidding out of control, which plagues Sonic and Knuckles.

In the game, the level Radical City is most inspired for Tails and includes many Tails only shortcuts that can be accessed from his flying ability. Also if the player collects the five Sonic Tokens in this level, they will fight Tails robot doppelganger, the Tails Doll.

Tails' Time To Shine!

Tails 9

Tails' new and current design.

In Sonic Adventure and its remake, Sonic Adventure DX, Tails was one of the six playable characters. His gameplay was standard platforming stages; the goal of each stage was to destroy the capsule or get to the Chaos Emerald before Sonic or Dr. Eggman.

Tails starts out flying in a prototype bi-plane, the prototype of the Blue Tornado, when he starts analyzing his progress. All of a sudden the engine spews smoke and goes out of control and Tails crashes at the end of the beach in Emerald Coast.

As Tails is waking up from his unconsciousness he notices that Sonic is there, having seen him crash. The two quickly run back to Station Square and talk at the pool. Sonic questions how Tails could crash because he's an excellent pilot, so Tails responds that he was testing a plane that could use a Chaos Emerald as a power supply.

Sonic says in the meantime Tails can use his Tornado, so the two set out for Tails' Workshop in the Mystic Ruins, unknowing that Eggman was waiting for them. A confrontation between the three start so Tails fights Eggman in his Egg Hornet. Once defeated, Eggman sneak-attacks and steals the Emerald, gives it to Chaos and leaves in a flash of pink light.

Tails and Sonic then set out for the other Emeralds so Chaos can't transform. They go to Windy Valley and have a race to the finish, Tails wins and they then race again at Casinopolis, where Tails wins the race again. Feeling pretty good on their luck, Tails and Sonic leave the Casino but are ambushed by Eggman with Sleeping Gas.

Once they wake up, Sonic notes that they only dropped one Emerald and the other one is still safe. Tails finds the Ice Key and opens up a passageway to Ice Cap, where they race again but this time the two snowboard to the finish. Tails finds the Emerald first, but it is in vain as Eggman had tricked Knuckles yet again into thinking that Tails and Sonic were trying to steal the Master Emerald, again.

Tails and Sonic go to say Hi to Knuckles, but he attacks. Knuckles tells Tails vaguely to give him the Emeralds; Tails thinking that Knuckles means the Chaos Emeralds, refuses and the two enter another grudge match. Knuckles unable to sustain any good attacks against Tails swift Tail Swipes, and Spin Attacks, goes for a last resort and decides to ram Tails head on. Tails also goes in for the attack, they then collide and being evenly matched both get knocked backwards, causing the Chaos Emeralds to get knocked out in the process.

Eggman who was hiding in the pool below quickly picks up the Emeralds and "feeds" them to Chaos. Realizing his mistakes, Knuckles apologizes and cheers Tails on for his fight against Chaos 4. Tails emerges victorious, but Eggman had anticipated this and calls on the Egg Carrier. Tails and Sonic say their goodbyes to Knuckles and head to the Tornado. In the dog fight against the Egg Carrier, Eggman shoots the unsuspecting duo with a laser cannon, which knocks the wing clean off the side of the plane.

While spiraling uncontrollably, Sonic falls off the plane and lands in Station Square, Tails presumably jumps off the plane as he wakes up in the Mystic Ruins without the plane anywhere in sight. While in the jungle, Tails finds the red Emerald but it is eaten by Froggy who quickly burrows into a large sand pit. When Tails flew up to the top of the sand pit, he found a switch that opened up a "drain" and he could get through to Sand Hill.

Once Tails caught up to Froggy, Tikal took Tails to the past, where he finds the Rhythm Badge. Tails then learns the Master Emerald's Prayer from Tikal before being taken back to the present, holding Froggy in front of a panicking Big the Cat. Once the awkward encounter is over, Tails takes the Emerald and finishes the Tornado 2. Once finished Tails flies the plane to Red Mountain where he finds Sonic, the two then takeoff and confront the Egg Carrier again. Sonic comments about how great the plane is and Tails says back "You haven't seen nothing yet, watch this. Transforming now".

The Tornado 2 then grabs Sonic and goes under major outside reconstruction, it then results in a jet plane with X shaped wings. Tails then destroys the cannon that had shot them down on their first attempt to board, and they proceed to land but crash since their is no landing gear in that mode. Tails and Sonic try to go to the bridge of the ship, but Eggman transforms the ship, preventing any access except from the Sky Deck.

Without any other option they go through the Sky Deck, but to make it interesting, they race to the end. Tails wins and they get serious again, looking for Amy on the bridge. Once they find her, Eggman sends Gamma up against Tails to "Eliminate the Pests", but Tails brutally injures Gamma, causing a heart broken Amy to tell of how caring Gamma truly is. Tails now stricken with guilt agrees to not hurt Gamma. From the grueling battle between the two, the Egg Carrier suffered extreme damage and was starting to lose altitude. Sonic tells Tails to take Amy back to Station Square, so Tails does, but waits to make sure that Gamma is able to get off safely as well.

Once Tails takes Amy to Station Square, he ponders on what happened to Sonic as it has been a while from flying back off the Egg Carrier. After Eggman had been defeated by Sonic with the Egg Viper in Final Egg, he crash lands in Station Square near Tails. Eggman exclaims that he won't give up even after he and Chaos had been defeated, so he calls on a giant missile to fall upon the city, but it was a dud. In outrage, Eggman goes to rearm the missile unknowing that Tails was following behind. Tails says one of, if not his most famous line "I've changed a lot since I started hanging out with Sonic, but I can't depend on him forever, I know I can do this by myself", then proceeds to the missile.

Tails quickly beats Eggman to the missile and confronts him, but Eggman was hiding a secret weapon, the Egg Walker. Tails says "I can do this" and destroys the Egg Walker, saving Station Square. The crowd cheers and thanks Tails for saving the city; Tails now extremely proud of himself, flies away to the Mystic Ruins to find Sonic waiting for him. The two then run around exploring the area before talking.

This game shows that Tails is maturing into his own person and becoming more independent, as he says he cannot rely on Sonic forever.

Shuffling Cards and Tails, too!

File:Tails sonic shuffle.png

Tails is a playable character in the party game Sonic Shuffle. In the game, Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy were all running around the city with each other until the saw two cards fly in front of them. The cards then mesh together inside a portal and the gang runs into it, they then start flying through the Dream World, MaginaryWorld, where the envision pictures of their own favorite dreams. As they are flying through the world of dreams, they approach a giant temple, the Temple of Light, which is where the Precioustone is located. When they get inside, gravity occupies the space, and they land on the floor.

They question where they are, Amy asks if they are dreaming and Tails says "What's that", suddenly Lumina Flowlight appears to them. Sonic asks her why she brought them there, Lumina then exclaims that MaginaryWorld is in grave danger as Illumina has vanished through the dark power of Void. Void had destroyed the Precioustone just by touching it through the darkness of his power. Tails tells Lumina that they will help her find the Precioustone to which she is very grateful. To make it interesting, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy decide to see who can do the best on the "boards" in the various worlds, and compete to collect the most rings, Precioustone Pieces, win mini-games, and even ask Void to steal Precioustone Pieces from the others.

They then set out to the first dream world, Emerald Coast, which was once a tropical paradise and the Dreamworld of those who love peacefulness, it is the Dreamworld of Knuckles. It however was turned into a frozen wasteland which if not fixed would destroy all life on the world. Half of the world had been frozen but did not completely spread, throughout. The ice had covered some of the boardwalk and was pooling up making a crystalline castle like structure. When the Precioustone of the world had been collected, the power was restored and the ice began to melt. The ice melting created a giant tidal wave, which the group surfed across to get out safely.

During a quick confrontation that Tails and Lumina have with Void, they talk about the wrongdoing that Void has done. Void vaguely speaks "But I can't do bad". Tails wonders what it means, before they are whisked back to Emerald Coast as if it were a dream.

Since they restored peace to Emerald Coast, Lumina opens up a portal to the next Dreamworld, Fire Bird. Fire Bird, was the dreamworld of those who love freedom and flight, it is the Dreamworld of Tails. Fire Bird used to be a beautiful Pheonix until the dark powers of Void destroyed the world's Precioustone. When it was destroyed, the Pheonix was encased in a giant metal airplane which was losing altitude at an alarming rate. The Fire Bird mimics the fall of the Egg Carrier in Sonic Adventure. As the group collects the Precioustone pieces, the wings of the plane fall off, causing it to fall even faster. The Fire Bird is also suggested to work off of rings because if the group goes on Ring Spaces to often a wing may randomly catch fire. After a certain amount of time passes, the plane breaks the atmosphere and it reveals that it is nighttime, which causes all the spaces on the board to transform into different spaces. After the Precioustone is restored, the Fire Bird starts to detonate, so the group goes to jump off but are knocked off by a giant explosion. Lumina warns them to sky dive to a hot air balloon where they can safely land. Once they get to safely, they watch as the Pheonix emerges from the airplane and flies through the air.

Another quick confrontation that Tails and Lumina have with Void occurs, where they tell him to look at all the damage he has done. Void again vaguely speaks "But I can't do bad, what is bad". Tails starts to wonder what Void truly is at this point. They are again whisked away as if it were another dream.

Since they restored peace to Fire Bird, Lumina opens up a portal to the next Dreamworld, Nature Zone. Nature Zone, was the Dreamworld of those who love nature, it is the Dreamworld of Amy. The Nature Zone used to be a peaceful forest where one could bask in the sun and see the fields of wildlife and flowers grow. It however was turned into an almost lifeless area where all unnatural fungus and bacteria started to grow. The Tree of Life which was the focal point of the landscape was encased in a dark pillar of magic, as well as surrounding smaller trees. Alligators have swarmed into the marshy swamp-like streams that flow through the canals, and while they pose no threat, they can act as blockades across the canals if they open their mouths. If their mouth is shut the group can safely cross and even stand of them. Some spaces are actual sitting on the water like lily pads, if someone were to land on one there is a 50-50 shot that they will either safely land, or fall through and have to jump out of a drain further down the canal. Once the Precioustone is restored, the dark magic begins to deteriorate but it causes a massive earthquake which the group has to outrun. Once they get safely away, they look back to watch the Tree of Life emerge, and watch the beauty of the landscape restored.

Another quick confrontation that Tails and Lumina have with Void occurs, where they now tell him that he is destroying everyone's dreams. Void says "But I am a Dream". Tails is now finally realizing that Void is a dream, but doesn't understand his purpose. They are wisked away again as if it were a dream.

Since they restored peace to Nature Zone, Lumina opens up a portal to the next Dreamworld, Riot Train. Riot Train, was the Dreamworld of those who love adventure, it is the Dreamworld of Sonic. The Riot Train used to be a large winged train that could fly from track to track in its world, making it like a combination of both Sonic and Tails' favorite dreams. It however was encased in its entirety by dark magic which suppressed its wings into the case, causing it a normal flightless train. It was also going at an excessively fast speed making it out-of-control, which if unstopped would eventually make fall off the tracks that would normally send it in the air. As the group collects Precioustone Pieces, the train reveals itself to be spontaneously changing speeds causing sections of the train to de-latch themselves when the engine is speeding up and randomly slam into each other when slowing down. When the 6th Precioustone Piece is collected, the main engine speeds up to such an incredible speed that the train slams into another train in front of it. Once the Precioustone is restored, the dark magic begins to manifest itself into the engine instead of dissipating away. The group jumps off the front of the train and uses their own super speed to counteract the speed of the train. Eventually they are able to stop it and the magic finally fades away.

Another confrontation that Tails and Lumina have with Void occurs, this time Tails tries to reason with Void. Lumina doesn't understand quite yet why, but Tails is trying to figure out the true being of what Void is, as he has just seen the imprisoned Illumina calling for help. Void speaks of how an entity of a dream cannot destroy other dreams. Tails finally understands, and the dream ends.

Since they restored peace to Riot Train, they decide to ride the flying dream Train to their next destination, the Fourth Dimension. The Fourth Dimension in itself is an Outer-Space like Dreamworld where the other Dreamworlds can be seen and accessed from. It is filled with beautiful stars and constellations. Through the destruction of the Precioustone, a giant black hole opened up and started to suck up the surrounding area. The black hole would suck up the whole Dreamworld without the power of the Precioustone. As the group collects the Precioustone Pieces, they use the stars and constellations like paths to walk across. Some areas can be flown across by Tails, hammer jumped across by Amy, and swam across by Knuckles(by using Climbing Knuckles Spaces). If the someone goes to close to the black hole, there is a 75% chance that they will be sucked in along with other debris. If they are sucked in they are spit out of a white cloud at the lowest point of the board. Once the Precioustone is restored, the heroes immediately go to the Temple of Light. At the Temple of Light, Void goes out of control and turns into a giant monster. A battle starts between Void and the heroes, where they have to step on buttons that drop pieces of pillars onto Void. As the battle progresses it gets increasingly harder to step on these buttons, Void is also a Boss with one of the highest health in the series as it takes 16 hits to stop him. After the buttons have all been presses, the four run up a resurrected altar that drops one final piece onto Void, ultimately stopping him.

