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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the version of this character before the Super Genesis Wave, see Miles "Tails" Prower (Pre-Super Genesis Wave).
Miles "Tails" Prower
Miles Prower Archie
Miles "Tails" Prower
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #252

Biographical overview





Amadeus Prower (father)
Rosemary Prower (mother)
Merlin Prower (uncle)

Physical description

Anthropomorphic fox




Orange, white



  • White gloves and socks with small gray fasteners
  • Red sneakers with white toes and gray soles
Alignment and character traits


Powers and abilities
  • Flight
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills
  • Advanced Computer Programming and Hacking Skills
  • Skilled mechanic and inventor
  • Skilled air pilot
Moves and techniques

Spin Dash

Miles Prower, better known by his nickname Tails, is one of the main protagonists of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics. He is a young anthropomorphic two-tailed fox who has been at Sonic the Hedgehog's side for much of his young life and is considered his most trusted companion, having helped him and the New Freedom Fighters defeat Dr. Eggman and other evil forces time and time again.


Tails is an anthropomorphic fox with the unique mutation giving him two tails instead of one. He has mostly orange fur with white fur around his muzzle, front torso, and the tip of his tails, and has blue eyes. Typically his attire consists simply of white gloves and red shoes with white toes.


Early Adventures

At a young age, Tails began traveling in search of adventure, and soon found it alongside Sonic the Hedgehog, who would become a firm friend to the young Fox. Early on in their friendship Tails was captured by the villainous Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik on South Island, forcing Sonic to rescue him.[1][2][3] Following his rescue, Tails would join Sonic in his efforts to save Westside Island, home to their future friends the Knothole Freedom Fighters, who were also suffering under Robotnik's tyranny.[4] Tails adventures were not confined to being Sonic's sidekick, however, as he once faced a threat of his own in the form of the Battle Bird Armada on Cocoa Island.[5] However, most of his journeys found him fighting alongside Sonic, such as when the pair followed Eggman's fallen Death Egg to Angel Island where they met future friend-and occasional rival-Knuckles the Echidna.[6][7] The pair would later confront Eggman as the doctor attempted another takeover of the Little Planet.[8]

Tails' pride and joy would become the Tornado plane that he and Sonic used to get around, which underwent serious upgrades during their efforts to stop Eggman from conquering the world using the creature Chaos.[9] The fox would find himself facing off with Eggman, genius against genius, on multiple occasions during both this adventure and the conflict that would culminate on Space Colony ARK.[10] Tails would also adventure alongside friends like Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit,[11][12] before teaming up with Sonic and Knuckles to form Team Sonic. Together with Team Rose-made up of Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Big the Cat-and Team Dark and Chaotix, the three friends would battle Eggman's treacherous underling metal Sonic, ultimately defeating him even after he transformed into Metal Overlord.[13] Tails also took part in the battles that involved the ancient robot Emerl,[14] and later reprogrammed Gemerl with the memories of its fallen predecessor.[15]

Like many of his world's heroes, Tails helped fight the Black Arms during their invasion,[16] and also worked with the rest of Team Sonic against the Babylon Rogues.[17][18][19] He would also join Sonic on two adventures with a new ally named Blaze the Cat, the latter taking them to the Sol Zone where they befriended Marine the Raccoon.[20][21] Another adventure brought the heroes up against the evil Solaris, though these events were later erased from history,[22] while still another found Sonic and Tails teaming up with their younger selves to save their friends from the evil Time Eater.[23] Tails later took part in an adventure along with Sonic to save the Wisps, during which they ran across occasional ally Silver.[24] After being away on adventure, he and Sonic returned to Mobotropolis to follow up on Nicole and to rescue King Acorn, who had been captured and imprisoned by Walter Naugus. Upon their return they found the city being attacked by the transformed Tails Doll. As the two heroes battled the monstrous enemy, Sonic took a particularly nasty hit...[24]

Countdown to Chaos

Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where Tails' original timeline ended.
Tails remember

Tails getting his memories of his previous life.

Tails took a moment out to see to Sonic. He found that Sonic was noticeably confused over what was going on. Tails was completely clueless over Sonic's claims that they were just aboard the Death Egg saving Sally Acorn. As far as Tails was concerned, the duo had come to New Mobotropolis to rescue King Acorn, as well as to follow up on Nicole. To Sonic's questions as to the whereabouts of Amy and Silver, Tails could give no answers with regards to Amy, but remarked that they hadn't seen Silver since a previous adventure in which they had met the Wisps. As the battle raged on, Tails became even more confused, as Sonic mentioned "nanites" that make up the city" and claimed to have no knowledge of the Tails Doll's Control Gem. An unexpected encounter with a damaged Nicole restored Tails' memories of the original reality, while leaving those of the new one intact. Realizing that Sonic was right, and that things had changed drastically, Tails stood in shock as the Tails Doll was about to flatten him. Sonic managed to get him out of the way, and advised him to finish the battle first before dealing with the new problem at hand. The two succeeded in defeating Tails Doll, and rescued King Acorn from his cell after Walter Naugus fled the city. After talking with Nicole, the pair determined that their best course in understanding what had become of their world lay in finding the other Freedom Fighters.[24]

