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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Miles "Tails" Prower
Tails 18
Miles "Tails" Prower
First appearance

Unaired pilot

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)
Biographical overview


Sonic the Hedgehog (adoptive brother)

Physical description





Burnt orange, white



  • White gloves with blue wrist cuffs
  • White socks
  • Red and white shoes
Alignment and character traits


Favorite Food

Chili cheese dogs


Chilli dogs, Sonic, inventing, Fighting off bad guys

Powers and abilities
  • Flight
  • Super speed

Miles Prower, better known by his nickname Tails, is the deuteragonist of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is Sonic's faithful sidekick and adopted younger brother who is able to fly by using his two tails as propellers.


Tails looks similar to his game counterpart, but his fur color is burnt orange instead yellow. The main differences are his smaller ears, shorter bangs, smaller muzzle, black eyes and shorter appearance. He has the same two tails, shoes (although they are narrower), and wristbands (blue instead of black).


When he was just an infant, Tails became lost in the wild and lost his family. After a long time, young Tails decided he was a bird due to his ability to fly and tried to live with them, but was kicked out of some birds' nest. Tails then literally landed on top of Sonic and, after answering Sonic's questions, asked him if he could live with him. Sonic initially declined, but Tails followed him and after getting him into some mishaps, Sonic agreed to letting him stay with him, adopting him as a younger brother. Sonic then gave Tails the name "Tails" after Tails explains he hates his real name, Miles.[1]

While Tails has proven himself indeed useful to Sonic in many situations, he has in many situations been a hindrance. Because he is very young and he cannot defend himself, he is incredibly susceptible to kidnappings. Sonic appears to know of this flaw and does his best to protect him. Sometimes though, Tails can be the hero of the episode (as in "Tails Tale", and "Tails Prevails") He can pilot an airplane. He (like Sonic) is rivals with Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts and overall Dr. Robotnik.


Tails is youthful, innocent, sweet and friendly. He appears to be very gullible and naïve, being tricked into being caught. Like Sonic, his favorite food is chili dogs, but apparently Tails likes extra cheese on his. Tails is also known to get jealous whenever Sonic stops paying attention to him, whether it's a girl or something else. Tails is usually the one that discovers a way out of situations that look bad, and due to his young age, he occasionally gets into bad situations.

Tails hates his real name and does not want anyone to know about it, a fact that Sonic occasionally exploits to get him out of danger. However, by the time of the episode "Tails' Tale" he cheerfully introduces himself by his real name to William Le Due.

Powers and abilities

Tails possesses a pair of twin-tails which he can utilize to achieve flight by twirling them around like rotary blades, enabling him to lift himself off the ground and fly around in mid-air like a helicopter. While in flight, he can move fast enough to keep up with Sonic.

Tails seems to have a vast intelligence in mechanics and can operate independently in drastic situations, such as in one instance lacing an entire building with booby-traps in order to revive Sonic from a nasty ailment. He also built Sonic a flying bike for his birthday out of parts he found from a junkyard and invented a machine the would have stopped Dr. Robotnik forever if it was not tampered with.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails shares a very close bond with Sonic and looks up to him like an older brother, but also sees him as other members of a family, and wishes to run as fast as him. Their relationship is portrayed with varying degrees, mostly like brothers, but also like parent and child (especially in the Sonic Says segments) with Sonic being more-or-less Tails' legal guardian. While Tails is indeed useful to Sonic in many situations, he can be a hindrance. Because he is very young and cannot defend himself, he is incredibly susceptible to being kidnapped by Robotnik and used as bait for Sonic. Sonic appears to know of this flaw and does his best to protect him, but his protection methods are often the reason why Tails gets kidnapped in the first place.


  • Tails keeps up with Sonic with flying, whereas usually he runs with his tails propelling behind him.
  • His appearance matches that of the Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog television series.
  • In this continuity, Tails has to twist his tails up before they start spinning.
  • While he said he cannot write due to his age in "Slowwww Going", he is seen writing in "Tails Prevails" but he is also seen to be a bad drawer.
  • In "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table" Tails was able to use the Emerald of Invincibility, despite not being a king.

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