Soon after the battle, Void turns into a black gem. The group tells Lumina that Void and her are the two halves of Illumina, but Lumina doubts it. Lumina then realizes that self doubt was the reason why Illumina split in the first place, so she picks up the gem and goes into the Precioustone, merging herself and Void back into Illumina. Illumina explains that the positive feelings and emptiness is what dreams are made of. She thanks Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy then sends them back home.

Who are the Good Guys?

File:Tails sonic adventure 2 battle.png

Tails is playable in Sonic Adventure 2 and its remake, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. He is featured in third-person shooting segments, seated in his Cyclone. The Cyclone is one of the transformed states of Tails' even newer plane, the Tornado 3. In this game, Tails, along with Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy are all seen as evil. The United Federation's government forces, G.U.N. has deployed countless amounts of their robots to capture and imprison them.

Tails' story starts out with him flying to Prison Island after watching a news broadcast on satellite TV about Sonic who had just robbed a bank. Tails states that Sonic would never do this, then sees Amy on a nearby military barge being chased by Eggman. Tails thinking quickly, transforms the Tornado 3 into its "Cyclone" battle mode and confronts Eggman.

After the grudge match, Tails emerges victorious and Eggman lets them go but not without giving the threat that "The next time they meet, Tails won't be so lucky". Amy congratulates Tails and asks why he is there, Tails retorts "I'm the one who should be asking that" since Amy is much more unqualified in battle. Tails decides that if he destroys the defenses of the island, Amy will be able to get through, so he destroys the robots guarding the Island.

Tails then meets up later with Amy after Sonic has escaped, unknowing that the island is set to explode. While Amy and Tails are talking, Sonic rushes up to them and tells of the impending explosion. Tails then transforms the Tornado 3 into jet mode again, and the three take off back to the city. Once in the city the three watch a broadcast that Eggman has setup telling the people of Earth about the impending destruction of the planet by the Eclipse Cannon.

Tails, Sonic, and Amy talk about what just happened but are cut short when police spot them in the crowd. Tails and Sonic go to destroy the robots to make a clean escape and leave Amy behind, this becomes a trend later on. After clearing a way out of the city, Sonic leaves Amy with Tails so that he can snoop around to see if he can find Eggman. Sonic radios Tails to say that the search was no use, Tails then reports that he is getting a weird radio frequency, he then locates the disturbance to the President's Limo.

As Tails prepares to leave, Knuckles pops out of a manhole from the Aquatic Mines. Tails tells Sonic where to meet him, then asks Knuckles if he can watch Amy for him while he tracks down the President in the Tornado 3's Car Mode. Once Tails catches up to the President, he and Sonic eavesdrop on a video call from Eggman. Once Eggman makes his demands, Sonic shouts "No Way", the President looks over to see Tails and Sonic running alongside his limo, they then jump in and reassure him that they have everything under control. Tails collects the Data and discovers its coming from Space Colony Ark. The two then proceed to find Amy and Knuckles, who were patiently waiting outside of Eggman's Hidden Base. Once the four of them come up with the strategy to take down Eggman, Tails goes forward to find the entrance and destroy the outside defenses.

Once inside Sonic and Knuckles work to get through to the inner rooms that holds the rocket to get up into Space. After a quick confrontation with Eggman, they proceed onward. While in space, the cargo hatch gets open and the pieces of the Master Emerald fall out. Knuckles then takes control of the ship and jumps off, making the others crash into the side of the colony. Once they get out of the rocket, Tails reveals that he had made a fake Chaos Emerald, that is identical to the real thing except it is less powerful. Tails and Sonic then decide that they must destroy the Eclipse Cannon at its source, first at its defenses then at its power supply. As they leave, they once again leave Amy behind, she then exclaims to them "I hate you, you always leave me behind and have all the fun". Tails goes and destroys the defenses of the Eclipse Cannon and proceeds to go back to Amy only to find that she was being held captive by Eggman. Not wanting to cause any trouble, Tails decides to call Sonic as Eggman had told Tails if he tried to interfere he would kill Amy. Tails tells Sonic that Eggman wants to see him personally. When Sonic arrived he leaves the fake Emerald on the floor for Eggman, but Eggman knowing it was a fake, captured Sonic and questioned its falseness.

Sonic then entrusts to Tails the power that he needs, and to Amy to stay safe before being to sent away into space. With these empowering words Tails could not give up and put his all into defeating Eggman. Once he stopped Eggman, Tails proceeded to comfort Amy until Knuckles came to tell them that Sonic had survived. Tails then receives a radio message to see Sonic outside on the Eclipse Cannon. Stuck in the excitement Tails and Amy forget about the real Chaos Emerald, and Eggman takes it away. He unknowingly initiates his grandfather Gerald Robotnik's program of revenge against the people of Earth.

Everyone decides they need to band together to both save themselves and the planet. Tails and Eggman go to destroy the doors to the Cannon's Core. Knuckles and Rouge got to open up the waterway to the inner mechanism of the Cannon's Core. Sonic went in to find most inner part of the Cannon's Core, only to find the Biolizard who is then defeated by Shadow. It was not over as the Final Hazard took over all control. Once it was finally defeated, everyone except Shadow, who had fallen to his presumed doom, celebrated their victory before going back to Earth.

He also has unlockable skins for his machine in 2-Player Mode.

Advancing With the Crew

Tails was also a playable character in the Game Boy Advance series Sonic Advance. He could fight offensively with his tails, along with jumping, flying and using the Spin Dash.

In Sonic Advance, Tails performs much like he does in Sonic 3, but also has numerous abilities present in games like Sonic Adventure. Doctor Eggman has once again terrorized the world, so Tails sets out to stop him. On the way Eggman tries to use advanced robots and machines but to no avail, Tails rises victorious and saves the planet.

In Sonic Advance 2, Tails performs almost identical to how he does in Sonic Advance, but he can run at even faster speeds, breaking the sound barrier with a sonic boom, initiating Boost Mode. Eggman diabolically captured all of Sonic's friends, including Tails, but was ultimately stopped. Once he was freed Tails set out to stop Eggman and saved the planet once again.

In Sonic Advance 3, Tails has a multitude of abilities that he can use depending on which partner he is with. When with Sonic, Tails can use the Tail Swipe and fly like normal. When partnered with Knuckles, Tails can conjure up his own mini-tornado by spinning rapidly, perform the Insta-Shield, as well as Gliding, with two pairs of blue boxing gloves to attack the enemies. When partnered with Amy, Tails can use his own Piko Piko Hammer to attack and he can fly roughly four times higher than if he were with Sonic, as well as use his Piko Piko Hammer while in flight. When partnered with Cream, Tails can perform the Chao Attack by transforming Cheese into a Tails Chao, as well as fly upside-down but he tires much quicker while flying this way. Tails is the only starter character, next to Sonic, and must save his other friends to unlock them later on. The world has been split into 7 pieces, so Tails and Sonic set out to put them all back together. As they go from one piece to the next, they finally arrive back on Angel Island where the final confrontation takes place at the Master Emerald Altar.

A Hero with the Heroes

Tails SH

Tails in Sonic Heroes.

Tails appeared as the fly-type character of Team Sonic in Sonic Heroes. In the game Tails, alongside Sonic and Knuckles, chased Dr. Eggman throughout the world in an attempt to prevent him from using his new "super weapon".

Tails' specialties and abilities are long range attacking, high attack power of 6 when he is Level 3, ring collecting, paralyzation, and simultaneous defensive and offensive positions during flight. Due to his Flying Ability, Tails is the number one saver on the team. If the team were to fall off the stage in Flight Formation, Tails will be able to fly the team back to safety. Arguably, Tails is best for use while grinding on Rails, as if the team were to accidentally jump off, Tails can fly them back on.

Tails and Knuckles come to Sonic to deliver a message from Eggman that reveals his new super weapon. Sonic tells them that its time to party, so Tails and Knuckles jump out of the Tornado 2, which is presumed to be on autopilot as it is not seen again. As they go through the world to find Eggman, they get ambushed by him multiple times as well as get ambushed by the other teams, Team Rose and Team Dark. Halfway through Team Sonic's story, Tails begins to suspect that it's not Eggman who is terrorizing the world and first noticed this after Team Sonic defeated the Egg Albatross. While Sonic and Knuckles rushed toward Frog Forest, Tails took one last glance at the fake Eggman before saying "It's not an Eggman Robot" when the Psuedo Eggman dissolved into liquid. They keep on going till they get to the Final Fortress.

When they arrived at the Final Fortress they met with Team Dark, Team Chaotix & Team Rose and found out that Metal Sonic was the real mastermind behind the plot, and had locked the real Eggman in a cell and impersonated him all the time to become the most powerful being. The other teams gave their Chaos Emeralds to them and distracted Metal Sonic, who had transformed into Metal Madness, to buy some time while Team Sonic use the Chaos Emeralds to turn Sonic into Super Sonic, also resulting in Tails and Knuckles gaining Super Shields, which gave them the power of their respective Super Forms, Super Tails and Super Knuckles. Then they set off to the skies to fight against Metal Sonic, who was in his ultimate form: Metal Overlord. After his defeat, Tails was last seen running after Sonic to their next big adventure.

This is the first game where Tails can use the Homing Attack, and the Jump Dash. Tails is also able to fly forever indefinitely if the player does not move around, depleting the Flight Gauge. Tails also in his "Super" Form against Metal Overload, performed the Light Speed Attack.

File:Tails shadow the hedgehog.png

Help Wanted: Fight for Earth

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Tails helps Shadow out in the Circus Park in which the player can, in exchange, choose to help him recover 400 of the rings stolen by Eggman. Tails gives out helpful hints on the carnival styled games and events that take place throughout the Park. Tails will also help you to destroy the Eggman Robots that are located inside the Park. In the Air Fleet, the player can choose to help exterminate 35 Black Arms in order to protect the President. Tails will sometimes talk to Shadow about the scary events that could take place in the event of the President's demise. Tails also foreshadows the apocalyptic events of the night as the sun is setting.

He can be played as using the second controller in the GameCube and PS2 versions. Tails is unable to fly and uses the Jump Dash instead. He can attack by hitting enemies with his tails. Tails has a slightly higher knowledge of the surroundings and events taking place during the game than most of the others. Tails also forewarns of any apocalyptic events that will most likely take place at nighttime, one quote is "I usually love to watch the sunset, but I'm pretty worried about the night today".

The most unique thing about Tails is that his Tail Attack hits multiple times and can defeat the high health G.U.N Battle Robot with just one attack. This is something none of the other allies can do, making Tails' Tail Attack the strongest ally attack in the game.

A Genius In Battle

Tails was also in Sonic Battle for the Game Boy Advance. His story was second in the main mode. Tails and Sonic have taken in their newly found robot friend, Emerl.

During the events of the various stories inside the game, Tails and Sonic give control of Emerl to the others like Knuckles, Rouge, Amy, Cream, and Shadow, but keep a firm watch over him. Tails' main concern is to find out what all of Emerl's messages mean and what he truly is. After Emerl has absorbed a couple Chaos Emeralds and gained sentience, Tails and Sonic started to train him to protect himself and his friends.

In Battle, Tails is very well rounded with speed and attack power. Tails, behind Sonic, has the fastest running speed in the game and also has speedy punches and attacks. Some of his drawbacks are his strangely low jumping height, especially compared to most games, and the startup delay for specials. These are made up for the fact that he has a high defense, one of the best healing abilities, and multi-hitting and powerful special attacks. Tails' specials included firing electrical energy with an arm cannon, setting "Chu2" bombs that seek out their target and causing a giant hand to appear and attack. His flying ability is also present but greatly weakened, it is required to use Fly to get on top of platforms.

Throughout the overall story of the game, Tails and Sonic stay together and do research on Emerl. Once they have found out his basic capabilities, like his Copy ability to learn others movements and attacks, they start to train him. During their training, they learn that he is powered by the Chaos Emeralds. They decide to go to Knuckles to help Emerl, but Knuckles refuses to listen, thinking that Emerl is the robot that had stolen an Emerald. The real robot that stole the Emerald was one of Eggman's mass-produced E-121 Phi robots. After fighting Knuckles, Emerl takes the Emerald, and gains a very basic vocabulary. Tails decides he must do further research, and heads to Central City alone. While in Central City, Tails has to fight off multiple Guard Robos and E-121 Phi's, until he meets up with Rouge who helped him get to the Computer Room in the Building. The Computer was overloaded and called security, sending out multitudes of Guard Robos. After destroying the Guard Robos, Tails is confronted by Shadow who wants to destroy Emerl as he knows Emerl is just a weapon of mass destruction.

Tails warns Shadow that "I respect you Shadow, but I won't back down I will fight you", to which Shadow complies and engages in Battle. After 2 battles of 10 rounds a piece, Tails defeats Shadow, to which Rouge congratulates him and tells him how to escape out of the city. After Tails returns to the lab and gives Sonic the report, they start training again until Rouge comes to "borrow" Emerl. Sonic reluctantly accepts this "offer", and allows Rouge to take Emerl. Once they realize what Rouge was truly up to, Tails Sonic and Knuckles band together to stop Rouge from robbing a building. Later on Knuckles comes to get Emerl. Tails gives the offer of a training session of Emerl against Knuckles. After Knuckles returns Emerl, the trio of Sonic, Tails, and Emerl return to training again. Peace is not kept for long as Amy is hot on Sonic's trail, to which Sonic leaves Tails in charge. Amy tells Tails to scold Sonic for leaving him to "get rid of her", but notices Emerl. Tails now feeling uncomfortable, sneaks away leaving the distracted Amy with Emerl. Once Emerl is returned again Tails gives him another Emerald after the Emerald Shards were collected.

Cream then comes to ask Sonic and Tails if she can play with Emerl, but while they are together they get kidnapped. While in Eggman's Gimme Shelter, Cream sends Tails a message to help her get out. Tails and Sonic then come to save the day and rescue Cream and Emerl. As an odd twist, Shadow now amazed at Emerl comes to train him as well. During the training Emerl is asked to fight Everyone, when he is done Tails comments on how much Emerl has "grown". Eggman know completely fed up with all the failure taking place, launches his Death Egg threatening to destroy the planet. Tails builds a transporter and transports Emerl up to Eggman. When Emerl goes out of control, Tails gives moral support to Sonic during the fight and sends him up to stop Emerl. Once Emerl is destroyed, Tails and Sonic mourn the loss of their friend but wonder if they will ever see him again.

Tails sonic rush

Tails talking to Sonic about Eggmans sceme.

A Fire Cat, Nega Eggman, and Planets Coming Together, What's Going On!?

Sonic Rush on the Nintendo DS featured Tails as a non-playable but major story character. During the overall Story of the game, Tails and Sonic set out to stop, at first Eggman and eventually Eggman Nega from destroying the world. They both see Blaze the Cat, who was teleported along with Eggman Nega, from a different dimension. After careful planning they decide that they need to try to find the Chaos Emeralds, stop Eggman Nega, and discover and help Blaze the Cat, all at the same time. While Tails is not playable in the game, he gives out helpful hints throughout the levels and gives moral support to Sonic during Boss Fights.

Traveling Dimensions

Tails also was a Major Story character again in Sonic Rush Adventure. While not fully playable, the player controls Tails who is driving some of the ships like the Ocean Tornado.

Tails and Sonic were flying in the Tornado until they got teleported to Blaze's Dimension. While there, Tails is a very vital story character. Tails builds 5 different water vehicles to transport to the various islands around the planet. Tails also gives Sonic helpful tips and advice to stop the two Eggman's and their Pirate Robots, Captain Whiskers and Johnny.

The Ultimate Extreme Gear Specialist

Tails pose 44

Tails in Sonic Riders.

In Sonic Riders, Tails is a playable character, and one of the main characters of the game.

In the game, Tails built his board, the Yellow Tail, Sonic's board, the Blue Star, and Knuckles' board, the Red Rock.

Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles are searching for the Chaos Emerald in Metal City, when Tails gets a signal that its moving. They look at a building to see that the thieves, had just broken out of a window, riding Extreme Gear. They quickly run and cut them off, knocking Storm off his board. Tails looks at the symbol and realizes that they are the Babylon Rogues from the ancient Babylon Garden.

The next day they see an announcement from Eggman, stating that anyone who brings him a Chaos Emerald, could enter in the Ex World Grand Prix, shortly after he shows pictures of the Rogues. Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles quickly find three Emeralds, and also enter as well, soon after finding out that Amy had found the seventh Emerald and also signed up. While talking to Amy, Wave interrupts and puts a bomb on the bottom of Sonic's board.

She quickly comments that Tails' boards are pieces of junk, to which everyone gets infuriated, especially Knuckles and Amy. Sonic and Tails are deeply upset but quickly become infuriated as well, causing Tails to completely demolish Wave in the upcoming race. After winning, Tails decides to take a breather after putting Wave in her place, and decides to go with Sonic to practice. After Jet mocks Sonic's skills, Tails gets infuriated again and tells Sonic that he will unlock the power of the Extreme Gear for them. During the race in Sand Ruins, Wave blows up Sonic's gear and he loses. When Jet collects his prize, Babylon Garden rises and the Rogues set out to find the ancient treasure, not realizing Eggman was already one step ahead of them.

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles set out on the Tornado 2 and fly up to Babylon Garden following Eggman. When Sonic goes to confront Eggman, Tails tells Sonic to wait and gives him the newly built Blue Star II, which utilized the unlocked power Tails had spoken of. When Sonic went down Jet challenged him to find Eggman first, meanwhile Tails and Knuckles land and are confronted by Wave and Storm. Sonic wins his race, and Tails and Knuckles successfully get away from the hoard of E-10000 robots who had followed them. After all the confusion, Eggman holds up Amy and threatens Sonic, but Sonic creates a tornado that sucks up Eggman and accidentally Amy as well. Sonic and Tails talk and decide its time to go home until Amy says "Sooonnnic, how could you just fly into Eggman knowing I was there" Sonic then says to Amy "Oh well I thought it would be okay with you an..." Amy then looks at Sonic extremely mad and chases him around whacking him with her Hammer. Sonic then tries to circle around Tails and Knuckles who start laughing.

Tails rides a board called the "Yellow Tail". When racing, he has the best cornering of all characters, and fights with a giant electrical plug.

Tails sonic riders zero gravity

Tails talking to Sonic about one the Ark of the Cosmos he found last night.

Defying Gravity

Tails is also playable in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. In this game, Tails rebuilds his board (as well as Sonic's and Knuckles' boards) with morphing alloys, allowing them to transform into different shapes and use different abilities with Gear Change.

Tails finds an Ark of the Cosmos and takes Sonic and Knuckles to Megalo Station, where they are confronted by MeteoTech Robots. After getting away, they find Amy, who also found an Ark of the Cosmos. According to Amy, this Ark was "the source of all her troubles". Tails then finds a way out of the Botanical Kingdom, while Knuckles fights through MeteoTech Premises.

They find Eggman, who tells them about the malfunctioning Security Robots. Tails tells Eggman that if the robots didn't go out of control, he would have eventually used them to take over the world. Eggman disregards this and tells them what they need to do. Tails explores the Aquatic Capital to find Amy after realizing that she is gone. After finding Amy, she tells him that Storm took her Ark of the Cosmos and the robots. She goes on to speak about the Gigan Rocks. Being a treasure hunter, Knuckles knows of these Rocks.

Tails reads about a world-destroying trap in Babylon Garden that ties in with the aftermath of the Arks of the Cosmos. The heroes set out for the Crimson Crater, the main computer network of MeteoTech. They find Eggman, but SCR-HD steals the Arks of the Cosmos and creates a Black Hole within Babylon Garden. Tails tells Sonic that the only way to stop SCR-HD and the Black Hole is to enter and destroy the robot. SCR-HD transforms into the massive Master Core: ABIS, but is still destroyed. Consequently, things go back to normal as Tails and Amy talk about the people of Babylon, who are probably upset that they can't go back home. Tails consoles Amy by saying "Maybe someday they can get back home".

Tails rides his newly rebuilt "Yellow Tail" which can transform into an Air Ride Gear, thanks to its morphing alloy metal. Once again, Tails has the best cornering of all characters when racing, and fights with an Electric Plug while flying at speeds excess of 250 miles per hour.

File:Tails sonic free riders.png

A Free Flying Fox

Tails is also playable in Sonic Free Riders. In this game Tails, Sonic and Knuckles sign up for the 2nd Ex World Grand Prix, but instead of being interested in the money prize like everyone else, they just want to win. Tails is the only one in the group who keep his cool throughout the Grand Prix.

On numerous occasions, Sonic and Knuckles get annoyed by the other racers, be it "A complete and utter joke" according to Knuckles, towards Eggman, or annoyed at Amy like Sonic. Tails is sometimes modest but also on other occasions isn't like "Well when we turned to look around, the race was already over and we won" when Tails said to Omochao how easy it was to beat Team Rose. Tails also scolds Rouge and Shadow for being so careless about E-10000B who was malfunctioning. After they win the Grand Prix, Tails laughs at Eggman for thinking that anyone wouldn't see through his "King Doc" disguise.

Tails rides the even higher tech, newly rebuilt "Yellow Tail" which can accept any gear part, allowing it to grind, air ride, give Tails Power Punches, super boost, and multiple other abilities. When he gets his Special, Tails takes out his electrical plug and swings it around shocking anyone in a 10 foot radius. In gameplay, Tails has the highest cornering of all characters again as well as the second highest top speed.

A Next Generation Supporter

In the Sonic 06 game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Tails is a playable character. He and Knuckles are amigo characters for Sonic. Tails is notable for being quite a bit slower then in previous games, ironically he moves faster in the Team Attack mode downloadable add-on then in the regular gameplay.

In the game, Tails is the second character played as, and plays a major part in Sonic's story. In the game, Tails and Sonic try to protect the Princess of Soleanna, Elise, who is an open target for Eggman because she holds the secret of the Flames of Disaster. Throughout the story, Tails and Sonic stay together and fight off a multitude of Eggman's robots that are deployed throughout the game. Tails goes on ahead of Sonic to destroy the robots like in Dusty Desert so Elise would be safe. By destroying and keeping the robots away, Tails was able to make a path for Sonic to get away. Tails helps Sonic to get through the White Acropolis, where Eggman's base is, as well as find Knuckles to aid in the search for Elise. While Sonic is gone, Tails hears a threatening announcement from Eggman, so a Maid in Waiting begs Tails to save her. Tails follows the Egg Carrier through Wave Ocean, and finds the rondevu point for Eggman's escape. Tails then tells Sonic who had just returned, and they set out for Kingdom Valley. Tails then helps Sonic by destroying the internal defenses in the Aquatic Base. Tails also comes up with the plan to save Sonic after he had been killed by Mephiles. Tails goes through the Crisis City in End of the World, and finds the Yellow Chaos Emerald.

During gameplay, Tails attacks using Dummy Ring Bombs in this game instead of his twin tails. He has three forms of attack using the Dummy Ring Bombs, these are Dummy Ring Bomb, Dummy Rings Snipe, and Dummy Ring Blitz.

For Every attack, Tails throws a 10 Ring Item Box that when it comes in contact with something, explodes and releases 10 Dummy Rings that destroy anything they touch.

  • The Dummy Ring Bomb Attack- Tails throws the Item Box a about 10 feet in front of him. If the move is used near an enemy it will automatically be thrown at them.
  • The Dummy Ring Snipe- Tails switches to a first-person view which the player then uses to aim the attack. The Item Box hits can be thrown more than 500 feet away and has deadly accuracy.
  • The Dummy Ring Blitz- While Flying, Tails will drop an Item Box. It can be used an unlimited amount of times and be used in less then 1 second apart from each use.

A Crazy Card Catastrophe

In Sonic Rivals, Tails appears in Sonic's storyline as a cameo appearance. When both he and Sonic head over to the mysterious Onyx Island, they discover that Amy has been turned into a card by Dr. Eggman himself. When Sonic doubts Dr. Eggman, Sonic gets a front-row seat to see Tails get turned into a card himself. Sonic sets off to rescue the two as other rivals, Knuckles the Echidna
, Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Metal Sonic get into the mix as they all head on a search for Eggman. Tails is rescued by Sonic after defeating the boss in Crystal Mountain Zone and helps Sonic and Knuckles get into outer space. Tails also appears as three collectible cards in the game.

Now To Really Help Sonic

Tails is a playable character in Sonic Rivals 2. In the game, Tails and Sonic set out to find the mystery of the missing Chao, while fighting off Eggman and their rivals at the same time. Tails and Sonic meet at Blue Coast, and talk about finding the Chao. While there they see Knuckles and Rouge, Tails goes to talk to Rouge who asks where Eggman is. When Tails tells her his whereabouts, he realizes he can't let her beat him to Eggman. Tails races, then battles, then races Rouge again to find Eggman first. Once they find Eggman, Tails and Rouge have a contest to beat him first, and Tails wins.

After beating Eggman, Tails finds Sonic who had been dealing with Knuckles, the two then decide to go to the Sunset Forest Zone. While there, they split up to look for the Chao. Espio, under camouflage, spies on Tails but Tails is being really observant and notices Espio. Espio asks Tails what he was doing so Tails said him and Sonic were looking for the Chao. Espio asks if he has any leads but Tails says he has to go find Sonic and runs off, but Espio doesn't give up and follows him. Tails ran off into a deeper part of the forest but noticed Espio was following him so Tails stopped to battle Espio. After Tails won the battle, Eggman showed up so Espio dared Tails to prove who was better. Tails once again showed Espio up by defeating Eggman, meanwhile Sonic was fighting against Silver who was also looking for the Chao.

Tails meets up with Sonic, after they had dealt with Espio and Silver, and they decide to follow Eggman to the Neon Palace. When they get to the Neon Palace, they bump into Shadow who was with Metal Sonic. Sonic tells Tails to follow Metal Sonic and the two split up again. Tails follows Metal Sonic to a point inside the Palace where the two then fight each other. Tails stops Metal Sonic by beating him in the fight, but is slightly surprised when Metal Sonic challenges him to fight Eggman. Tails uses the various Bingo elements of Eggman's machine to defeat Eggman, and stops Metal Sonic, meanwhile Sonic and Shadow had been clashing with each other because Sonic didn't trust Shadow's intentions.

After Tails and Sonic had defeated the two other hedgehogs, they decide to follow Eggman to the Frontier Canyon Zone. At the Frontier Canyon, they meet up with Knuckles and Rouge again, but instead of fighting them, they all decide to work together. Knuckles and Rouge needed help to find the Master Emerald, and Sonic and Tails needed help finding Eggman, so they set out to find rings to fix a detector that Rouge had. Once they found Eggman, they fought him and followed him to the Mystic Haunt Zone. Inside of the Mystic Haunt, Sonic and Tails split up to cover a larger area faster. While searching, Tails feels the presence of something. This something began to materialize and revealed itself as a ghost version of Tails. Tails decides he can outrun this "Tails Ghost", but it follows him. Tails looks back and the ghost changes into a ghost version of Sonic. Tails then fights the "Sonic Ghost", and runs off to find Sonic. The two meet up and go into a chamber to find a strange acting Eggman, but Sonic realizes that "Our Ghosts are following us", soon after the "Sonic and Tails Ghosts" appear. The strange Eggman reveals himself to be Eggman Nega and challenges Tails, but the "Tails Ghost" goes in on the challenge and fights Nega as well.

After the fight Sonic and Tails talk to each other, they then briefly split up to look for the Chao but hear an explosion. Sonic tells Tails to continue looking but is soon taken over by the Ifrit's mind control. Tails follows Sonic to the Ifrit and challenges his best friend to a duel. Tails takes advantage of the situation and attacks the unsuspecting Ifrit, ultimately destroying it. Tails quickly carries Sonic out of the Ifrit's dimension before the door seals, and the two are saved. Tails wakes Sonic up who is grateful for Tails saving him. The two find the missing Chao and proceed to go back home.

Tails sonic chronicals the dark brotherhood

Tails talking to Sonic about what the Marauders did.

Save the world now, be Sonic's sidekick later

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Tails calls on Sonic to inform him of numerous going-ons, thus starting the adventure. He joins Sonic's party upon their entrance to Central City, and is the third party member to join (after Amy). When the group arrives at Metropolis, Tails and Sonic decide to split up into two Teams, one led by Sonic the other led by Tails. Tails team would destroy the robots in Metropolis as well as the Maruaders on Angel Island, while Sonic's team would go on a battleship to make their way to Angel Island. Later on upon reaching the Overmind at Voxai Colony Alpha, Tails is overcome by fear wanting to turn back due to the Overminds influence. He is of the Support Class, meaning that he has a lot of skills that help keep his party members alive, or help them in their assaults, such as 'Scan'. He can fly on the map, allowing him to get to places only a select few can reach. At specific times, he reminds the player to save the game. If the player continues to agree with that idea, Tails keeps reminding, but if the player tells Tails to stop reminding them, he does exactly that.

In the game, when the player is in charge of Tails' Team, the player can control what Tails will say to his teammates just like how they could with Sonic. This makes Tails and Sonic be the only characters in the game who can do this. Tails also has many varieties of comments that he can say. The player can choose to be kind to Eggman, be snarky, be disapproving, be caring, be supportive, and also just be talkative. Depending on who is on the Team, Tails can also change his attitude, although he will still be generally nice. Sometimes if Rouge makes a comment, Tails can be chosen to say something to either make her happy, or to just get her to stop talking because "Rouge, it isn't helping if you're just complaining".

File:Tails sonic unleashed.png

Befriending a Beast

In Sonic Unleashed, Tails is the only person who could automatically identify Sonic after he changed into his werehog form (even though Amy met Sonic as the Werehog, she wasn't able to identify him until talking with Professor Pickle). Tails and the Professor appear to be good friends and share common interests. In this game, Tails flies Sonic and Chip around the world to each location n order to ito help repair it. He still does even after the player completes the game and the world is restored. Despite being there when the player flies to different continents, Tails is never seen in the cutscenes or when Sonic is asking around a new neighborhood. It is not explained where Tails goes during Sonic's time in the villages.

Tails sonic colors

Tails next to Sonic in Tropical Resort.

Free As Many Wisps As Possible!

Tails has a major, non-playable role in Sonic Colors. He found Yacker in Tropical Resort and decided to reconfigure his Miles Electric into a translator to comprehend his language, however the device was not very accurate but Tails had a good enough Intel to get it right. He is usually there in the cutscenes to tell Sonic the new information Yacker has given him about Eggman's scheme. In one of the cutscenes, he is mind-controlled by the negative energy Eggman created out of Hyper-go-on power. Sonic tries to get him back to his senses, but fails to. Eggman orders Tails to fight Sonic, but Sonic holds back as he doesn't want to fight his best friend. Right as Tails is about to attack him, the machine runs out of energy and he comes back to his senses.

Near the end of the game, when Sonic and Tails are about to enter the elevator to go back home, they are stopped by Eggman. Tails, being afraid, says that he doesn't think they can beat Eggman. Sonic decides to push Tails into the space elevator in order to keep him safe. Tails then unwillingly goes back down to Earth. When Sonic beats Eggman, the Wisps take Sonic's body back to the planet while he's unconscious. Not knowing that he had fainted after the battle, Tails tells Sonic that he's impressed that he was able to defeat Eggman and save the world. Sonic then says that he actually didn't think that he was going to win. Tails tells him that the last thing he remembered was being pushed into the elevator. Yacker then comes to thank them for helping, but says that he has to get back to his own planet. Tails was saddened by this, but understood and gave Yacker a high-five before he left.

Four Tails, Three Eras, Two Sonics, Another Epic Adventure

Classic Tails

Classic Tails.

Tails and his Classic self appear in Sonic Generations. Classic Tails speaks on behalf of Classic Sonic since he doesn't talk. Tails and the others celebrate Sonic's birthday party where he gives Sonic a chili dog as a birthday present.

Tails was the last to be captured by the Time Eater and ends up in Green Hill. After Sonic rescues and reunites with Tails, they begin wondering where they are. Apparently, Tails has never been to Green Hill Zone ever since he first appeared in Sonic 2. Eventually, Sonic and Tails meet their Classic selves and decide to team up to save their friends and fix the timeline. During their journey, they also collect the Chaos Emeralds which brings them closer to the Time Eater. When the four finally confront the Time Eater, they learn that it was just a machine piloted by Dr. Eggman and his Classic self. Both Tails and everyone else encourage both Sonics as they both became Super Sonic and fight the two Eggmen. After the battle, everyone (including Classic Sonic and Tails) return to the right time and continue celebrating. Tails is seen talking to Classic Tails, with his classic self saying 'He collects how many? Wow. Where does somebody put all those rings?' This shows that Tails was telling Classic Tails about Modern Sonic.

Classic Tails appears in a Chemical Plant mission where he goes into Sonic and Tails mode just like in Sonic 2 and 3. He helps Classic Sonic by carrying him over dangerous obstacles. He is also unlike the other ally characters in the game as you take control of Tails and he can also get hurt and collect rings. while Modern Tails appears in a Green Hill mission where Modern Sonic races Tails in his Tornado plane.

Back To Basics Times Two

Tails is a playable character in Sonic 4: Episode II. Tails is taking his next big step as the first character besides Sonic to be playable in a main-series game since Sonic 2006. Tails is going alongside Sonic on their next adventure against Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman as well. In this game Tails is again able to lift Sonic while flying, run at high speeds, swim, and go in Sonic and Tails mode to help against enemies and bosses. The biggest announcement released on February 15, 2012, reports that Tails is getting multiple new abilities including a new dash, and the Rolling Combo with Sonic where the two of them spin together into enemies. He can use the Homing Attack, and at one point, he is seen flying his Tornado plane with Sonic on the front, much like in Sonic 2 and 3.

The Achievement, "I Love Tails", was devoted specifically for Tails, being rewarded after playing as him over 50 times.

Other Game Appearances

Drifting Tails, The Flying Kart Racer

Tails is a playable character in the game Sonic Drift, where he races along fellow friends Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose, and arch-enemy Dr. Eggman. In the game, Tails is racing in the Chaos Grand Prix and is the most balanced of the four racers. Tails' special ability is the ability to "Jump", literally fly his kart into the air, for about three seconds where he gains temporary "invincibility" to his surroundings and objects, he is also unaffected by terrain while doing this so if the player has gone off the course, its best to maneuver back overtop the track.
Tails 6

Tails and his MTP-Whirlwind.

Tails is also playable in the sequel Sonic Drift 2, where he is racing in the Second Chaos Grand Prix. Tails is once again the most balanced of all the racers. Tails' special ability is still the ability to "Jump", literally fly his kart into the air, but for about five seconds instead of three like in the original.

A Chaotix Fly-By

Tails knuckles chaotix

Tails in the tornado with Sonic on top flying above Team Chaotix.

Tails and Sonic appeared as cameo appearances in the Sega 32X game Knuckles' Chaotix, where they fly by in the Tornado during the ending cutscene.

Originally, Sonic and Tails were playable in this game, or at least planned to be as the very first prototype or prequel for the concept of the game, which was Sonic Crackers, featured Sonic and Tails as the only two playable characters. When the game was made to be Knuckles' Chaotix, early prototypes of the game featured Sonic and Tails as playable characters. Over time, Tails' data was coded into a sprite of a white echidna called Wechnia by fans. Wechnia was able to fly with the data of Tails, and eventually was changed to a more unique attack style but was deemed a failure and was never finished. Eventually, Sonic's data was created into Mighty the Armadillo, who performed near identical to how Sonic had and most simply put, was appearance wise a recolored clone of Sonic's sprites without spikes.

As a Skillful Athlete

In Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Tails is one of the 16 playable characters (8 being from Sonic's universe) as a Skill-type character. He also appears in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games as one of the now 20 playable characters (10 from the Sonic Universe with the addition of Metal Sonic and Silver) and has the highest jumping stats. He is still a Skill type character. Tails' signature moves for the game are Tailspin for the Wii version and Propeller Dash for the DS version. Tails is also playable in Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Games, in this game he is, as usual, one of the faster Sonic characters. On the Official Olympic Games website all character descriptions depict what each character excels at. Tails' description depicts his high-Skill based abilities that will make him formidable in a wide range of events. It also states that his high acceleration and speed will make him tough to beat in many races.

Super Smash Bros. Cameo

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he has a Green Hill Zone cameo. He also has an unlockable trophy, only obtainable by accumulating over 30,000 FT of walking distance between all characters.

A True SEGA Racer!

Tails 33

Tails' vehicle in Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing.

In Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Tails appears as a playable character. In this game he created both his and Sonic's race cars, the Tornado Racer and the Speed Star. His All-Star move is Tails Tornado. This move creates a tornado that sucks up other racers and items that get in his way.

The Tornado Racer was built as a land based version of the Tornado capable of making fast turns with its short wing span. It was built with parts found after an attempted invasion by Dr. Eggman.

The Tornado Racer's engine output most likely was limited on purpose by Tails as if it were faster it would fly like a normal plane. The Tornado Racer has enough speed to hover over the ground, so its power was limited just enough, also if it gets launched off of a hill, it has a very slow descent suggesting its capabilities of flight. Also during Tails' Tornado, the Tornado Racer flies in the air with the tornado that the move creates.

Soaring through Land, Sea, and Air

In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Tails is a Playable character. With the games new form of gameplay with transforming vehicles, Tails no longer rides the mini bi-plane Tornado Racer, he instead rides a Formula-1 Racecar that is a modified version of his MTP-01 Whirlwind from Sonic Drift (a possible reference to said game). When going over land the Formula-1 racer remains in its normal state, when going across water it turns into a speedboat. Its flying form has wings that have fins that stick out on the top and bottom and a small, yet powerful jet engine and what appears to be a spoiler.

Entering the Time Paradox

Sonic cd tails

Tails speeding through Palmtree Panic.

Tails was not initially in the game Sonic CD, but in 2011 when the game was adapted to the main canon of events following Sonic 4 Episode 1, Tails was added to the game to prelude the story and events of Sonic 4 Episode 2.

In this game, Tails and Sonic try to save the Little Planet and Amy Rose from the evil Doctor Robotnik who wants to use the power of time control to terrorize and control the planet. By traveling through time, Tails and Sonic can destroy the robot generators to save the various zones of the planet. Also if they find the mysterious Time Stones, they can stop Robotnik by altering time itself to manifest the planet to never come into contact with the evil doctor. Metal Sonic was Robotnik's newest robot and Sonic and Tails newest foe. Tails and Sonic are forced to race against him in Stardust Speedway, but both were too fast and beat the robotic doppleganger.

Storybook counterparts

An Arabian Look-alike?

Main article: Ali Baba
In Sonic and the Secret Rings, Tails is a playable character in Party Mode, but during the main story he acts as a guide, with his likeness used for Ali Baba in place of Tails himself. Sonic mistakes him for the actual Tails, but Ali Baba doesn't know what he's talking about.

The Ali Baba that is represented in this story is exactly like Tails, in the fact that he knows how to fly using his two tails as shown in a cutscene. He also has a personality like Tails as they are very kind and enjoy helping their friends. Ali Baba also went on numerous adventures with Sonic along with Sinbad (Knuckles' Counterpart) before Sonic was transported out of the book, this is exactly like the friendship of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles back at home. In Multiplayer, normal Tails is a playable character along with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Silver, Shadow, and Blaze.

A Blacksmith In A Knight's World

Main article: Blacksmith
In Sonic and the Black Knight, he is portrayed as a blacksmith that Sonic goes to have Caliburn sharpened. He is playable in mutliplayer mode. In multi-player mode he uses a slingshot as his weapon. He is amazed at Caliburn's details and the fact that Caliburn can talk. Once he resharpens Caliburn, Sonic gains the use of the Soul Gauge. Sonic can then return to him before missions to equip items, check his stats and forge new weapons for the other Knights of the Round Table.

Like Tails Arabian Nights counterpart Ali Baba, the Blacksmith counterpart is exactly like Tails, in the fact that he knows how to fly with his two tails as shown in Multiplayer Mode. He also has a personality like Tails as he enjoys helping his friends and is very kind. Unlike in Sonic and the Secret Rings, normal Tails is not playable in Multiplayer Mode, his Blacksmith counterpart is playable instead.


It has been confirmed that in the unreleased Sonic X-treme, which was in development for the Sega Saturn platform, Tails would have appeared, playing in a first person flight mode. The original Sonic the Hedgehog for Master System, Game Gear and Genesis have a blue caption "See you next game Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Game Gear and Genesis" is above Tails. Sonic CD only contains Tails in the form of a piece of artwork that features him standing next to a race car that has MILES on the license plate slightly implying that it is his with the caption "SEE YOU NEXT GAME" above the car - a reference to Sonic Drift for the Game Gear. Also he will be a playable character in the December 2011 re-release of Sonic CD.


Sonic Jam

Tails' profile in Sonic Jam.

Tails is portrayed as a very kind, young fox who is humble about his abilities, and always willing to help out when he can. Tails can just about do anything if he just thinks about it and sums up all the answers correctly. He was very shy when he first met Sonic the Hedgehog, but gradually opened up and became Sonic's best friend. Sonic was also the only person Tails told his real name to when they first met, as it is confirmed that he hates the name Miles Prower. In Tails' Adventure, he saved an entire island from the brink of destruction caused by the Battle Kukku Army. He also battled various villains in Tails' Sky Patrol, such as the main villain, Wendy Witchcart. In Sonic Adventure, Tails saved Station Square from Doctor Eggman. Tails soon realized that he was able to be independent and support himself without Sonic's help. Even though he enjoys being Sonics sidekick, he believes that he can do almost anything, even without Sonic's support.

He now has many different creations, and his intelligence matches Doctor Robotnik's. He does have a few weaknesses, though. He is very afraid of lightning, and has a tendency to talk too much, which frequently causes him to accidentally blab out secrets or plans (for example, in Sonic Adventure 2, without thinking at first, he told Eggman that the Chaos Emerald that Sonic had was a fake, thus ruining the heroes' plans). He also has a tendency to talk techno-babble, much to the irritation of his friends (E.g. in Sonic Riders, where Knuckles asks him how Extreme Gear works. When Tails starts to explain, Knuckles' eyes start to roll from left to right disappear then appear from left to right several times in a cartoonish manner before he yells "Stooop!", then proceeds to say "I get it, okay?! It just floats and that's good enough for me!"), meaning that Tails doesn't always use tact in a situational matter. But nevertheless, Tails has always been supportive of his friends.


Tails has many friends besides Sonic, and his skills are respected by everyone who knows him. In Sonic Heroes he is part of Team Sonic, along with Sonic and Knuckles. Tails mostly treats and respects all his friends the same with a humble and somewhat passive attitude.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic Colors - Pound It J

The brotherly relationship between Sonic and Tails.

Sonic is Tails' best friend, as the two have been inseparable since Sonic 2. The amount of time they've spent together as friends is so long that they have formed a bond akin to that of two brothers. Ever since they first met in Westside Island, when Tails was being teased by the other children, he saw Sonic running at incredibly high speeds. Tails was impressed and thought he was "cool" and went after him. Tails found his biplane and got so fond of it and slept under it, Sonic found Tails and they both had a short meeting. When Sonic went, Tails went after him until Sonic stopped, Sonic was impressed by how he could keep up (as nobody had ever done so before) and the two became close friends.

After their meeting, Sonic and Tails were always there to help each other, their friendship grew and grew until they had a more brotherly relationship. It is often that Tails invents machines for Sonic in his help and also made him three Extreme Gears. In Sonic Advance 3, they are known as the "Unbreakable Bond" when they team up. In Sonic Rivals 2 it is shown that Sonic trains Tails to learn how to run and fight in their free time. Whenever Sonic has an adventure to explore, he always comes to Tails and asks him to come along and Tails is always ready to help. Tails also used to depend on Sonic a lot, but later realized that he can't depend on him forever. Sonic is also an idol to Tails and Tails just wants to be as heroic as he is.

In Sonic Colors Tails was great help to Sonic and was with him throughout the game. Though, he did disagree with Sonic when Sonic said that Eggman is planning on an evil scheme, Tails thought that Eggman was actually coming to the good side. When Tails was mind-controlled by Dr. Eggman, Sonic refused to fight Tails because they are best friends. This shows that although Sonic sometimes focuses more on other tasks, he still maintains that care for Tails, and at this point, continuously tries to persuade Tails to snap out of the mind-control. Tails also embarrassed Sonic when he was talking to a giant broken robot saying that it "can not hear him". Sonic tells him to forget about it, saying that it is between "him and the robot" but Tails said that he won't change the subject. In the end, he however doubted that Sonic could beat Eggman and was impressed when Sonic was able to not only do just that, but also live through the following explosion.

In Sonic Generations, Tails threw Sonic a surprise birthday party and made Sonic a special Chili Dog that Sonic replied "Like it, I Love it". Tails was the first one restored in the White Space and remains with Sonic for the remainder of the game and story. Tails and Sonic talk about the strangeness of the areas that they are going though like the Green Hill that looked like "Someone sucked all the life and color out of it". When they get to the Chemical Plant, Tails tells Sonic that "This Chemical Plant feels familiar, and that Pink Water makes me feel really nervous for some reason" to which Sonic replies "You're right, Tails. This place is giving me Deja-Vu all over again". Later Sonic and Tails meet Classic Tails(when Classic Sonic is still fighting Eggman), who starts talking to Modern Tails about what kind of position they are in. When Classic Sonic returns Modern Sonic asks why there are two Sonics and two Tails, and both the Tails figured it out.

Amy Rose

For the most part Amy and Tails have a very friendly relationship as they are usually together a lot when they and Sonic are out saving the world. Tails, Sonic, and Amy interact with each other a lot because Amy usually tries to tag along with Sonic and Tails when they are trying to beat Eggman. Amy is also one of Tails' best friends because of this. In their free time they also get along together well but this can be short lived sometimes if Sonic and Tails go out on another adventure or try to defeat Eggman again. Amy also looks at Tails as a little brother figure, and this was shown when Wave insulted Tails, Amy got infuriated with Wave saying "Ohh, that girl who does she think she is" and then challenged her in the race out of anger. Tails has also saved Amy numerous times when Sonic could not, to which she is very grateful. When the Egg Carrier was losing altitude and about to crash Sonic told Tails to save Amy by flying back to Station Square, Tails saved Amy from Eggman on Prison Island, Tails then saved Amy along with Sonic from the exploding Prison Island, then Tails saved Amy from Eggman on the Space Colony Ark at gunpoint.

Knuckles the Echidna

Tails is also good friends with Knuckles. They converse more than Knuckles does with Sonic, and although he isn't as much a rival to Knuckles as Sonic is, Tails does occasionally tend to irritate Knuckles with his technobabble. Knuckles seems to enjoy teasing Tails from time to time, such as when he scares Tails with the idea that they fought with Shadow's ghost just before Hang Castle Zone in Sonic Heroes. Despite this, Knuckles is probably Tails' closest friend, after Sonic. Knuckles has shown that he cares for Tails, such as when he furiously defended Tails after Wave mocked Tails in Sonic Riders. Even though they are good friends, Tails and Knuckles have fought each other numerous times, usually when Knuckles has been tricked by Eggman, but in the end, there are never hard feelings between them.

Dr. Eggman

In every game since his debut, Tails has been one of Eggman's biggest problems along with Sonic, whether he is against him head on or helping out Sonic in any way he can. At first, Tails was useful as a hostage, which later turned into a worse situation for Eggman. Eggman's plans are always foiled by Sonic and Tails, sometimes because he targets one and forgets about the other (this occurred in Sonic Adventure 2, when Eggman was stopped by Tails on the Space Colony ARK after he blasted Sonic into space; it also happens in numerous episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog).

In Sonic Adventure, Eggman had to race Tails to the missile he launched into Station Square, but could not reach it in time. He retaliated by using the giant Egg Walker, but was again stopped by Tails. In Sonic Adventure 2, Tails had a rivalry with Doctor Eggman, fighting him directly in the Cyclone twice - once on Prison Island, the second time on the Space Colony ARK, after Eggman blasted Sonic into space. After this, the rivalry seemed to cease, and Eggman and Tails were seen talking to each other in a somewhat civil way at the end of the game. Eggman also seemed to develop a respect and liking for him during the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, due to their shared skill with machines.

In Sonic Colors, Eggman charged up a mind control beam and shot it at Sonic, but Tails quickly pushed Sonic out of the way so that he got hit instead. Eggman used this to his advantage and made Tails run at supersonic speeds to block Sonic's way. Eggman then dared Sonic to fight his best friend to get to him, but Sonic refused. Eggman kept pushing and prepared Tails for an attack, but the mind control device then ran out of energy.

In Sonic Generations, Classic Robotnik asked Modern Eggman who all of Sonic's "modern" friends were. Modern Eggman's reply was that they were insignificant and that they should only worry about Sonic and Tails, believing they are the only real threats.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow and Tails were at first enemies in Sonic Adventure 2 because Shadow was impersonating Sonic and got him thrown in jail at Prison Island. Towards the end of the game they became Allies when they had to save the planet from the Space Colony Ark. For the most part Tails and Shadow have remained allies, but like Sonic have turned into rivals because of their goals.

Such times they have been rivals are in Sonic Heroes, Sonic Battle, and Sonic Rivals 2. In Sonic Heroes they fought very briefly because Shadow and Rouge had provoked Team Sonic into fighting them. In Sonic Battle Shadow and Tails fought at the end of Tails' Story because Tails resisted giving up Emerl to Shadow. Shadow threatened Tails that he would have to give Emerl up or else they would fight for him, Tails admitted that he admires Shadow's spirit but would not give up in a fight. When Tails won the fight Shadow warned him that he would be back again to get Emerl, but Rouge showed up and told Shadow to go back to Night Babylon. In Sonic Rivals 2. Shadow and Metal Sonic confronted Tails and Sonic because they were all going after Eggman.

Shadow and Tails also get along very well together. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Tails and Shadow work very well together and support each others ideas. Also, when Eggman suggests they build a weapon to hurt the enemy, and Tails says he has a better idea, Shadow asks why he is not surprised. Shadow is actually the second most helpful member of Tails' Team in Metropolis, helping Tails with numerous mechanical ideas with Eggman. He is also very helpful if the player is looking for Omega often giving tips to tell of where Omega would have gone if he gotten the chance.

Wave the Swallow

Wave and Tails are rivals in inventions, since they both are smart. In Sonic Riders Wave was impressed by Tails' inventions but couldn't admit it saying that he made "a piece of junk". She teases Tails by calling him "shorty". In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the two do not seem to rival each other in anything. When Wave was hurt by the robots in the game, Tails is seen in the screen trying to help her get up. In Sonic Free Riders, instead she calls him "shrimp". Once again, they do not talk much or show much rivalry until in one scene when Tails examines the gears she made he commented, "Your gear is still as amazing as ever, Wave" to which Wave ungratefully replied, "Is that supposed to be sarcasm, shrimp?" much to Tails' dismay, telling her that he actually meant that.

Tikal the Echidna

Tails and Tikal have only interacted in the flashbacks that Tikal would send to the characters during the events of Sonic Adventure. Tikal recited the Master Emerald's Prayer as Tails was walking up to her. Tails asked Tikal what the prayer had meant, and Tikal told him that it was a special prayer that her grandmother had taught her but she did not completely understand what it meant. She then says to Tails that she hadn't thought they met before and told her name was Tikal just before the flashback ended.

Tikal and Tails were the only characters who interacted in their flashback, as the others would listen to Tikal without speaking. Tikal saw Tails as a friend even with their small interaction when she said "Hello friend, how are you?".

Rouge the Bat

Tails and Rouge have a friendly relationship but Rouge sometimes adds complications to it. They will usually get along but Rouge will sometimes playfully tease Tails to get a reaction from him.

In Sonic Adventure 2 Tails was basically unaware of Rouge's presence, but this was because Rouge was sent by Eggman to spy on Tails when he was trying to find the President. After that their interaction stopped until the Ark was set on its collision course with Earth. In Sonic Battle, Rouge would use her charm to tease Tails because she thought it was cute and funny how he reacted. She was however very helpful in Tails' story as she gave him the access card for the Central Computer Room, distracted Shadow, and told Tails how to escape the Guard Robos. Later on in Rouge's story Tails had to stop Rouge from stealing a Chaos Emerald. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, while in Metropolis Rouge would sometimes be snarky with the plans Tails and Eggman would come up with but still show a playful affection for Tails. In Sonic X, while they were in a battle tournament, Tails and Rouge fought for a while before Rouge decided to kiss Tails, which caused him to get so distracted he couldn't fight anymore.

Cream the Rabbit

Tails and Cream are good friends with each other either by supporting each other or just spending time with each other. Throughout the games there isn't much contact between the two but it is understood that they get along very well when they are shown throughout some story cutscenes. In Sonic X they spend a lot of time with each other in their free time but Cream will usually stay behind when Tails goes with Sonic to destroy the next Robot that Eggman sends to destroy Station Square.

The only game they have really interacted with each other is in Sonic Free Riders, Tails said that Cream's Extreme Gear was really good in the race to which Cream replied "Well, sure! That means a lot coming from you, Mr. Tails!".

In some games Cream became Amy's equivalent of Tails to Sonic, often helping Amy out or trying to get her out of bad situations like Amy's compulsion to push herself to far when she was Boxercising.

E-123 Omega

Currently Tails is the only one of Sonic's friends to have spoken to Omega, with the others including Sonic only briefly coming into contact, either not knowing who he is or fighting him like in Sonic Heroes. While Tails was leading his Team through Metropolis in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, he had to try and convince Omega to join their team and believe that Eggman was on their side. Omega replied that "THE ORANGE FOREST CREATURE HAS GONE MAD" saying that Tails was crazy for believing that Eggman could be good. Shadow or Rouge helped Tails to convince Omega that Eggman was good. Later on Tails asked Omega for help with the credits for the end of the Game.




Tails' Mechanical Creations

Tails finalsmash

Tails in Tornado 1.

Although Tails can fly by twirling his two tails like the blades of a helicopter, he also enjoys flying Sonic's red biplane, the Tornado. As the series progressed, it was obvious his interest in the old biplane went further than just piloting it - Tails is a prodigy with mechanics, and he has a mechanical ability equal to that of Doctor Eggman's (though Tails has never built sentient robots). As a result, many modifications were made to the Tornado, as well as new biplanes and a small, blue submarine called the "Sea Fox", a spaceship called the "Lunar Fox", and a race car called the "Whirlwind S7," which is clearly based upon the Lotus/Catherham Super Seven (hence the name). In Tails Adventure he built small remote-controlled robots shaped like himself to help him on his quest.

In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (also known as Sonic OVA) Tails tampers with a tracking device given to him by Eggman to find the location of Robotropolis and the whereabouts of 'Black Eggman'. After the escapade turns out to be a trick, Tails uses his quick thinking to modify the device back at his home and uses the chip set to make an interference device which somehow causes Metal Sonic to malfunction. The device is later shot off of Tails' arm by Eggman, narrowly missing his arm.

In Sonic Adventure, Tails was experimenting with a Chaos Emerald-powered prototype plane based on Sonic's Tornado, the Tornado II. The Tornado II has two modes. One is quite similar to the original Tornado, but with a button press, Tails could make it transform into a rather futuristic-looking little plane which outperformed the Tornado in all but one important function - landing gear. Big the Cat ended up flying the wrecked Tornado II to his home after Sonic and Tails crash-landed on Eggman's flying fortress, the Egg Carrier.

In Sonic Adventure 2, Tails had a new plane, the Tornado III. The Tornado III has three modes: a plane mode, a car mode, and a walker mode. The airplane is only seen in cut-scenes; the car is used on only one level (In the Kart mini game, Tails uses a go-kart); the walker mode, called the Cyclone, is used most during the game. Tails uses the Cyclone during all other gameplay, except when visiting the Chao Garden. The old Tornado II then appears in cut-scenes in both Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders. In Shadow the Hedgehog, the Tornado III reappeared as its Sonic Adventure 2 version.

In Sonic Battle, Tails comes equipped with an arm cannon that fires electrical energy, presumably of his own invention.

In Sonic Rush Adventure, Tails constructs 6 new vehicles with the first 4 being playable while the last two only appear in cut-scenes. The first is the Wave Cyclone which is a water-bike that has a effective boost function that can plow through enemies, a sail boat called the Ocean Tornado that is armed with machine guns, cannons and a flamethrower, the hovercraft Aqua Blast that has a charged beam function and can spin, the Deep Typhoon is a submarine that carries missiles and the last of the water crafts is the SS Tornado EX that can do dimensional travel. The last one is the only vehicle that does not travel on water, the Magma Hurricane that is a drilling vehicle.

Tails brings along portable machines during the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, focusing on aiding allies and weakening enemies.

In Sonic Unleashed, Tails has seemingly invented a portable monitor labeled "Miles Electric" that can apparently pick up and process satellite imaging, as demonstrated when Tails uses it to show Sonic and Chip that a part of the planet has been put back into place. Tails is frequently seen with this device in one hand during the game, and during portions of the game featuring flying on the Tornado, this same device, or a similar device is used as a sort of on-board computer for the Tornado. It can also be seen during most loading screens.

The "Miles Electric" also appeared in Sonic Colors, where Tails built a translator into it, thus playing an important role in the game as he was able to get information about the Wisps and Eggman's plans from Yacker, a white Wisp which was saved by Sonic.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sonic uses a red rocket to chase Eggman to the E.G.G. Station Zone. The front of the rocket has Tails' twin tails symbol on the front. Later, Metal Sonic would use the same rocket to catch up to Sonic and Tails in White Park Zone.

In Sonic Generations, Tails builds an unnamed transmitter that allows him and Sonic's other friends to communicate with the two Super Sonics during the final battle with the Time Eater.


Like many of the other characters in the Sonic universe, Tails has super speed, and can perform the Sonic Spin, and the Spin Dash. He also has several unique attacks, such as attacking with his tails by twirling around. Most notably, he can achieve flight by spinning his two tails around like a helicopter rotor. When in flight, he can go fast enough to keep up with Sonic; making him one of the fastest characters in the series, right behind Sonic, Shadow and Metal Sonic. (Tails went as fast as Sonic, who was already moving at supersonic speed, in Sonic Colors, when he was under Eggman's mind control) He can also swim quite well, which is an ability Sonic never had. This, when combined with his flying ability, actually makes him quite an unfairly skilled character in some games.

Although not considered as fast as Sonic, Tails seems to be the only one to keep up with him as they are always out saving the world together. Tails is one of the fastest characters in the games like in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Advance 1, 2, and 3, Sonic Heroes (the flight character is the 2nd fastest character on each of the teams and Tails has a slightly better run speed than Amy, who is Team Rose's speed character, and Tails equals Espio and Rouge's run Speed), Sonic Battle (Tails, behind Sonic has the fastest run speed sharing with Amy and Rouge, faster than Knuckles and the other slow people), Sonic Rivals 2 (Tails partner is Sonic), Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Also in Sonic Colors when Eggman was controlling Tails with the Mind Control Device, Eggman forced Tails to move as fast as Sonic which was at supersonic speed.

Tails' super speed comes from using his two tails to propel himself forward at breakneck speeds, he uses this unique power to travel with Sonic. He uses his tails in two variations of transport. When Tails is traversing across the ground he will travel by standing on his tip-toes and spin his tails to propel himself forward, this is mostly used for in-game levels as he will usually fly during cutscenes, this move is called the Propeller Dash. When Tails is traveling across rough terrain or in areas where flying is best he will spin his Tails to fly around, this is called Propeller Flight or sometimes other names, when playing in game this is used more for getting to high places rather than as a way of getting around as Tails has a flight limit in the levels but in cutscenes Tails will usually fly to get around instead of Propeller Dashing. Tails uses his very strong tails to help out others in need, being able to carry others when they need a way to get around.

The speed of Tails running with his legs like the other characters has changed from continuity to continuity.

  • In the games, it is generally understood that Tails can run excessively fast, just not as fast as Sonic unless he uses his Tails to push himself even faster (Propeller Dashing). This sometimes changes however. Since Tails generally doesn't run all that much, its hard to figure out how fast he can run.
    • Sonic Shuffle was the first game that Tails had ever run in when at full speed, he could run as fast as Sonic.
    • In Sonic Advance 2 and 3, Tails would run in Boost Mode, meaning he could run at speeds faster than 768Mph since he created a sonicboom by breaking the sound barrier.
    • In Sonic Battle, Tails was playable in the Mini-Game Speed Demon, which was a race between Tails, Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles. Tails ran at speeds rivaling Sonic.
    • In the Sonic Riders series, when off of a board, all characters have a max speed of 150mph, much slower than they can normally run. When Tails, gets to a speed of 100mph, he stops running and starts Propellar Dashing.
    • In the Olympic Games series, Tails runs instead of Propellar Dashing, which generally costs him some speed in the events. His max speed is 4 out of 5 which is still very high, especially since most characters have a max of usually 3 or 3.5 if they aren't in the Speed Type. Tails has a high speed even though he is a Skill Type, in the London 2012 Olympic Games, Tails has a higher speed than Yoshi who is a Speed Type.
  • In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails flies for the vast majority of the show, and so barely runs. In the episode, Full Tilt Tails, Tails wants to train to run like Sonic, since he wants to be fast on land as well. Sonic tells Tails that he's getting better but should just use his tails since he can keep up with Sonic that way.
  • In Sonic X, Tails generally flies around when he needs to get somewhere. In the Sonic Adventure adaptions of the series, Tails does run and is shown to be able to keep up with Sonic, but sometimes uses his Tails as well to keep up.

In Sonic Adventure, he obtained the "Rhythm Badge", which enabled him to attack with his tails by continuously spinning around (however, if you pay attention to how Tails does this, it's logical to assume that the Rhythm Badge bestows super agility). In Sonic Heroes, he is the Flight member of Team Sonic, which means that he can also use the Thunder Shoot attack, where he electrically charges Sonic and Knuckles and kicks them at his enemies. When alone, Tails can also throw Dummy Rings, which electrocute enemies who blunder into them.

In Sonic Advance 3, Tails has a multitude of abilities that he can use depending on which partner he is with. When with Sonic, Tails can use the Tails Swipe and fly like normal. When partnered with Knuckles, Tails can conjure up his own mini-cyclone by spinning rapidly, perform the Insta-Shield, as well as Gliding, with two pairs of blue boxing gloves to attack the enemies. When partnered with Amy, Tails can use his own Piko Piko Hammer to attack and he can fly roughly four times higher than if he were with Sonic, as well as use his Piko Piko Hammer while in flight. When partnered with Cream, Tails can perform the Chao Attack by transforming Cheese into a Tails Chao, as well as fly upside-down but he tires much quicker while flying this way.

In Sonic '06, Tails can once again fly through Dash Rings and use Dummy Ring attacks. The first attack is "Dummy Ring Bomb", which throws multiple Dummy Rings that explode on impact, "Dummy Ring Snipe", which allows him to aim and throw a Dummy Ring, and "Dummy Ring Blitz", which throws a huge amount of Dummy Rings to explode on impact.

Tails seems to know more about the Chaos Emeralds than most characters, being able to create a duplicate that can cause Chaos Control.

  • Because of Tails young age, he cannot successfully channel his energy with the Chaos Emeralds, that is without a little bit of help. In Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Tails originally was planned to transform into Super Tails with just the Chaos Emeralds. In the Prototypes of the game Tails could do this, and with the lock-on of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Tails could even transform into his Hyper-Form, Hyper Tails with the Super Emeralds. But before the game was finally released, it was decided that because of Tails young age, he would not be able to channel the power of the Chaos Emeralds, so Tails Super Form was changed to the Super Emeralds and his Hyper Form was dropped.

POW Moves

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, as a support class, Tails' POW moves involves using his intelligence and inventions to inflict status problems on the foes, and aid his teammates in battle. These are

  • Scan (スキャン Sukyan?): Tails scans an enemy for weak spots, making it vulnerable.
  • Tinker (ティンカー Tinkā?): Tails sabotages robot enemies, leaving them weakened and distracted.
  • Medi Bot (メディカルロボット Medikaru Robotto?, lit. Medical Robot): Tails deploys a droid to heal himself or an ally.
  • Shield Bot (シールドロボット Shīrudo Robotto?, lit. Shield Robot): Tails deploys a droid with a forcefield to fortify himself or an ally.
  • Flash Bang (フラッシュボム Furasshu Bomu?, lit. Flash Bomb): Tails flies up and drops a flash grenade on a non-robot target, leaving them sluggish and distracted.
  • Adrenaline Rush (ハイパーラッシュ Haipā Rasshu?, lit. Hyper Rush): Tails deploys a portable temporal field, making himself or an ally hyper and getting an extra action.


Super Tails

Like Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow, Tails can transform into a super form, called Super Tails by using the Chaos Emeralds. Because of his young age, however, he required their enhanced version, the Super Emeralds to do so and has so far only done it in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. In this form he gains invincibility, greater speed and strength and can control four Flickey birds that attacks any enemy.

Transformations in other media

Turbo Tails

In Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails can assume a super transformation called Turbo Tails with the help of the Chaos Emeralds and Power Rings. In this form Tails is granted invincibility, increased strength and speed and can fly without the help of his twin tails. He can also perform Chaos Control in this form.

Titan Tails

In Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog, by merging with all of his inter-dimensional counterparts, Tails can assume the form of Titan Tails. As Titan Tails he can command powerful cosmic energy and has knowledge of the universe workings.

Gameplay Quirks

In Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure, when the player has opted to play in 'Sonic and Tails' mode (controlling Sonic while the AI makes Tails follow him), it's not readily stated in the manual, but a second player can use the 2P controller to use Tails. The action will continue to follow Sonic on the screen, making him the focal point, but Tails is fully controllable in every way that he is when playing as Tails alone. This can potentially be exploited by players who are having trouble with some problem areas or bosses, as Tails has the benefit of being completely invulnerable, with any "death" he suffers being quickly resolved as the character flies harmlessly back onto the screen after a few seconds. Moreover, in Sonic 3, Tails is granted the ability to fly as he pleases, which can allow the Tails-using player to airlift Sonic wherever he might need to go, though Tails does have an endurance limit to his flight. Sonic Advance allowed this mode as well (via a code entered at character select), however, Tails couldn't be controlled by a second player this time. In the GameCube and PS2 version of Shadow the Hedgehog, all non-hovering characters, including Tails, could be controlled with the second controller.


Tails has a tendency to talk too much as shown in Sonic Adventure 2 when he reveals to Dr. Eggman that the Chaos Emerald Sonic was trying to give him was a fake. He is also said to be afraid of lightning, otherwise known as astraphobia (movie first) and ghosts, as he can be sometimes heard screaming when ghosts appeared in Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion on Sonic Heroes. He's also supposeably very ticklish, especially on his feet. Tails occasionally lacks self-confidence but has been shown to get over this weakness on some occasions.

It is also proven in Sonic Heroes, Sonic Advance 3, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, Sonic Colors, and Sonic 4: Episode II that he gets dizzy easily; although this apparently does not effect him when he uses a Spin Dash or spinball jump.

Appearances In Other Media

Tails has appeared in three cartoon shows, SatAM, its comic spin-off, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Sonic X, Sonic the Comic, and the Sonic X comic series. However, he is absent from Sonic Underground, probably because Knuckles was in four episodes.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog


In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, he is a lot younger than in the games; he is "only 4 and a half", as he says in the episode "Slowwww Going". As with the SegaSonic canon, his real given name is revealed to be "Miles" in the episode "Tails' New Home". In this same episode, it is said that he hates the name and wants to keep it a secret, which means Sonic can use it to blackmail him out of danger ("You get out of here now or I'll tell everyone your real name is Miles!"). However, in later episodes, he is not shy at all in using his real name. It is also revealed that the "Tails" name come from Sonic's naming of Miles. In the episode "Tails Tale", it is revealed his full name is Miles Prower, keeping with the SegaSonic canon. Like in the games, Tails and Sonic are best friends, but AoStH takes it a step further by making them surrogate brothers. Tails seems to have a vast intelligence in mechanics and can operate independently in drastic situations, such as in one instance lacing an entire building with booby-traps (in a manner similar to those seen in Home Alone) in order to revive Sonic from a nasty ailment. He also built Sonic a flying bike for his birthday out of parts he found from a junkyard and invented a machine the would have stopped Doctor Robotnik forever if it wasn't tampered with. He is not that intimidated by Robotnik or any of his creations, and Scratch and Grounder often fall for his elaborate ruses. While Tails is indeed useful to Sonic in many situations, he can be a hindrance. Because he is very young and he cannot defend himself, he is incredibly susceptible to kidnappings. Sonic appears to know of this flaw and does his best to protect him, but his protection methods are often the reason why he gets kidnapped in the first place. There are times where it seems like Tails isn't that smart at all in AoStH, though this is probably due to his age (he is 4 1/2 in the AoSTH continuity, as opposed to 8). According to the episode "Slowwww Going", he cannot write, only "scribble". In the episode "Over the Hill Hero", Sonic gives him a lesson about air pressure. He also seems to have a large appetite (exemplified in the episode "Too Tall Tails," in which he eats so much that he grows to a gigantic size), and like Sonic, his favorite food is chili dogs (it is revealed that he likes his with extra cheese). Tails is also known to get jealous whenever Sonic stops paying attention to him, whether it's a girl or something else. When Breezie appeared, Tails became jealous of her because Sonic would listen to every word she said and ignore Tails, he also yells "yuck!" when Breezie kisses Sonic, However, Tails discovers the truth about Breezie after a short swim (Breezie throws him into a lake, instructing him to float down the river and get "lost at sea"). Tails is usually the one that discovers a way out of situations that look bad, and due to his young age he occasionally gets into bad situations. He is a fan of a famous pilot called William La Duck, and gets help from him in the episode "Tails' Tale" when Sonic was kidnapped. Also he has lucky coins in his shoe. He is voiced by Christopher Evan Welch in the normal episodes and by Chris Turner in the Christmas special.

Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails also appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics published by Archie Comics, in which he is a member of Sonic's Freedom Fighters. Tails is always been in the good side in the comics, where he uses his mechanical skills to help out the team.

In this continuity he is given a family, including parents Amadeus and Rosemary Prower, and an uncle named Merlin. He also has his own nemesis, the prehistoric Mammoth Mogul.

Sonic the Comic

Tails also appears in the British Sonic the Comic, published by Fleetway, where he hails from the Nameless Zone, a region which can apparently only be accessed by a space warp. He traveled to the Emerald Hill Zone after mistakenly believing that the streets were paved with real emeralds. Once on Mobius he met and befriended Sonic, eventually becoming his sidekick.

Tails frequently starred in his own solo adventures, occasionally back in his native Nameless Zone or in the Chemical Plant Zone. Over time he built up an extensive rogues gallery including the brutal Trogg, the psychotic robot Nutzan Bolt, Fleabyte the bounty hunter and the gangster Max Gamble, as well as allies such as Errol Blackthorn and Morain, and Sab. He also fought many criminals after the defeat of Robotnik, defended the Casino Night Zone and its people from Brutus' Badniks, and was chosen by Sonic to protect the planet while he went after Robotnik during the Planet In Peril/Game Over story. While he is self-conscious, Tails has proven time and again (and openly stated) that he is much tougher than some people may think.

Sonic SatAM

In the Saturday morning Sonic series, Tails is a light brown color. Like with the other series, Tails looks up to Sonic as a "big bro." Sometimes, Tails likes to come with Sonic on his adventures. Tails is also commonly referred to as "Big Guy." His age is different as with AoStH: he is ten years old rather than eight. In the episode Drood Henge Sonic and Tails team up, like in the games, Tails also comes up with a plan, that everyone (save Sonic since he was in on it) didn't know about, and he was decreed a real Freedom Fighter at the end of the epiosde. He was voiced by Bradley Pierce.

Sonic X


Tails in Sonic X.

Throughout most of the anime series Sonic X, Tails mirrors his game role in various stories and game adaptions, though he sometimes plays a smaller role due to Chris Thorndyke. He quickly befriends fellow inventor Chuck Thorndyke, who helped him build the X-Tornado jetplane. In Series 2 (Season 3), Tails finds a love interest in Cosmo, a plant-like alien girl. He also builds the Blue Typhoon spacecraft. Tails is also shy at times in the episodes, but at other times he is very brave and strong in his words. He is voiced by Amy Palant.

How Sonic and Tails met

Game Series

The story of how Sonic and Tails met each other for the first time differs between the Japanese and western manuals.


Sonic with Tails pose 4

Tails and Sonic.

File:720px-Sonic2 jp manual 04 05.gif

In the Japanese manual for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Tails lived on Westside Island, at which Sonic arrived shortly after in his biplane, the Tornado. Sonic instantly became Tails' idol when the fox first witnessed the blue hedgehog's incredible speed. After Sonic saw that Tails was actually able to catch up with him, he decided to let him tag along (this scene can be witnessed in Sonic Adventure in a flashback during Tails' story). He was treated unfairly by the other peoples of his tribe and wanted someone "cool" to be with. Being a mechanics buff, Tails took the time to look over Sonic's plane when he had gone away. However, around the same time, Dr. Robotnik began demonstrating the power of his space station, the Death Egg. Tails was more than willing to help stop Eggman, effectively teaming up with Sonic. The added details about his mechanical abilities explain why Tails was so quick with repairs while Sonic fought his way through the Wing Fortress Zone, and have since been referenced in later titles such as Sonic Adventure where he made a much faster, more well equipped plane, the Tornado II, to replace the old one.


According to the western manual, Sonic had been Tails' hero ever since he was a baby fox. After following his hero relentlessly for a long time, Tails became fast enough to keep up with Sonic by spinning his twin tails in a propeller-like style, which gave the fox the ability of flight. Eventually, Sonic and Tails became best friends.

Other Media

Sonic X

In a flashback in Sonic X, Tails and Sonic became friends after Tails rebuilt and repainted Sonic's antique airplane blue, Sonic stating that he never liked it in red (this could be a careful bite at his and Knuckles' relationship, although they meet much later). Before he met Sonic, Tails was bullied by other animals because of his twin tails.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

In a flashback shown in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode "Tails' New Home", Tails literally landed on top of Sonic. The baby fox cub explains to Sonic he had just been kicked out the nest of some birds, young Tails had decided he was a bird due to his ability to fly. Sonic tells him he is in fact a fox and is shocked to see that he can actually fly. Baby Tails follows Sonic and after getting him into some mishaps, Sonic agrees that Tails can stay with him. Sonic gives Tails the name "Tails" after Tails explains he hates his real name, Miles.

Sonic the Comic

In Sonic the Comic, Sonic saved Tails from drowning in a swamp when they first met when he saw two tails peering from the swamp, the rest of Tails' body completely submerged. Mistakenly believing there were two foxes in the swamp, Sonic only had time to grab one tail and believed one fox had drowned; he soon realized that both tails belonged to the same fox.


Tails was awarded "Best New Character" in Electronic Gaming Monthly's 1992 video game awards, stating "not only is he as cute as Sonic, but he actually serves a major purpose in the game."

Tails also came third in an official Sega Sonic character popularity poll, coming behind Shadow and Sonic himself.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Ahhh! There's two rocks now!" - Tails after seeing two of the Kao in Sonic Heroes.
  • "My name is Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails." - Tails when starting his recap in Sonic Adventure 2
  • "I'll beat you!" - Before starting a battle in Sonic Adventure 2
  • "Eggman! But, how?" - Modern Tails addressing Modern Eggman in Sonic Generations.
  • "Doctor Robotnik!" - Classic Tails addressing Classic Robotnik in Sonic Generations.
  • "This Chemical Plant feels familiar. I'd never forget a smell like this! And that pink water makes me really nervous for some reason." - Tails talking to Sonic about the Chemical Plant Zone while they are inside it, also he makes a reference to the Mega Mack in Sonic Generations.
  • "This place looks like something sucked all the life and color out of it." - Tails talking to Sonic about the strange area they went through (they couldn't realize it was Green Hill Zone) in Sonic Generations.
  • "I'll do my best!" - Tails before starting a race in the Sonic Riders trilogy.
  • "Hoo, ha, ya, hyyaaahh, Let's go!" - Tails after linking multiple grinds, air rides, or power objects in Sonic Free Riders.
  • "WEEE!" - Flight boost in Sonic Heroes.
  • "Let's Go!!!" - Tails getting his Special attack in Sonic Free Riders.
  • "When we turned to look around, the race was over and we already won." - Tails saying to Omochao how easy it was to beat Team Rose in the Grand Prix.
  • "You're always up to no good. Now what do you want?" - Tails asking Eggman what he is up to when Eggman confronts Tails and Sonic at Tails' Workshop.
  • "What have you done to Sonic!? I'll never forgive you for this!" - Tails after Eggman shoots Sonic into space, Sonic Adventure 2
  • "What are we gonna do, Sonic?" - Tails' reaction to Eggman's threat in Sonic Heroes.
  • "I wonder what happened to Sonic." - Tails prior to Eggman shooting a missile into Station Square in Sonic Adventure
  • "Stop it Knuckles!" - Says to Knuckles as they are entering Hang Castle in Sonic Heroes
  • "Okay! Time to Fly!" - Tails upon entering a fighting in Sonic Battle.
  • "Wow, I must be getting stronger!" - Tails after winning a fight in Sonic Battle
  • "All right, I got it" - Tails telling Sonic and Knuckles to switch to him in Sonic Heroes
  • "Making robots is the same as breaking them" - Tails after Eggman's Robot Carnival Boss, Sonic Heroes
  • "(phew) We're finally out of that freaky tent" - Tails after leaving the carnival tent, Shadow The Hedgehog
  • "Shadow, I believe in you! You can do it!" - Tails telling Shadow before he encounters and fights Devil Doom in the last story from Shadow the Hedgehog
  • "Go for it, Shadow!" - Tails encouraging Super Shadow in Shadow the Hedgehog, when Super Shadow is fighting Devil Doom
  • "Sonic actually asked me for the first time to do something for him. I won't let him down! I WON'T GIVE UP!" - Tails about to fight Eggman after Sonic's apparent demise, "Sonic Adventure 2"
  • "No... You don't think...?" - Tails reacting to Sonic's death in Sonic '06
  • "I won! I really won!" - Tails after winning a race or battle in Sonic Rivals 2
  • "I'm leading!" - Tails when taking the lead in Sonic Rivals 2
  • "We've been with Sonic and we never saw Froggy or Chocola!" - When Sonic is knocked off during the Team Rose Boss Battle in Sonic Heroes.
  • "If we can force Amy's team off the field, WE WIN! But if they force us out, we lose, so be prepared!" - Tails telling teammates during the Team Rose Boss Battle in Sonic Heroes
  • "I hate it when he doesn't listen to me." - When Sonic ignored Tails about the Egg Carrier transforming in Sonic Adventure
  • "Haha! I did it!" - When Tails gets first in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
  • "I can do it!" - Tails as you select him in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, as well as the winter games.
  • "SEGA!" - Unused voice clip from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2
  • "I did it, Sonic!" - When getting an "A" in Sonic Adventure 2
  • "My power's failing!" - When health is down to half in Sonic Adventure 2
  • "My machine has reached its limit..." - When health is down to 25% in Sonic Adventure 2
  • "...Sonic..." - When Tails' health is completely gone in Sonic Adventure 2
  • "Heh heh, I'll do my best!" - Before starting a race in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.
  • "I'm gonna fly circles around you!" - Before starting a race in Sonic Rivals 2
  • "Awww, I'll try harder next time." - Tails when losing a race in Sonic Rivals 2.
  • "Uhh... Are you talking to the broken robot that can't hear you?" - In Sonic Colors when Sonic started talking to Planet Wisp's broken boss.
  • "Leave it to me!" - Tails when switching to him in Sonic Heroes.
  • "Sonic, you did it!" - Tails after Sonic shut down the last generator in Sonic Colors.
  • "Okay, he says his name is 'Talks-a-lot' and he's from a far away soda and where flowers and water them with dances." - Tails when he uses his binary translator when Yacker tells him who he is.
  • "Good job to you on inventing a translator that allowed us to speak to the aliens and figure out exactly what we needed to do so we weren't running around the park looking like idiots. Oh no wait, that was me." - Tails speaking sarcastically when Sonic said that Tails didn't do anything at the end of Sonic Colors.
  • "Thanks, Sonic! I thought I was dead! Floating without a body in a black limbo... (shudders) I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks." - Tails after Sonic rescues him at Green Hill in Sonic Generations.
  • "Wow, you weren't kidding when you said soon! I thought you already left!" - Tails when he first encounters with Classic Sonic in Sonic Generations.
  • "Doubles of us... Places and enemies from our past... We're traveling through time and space!" - Classic and Modern Tails solving the problem to the Sonics.
  • "Leave the flying to me!" - Classic Tails in co-op mission at Chemical Pant in Sonic Generations.
  • "Its a race to the finish!" - Modern Tails in versus mission at Green Hill Zone in Sonic Generations.
  • "You can win, Sonic!" - Classic Tails cheering on the Sonics in Sonic Generations.
  • "You always do!" - Modern Tails to Classic Tails' comment.
  • "He collects how many? Wow, where does somebody put all those gold rings?" - Classic Tails talking about Sonic.
  • "You know what? I don't know. I keep forgetting to ask." - Modern Tails responding to Classic Tails' question.

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Theme songs

Solo Themes

Shared Themes


  • Tails and Doctor Robotnik are the only characters who are addressed by their nicknames, with their full names of Miles "Tails" Prower and Doctor Ivo Robotnik being used far less.
  • Tails is the youngest character to have a Super Form, Super Tails, and it also involves minions, the Flickies.
  • Currently, Sonic is the only character who knows Tails' real name is Miles Prower. This is because of their brotherly relationship. Sonic knows of Tails dislike for his name so he never lets anyone know of it. In certain continuities Tails will react differently about his first name.
    • In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails hated his name. When Sonic asked him what his name was, Tails said "Miles", Sonic replied "Miles?", Tails then said "Yeah, I hate it". Sonic then came up with the nickname Tails, which Tails instantly loved. Sonic would then later use this as a way of keeping Tails out of trouble like "If you don't get out of here right now, I'll tell everyone your real name is Miles.", Tails yelled "No! Not that!" and flew so fast he knocked down Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder and broke right through the wall of the house they were in.
    • In Sonic X, Tails' name was published in a newspaper just like how it was in Sonic Adventure 2. It was also on the news. Chuck said to Tails he didn't know his real name was Miles. Tails told him that he prefers Tails much better than his real name, but he didn't get upset.
    • In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, while Sonic and Tails were looking at the end credits, a person who worked on the game was also named Miles. Sonic said to Tails, "Hey! Another Miles! I wonder if he is anything like you, Tails!" to which Tails happily replied, "Ha-ha, I doubt it, Sonic."
    • In the Archie Comics, Tails is fine with people using his real name and is even called 'Miles' by his enemies at times, such as Speedy and Mammoth Mogul.
  • In Sonic Generations, Classic Tails has two light blue straps below the fold of his socks. However, in the 1990s, very few artworks depicted him having those blue straps.

The original designs for the Riders series.

  • In the original concept of Sonic Riders, Tails was going to wear clothes, Sonic was as well, as shown in the concept art to the right.
  • Tails and Sonic share a trait of being rather impatient, no other characters except sometimes Amy, ever act impatient as Tails and Sonic are always going fast when after Eggman and hate when things get slow.
  • Often, Tails will act as a voice of reason for Sonic and/or Knuckles when they start to fight, or when one or both of them is about to do something reckless.
  • Despite being labeled as a red fox, Tails' fur is generally a yellow to orange color in games he has appeared in.
  • His fur color seems to vary a little bit from every game, from orange in Sonic 2-3, to brown in AoStH-SatAM, to golden yellow in Sonic Adventure, to being orange in Sonic Adventure 2 and to yellow in Sonic Heroes.
  • As proven in Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Tails seems to get dizzy easily and feels pretty uncomfortable when he gets dizzy. This is an inconsistency concerning the character, due to his "Rapid Tail Spin" attack in Sonic Adventure and the Spin Dash attack.
  • Along with his astraphobia (fear of thunder and lightning), which was shown in the Sonic OVA, Tails also appears to have phasmophobia, the fear of ghosts. First made apparent in Sonic Heroes.
  • The only main Sonic games that Tails has not officially appeared in since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 were Sonic CD (except for a cameo in a bonus picture), Sonic Labyrinth, and Sonic Blast; additionally, the only Sonic cartoon Tails was not ever featured in was Sonic Underground.
  • In issue #188 of the GameInformer magazine, Tails had the #6 worst video game character name, mainly because of the "miles per hour" joke.
  • The September 2010 issue of GameInformer magazine elected Tails as the 10th "Most Disgustingly Cute" Video Game Character.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie, Metal Robotnik stated that both Sonic and Tails cannot swim. Oddly, Tails is said to be a good swimmer and can swim in some games.
  • All of Tails' solo theme songs are "Believe in Myself" or some kind of remixed version.
  • As seen in Sonic Colors, Tails can read Binary fluently, although it was shown later that the codes were in Hexadecimal. [4]
  • Nintendo Power magazine had a poll recently asking which sidekick people would choose, with Tails being the second most picked.
  • In Sonic Adventure, in the cutscene after the Egg Carrier shoots down Sonic and Tails (if playing Tails' story), it shows a flashback where Tails is walking in the jungle of the Mystic Ruins and Sonic speeds by, with Tails running right behind him (a reference to how they met). The Mystic Ruins is used for this scene, rather than having to develop an entirely different environment that would only be used once.
  • Modern Tails' Artwork in Sonic Generations looks very similar to his Sonic Advance 3 artwork, where as his Classic Artwork appears to be completely new.
  • A top ten list by the video-gaming website ScrewAttack named Tails as their #1 pick for Best Sidekicks. However, it should be noted that this was only due to his perceived uselessness in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • It would be physically impossible for Tails to fly, due to his tails having to twist. However, if one slows down footage of him spinning his tails to fly/move, they don't actually turn through morphing of the model, but actually mesh through each other. This minor inconsistency wouldn't normally be noticeable at normal speed, though.
  • Unlike Sonic's classic form, Classic Tails has a voice actor in Sonic Generations. He also called Eggman by his actual name, "Dr. Robotnik."
  • Even though Tails is one of the fastest characters in the series, he is a Skill Type in The Mario and Sonic series, due to the fact that there can only be two characters per type, Sonic and Shadow are faster, and Tails is still one of the main characters. This is also the case for Eggman.
  • Tails has the most voice actors out of all of the characters, with nine English voice actors (counting his TV show and movie appearances).
  • Tails colors is the reverse of the Blue wisps' one.
Tails 27
  • A bonus wallpaper, accessed from inserting the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure into a computer, shows Tails out of his trademark white-and-red shoes, instead wearing sandals. This also reveals the shape of his feet.
  • In Spiral Knights, there's a Tails costume for the players, along with a Metal Sonic costume.
  • In the game Sonic Generations, Tails doesn't seem to remember Green Hill Zone, although he has been in the level several times in other games. This is mainly since Tails debuted in Sonic 2, where Green Hill Zone was not present and replaced with a different beginner level/act, but in Sonic Chronicles (released three years before Generations), he seems to know about the zone.
  • The ways that Sonic and Tails meet are different in different continuities.
  • In Sonic Generations, Tails's Classic "pose" in the profile section is in the "pose" at the beginning of Sonic 2.
  • In Sonic 06, Tails, unlike Amy, was not crying when Sonic died. This is strange because Tails cried when Sonic almost died in Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Tails is probably the only male hero flying character other than Charmy Bee, with the females being Rouge The Bat and Cream the Rabbit.
  • Tails is probably a most wanted target character because in Sonic Riders and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, he has been saved by Sonic in the intros.
  • In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Tails and Sonic are the only characters in the game that can carry on different conversations via selecting different speech bubbles with the stylus.
  • A Day To Remember have a song named after Tails and Sonic. It is called "You be Tails, I'll be Sonic".
  • Tails makes a cameo appearance in the Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph, along with Sonic and Dr.Eggman. He is only seen of a picture of his head in the Tapper bar, along with Sonic's.


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