Beginning their search in the Mystic Ruins, Tails and Sonic found Big the Cat and Froggy at their shack. Getting the initial confusion of were they last met the large feline out of the way, Big takes them to where they can find Rotor the Walrus, when the group were ambushed by a Badnik horde led by Silver Sonic. Once Rotor showed up to lend a hand in bashing the 'bots, the walrus introduced the duo to the Freedom Fighters new flying base of operations: the Sky Patrol (a name of which Tails himself suggested). After Rotor's memories of the old world are restored, the walrus fills Tails and Sonic in on the current locations of the other Freedom Fighter members,[25] which quickly led them to their next stop: Knothole, where they were reunited with Uncle Chuck, Ben Muttski (to the confusion of the duo who remembered him as a Mobini dog in the previous reality) and finally, Antoine D'Coolette. After Antoine's memories were restored, the area was rocked by an earthquake, and some of the strange energy Chuck and Muttski had discovered seeping out of the planet was inhaled by Sonic. However, the Hedgehog brushed off his friends' concerns, and he and Tails traveled to the Metropolis Zone to find Bunnie, Antoine's wife.[26] After helping Bunnie bring a new Shield Generator back to the Sky Patrol, the pair restored her memory of the old reality as well.[27]

Tails and Sonic then returned to Mobotropolis just in time to save Amy, Cream, and Sally from an attacking Metal Sonic. After Sonic lured his metal twin outside the city, Tails launched a missile that crippled the robot, forcing him to retreat. Following a brief reunion between Sally and her father the king, all the Freedom Fighters reunited aboard the Sky Patrol, where Nicole proceeded to restore Sally and Amy's memories of the previous timeline. She then instructed the Freedom Fighters to launch their new base, having managed a scan of the planet and realized what was about to happen. To the startled Freedom Fighters, she reported that the energies of the Super Genesis Wave that had reshaped reality had dangerously destabilized the planet. As the heroes watched in horror, their world began to break apart.[28]

Shattered World Crisis

The Sky Patrol quickly flew into action, traveling to Station Square to assist its beleaguered citizens. Divided into Team Freedom and Team Fighters, Tails and his friends raced to save the endangered civilians, and managed to hold out until the G.U.N. vessel Letter of Gabriel arrived to relieve them. Unfortunately, Muttski then called them to inform them that they had another problem on their hands: Chuck and his colleague Professor Dillon Pickle had been abducted.[29] Traveling quickly to the Soleanna Forest Zone, the Freedom Fighters split into teams again to intercept the Egg Train carrying the captive professors. After a harrowing series of developments-not the least of which was the presence of Horde Commander E-106 Eta-the heroes managed to rescue the two scientists. They were then told that Chuck and Pickle had been doing research on the Gaia Manuscripts, which they believed held the key to restoring the planet to normal. Upon reporting their findings regarding the properties of the energies emerging from the planet, Tails was immediately concerned for Sonic, but once again the Hedgehog refused to acknowledge that there was anything wrong with him. The Freedom Fighters thus took on a new mission: recovering the Chaos Emeralds and bringing them to the Gaia Temples so that their planet might be made whole again.[30][31]

Tails soon joined Sally and Antoine on a mission to Crystal Cave to retrieve one of the Emeralds, and managed to sneak in with no problem due to deactivating the Badnik forces stationed there.[32] However, Sally then decided to reactivate the Badniks and fight through them on their way out to make sure they knew that the Emerald was gone. Recognizing that Sally hoped to protect the beautiful cave from being damaged, her teammates agreed, and fought their way through Batbots, an E-1000 unit, and various other robots. They then returned to the Sky Patrol, where Tails proudly showed off their prize to an admiring Cream.[33][34] After Sonic's exposure to the energy resulted in him transforming into the Werehog, he left the Sky Patrol for a time to learn mastery from Moss the Sloth, though Tails felt that the Freedom Fighters could have done just as much for him. Regardless, the heroes soon located another Emerald, and Tails was selected for Team Fighters with Amy and Rotor while Sally and the D'Coolettes formed Team Freedom and went down first. When the expected trap went off, Tails and his teammates flew into action, only to be caught by another surprise attack.[35] Fortunately, Cream and a handful of their friends-including Tails' creation T-Pup and Omochao-came to their rescue as well. Defeated and dejected, the team picked up Sonic, who bolstered their spirits with an encouraging speech.[36]

The next Emerald would be found in the possession of Sonic and Tails' old foe Breezie, who offered it up as the prize to the winner of her Chaos Emerald Championship. Tails, Sonic, and Amy were registered for the tournament as Team Fighters, and were the only Freedom Fighters to make it onto the roster. After a brief-and tense-reunion with Breezie, the trio made a new acquaintance in the form of fashion designer Honey the Cat. Honey was quick to say she would give the Emerald to the Freedom Fighters in the event of her victory, but wanted them all to model for her. When Tails tried to get out of it by noting his limited wardrobe, Honey replied "You can ACCESSORIZE!"[37] Much to his dismay, the Fox found himself facing Honey in the first block of the tournament, and proved to be no match for the dangerous designer after she cheated by distraction. Now forced to be a spectator, he also found himself the unwilling model of one of Honey's bow ties.[2] Later, while watching a match between Nack and Bean, he expressed to Sonic that his moodiness came from Honey embarrassing him in front of the world. Sonic encouraged him, reminding him how he trusted him to back him up, which raised Tails' spirits. Tails was then avenged as Sonic achieved victory during his own match with Honey before moving on to face Knuckles.[38]

Following the tournament, Tails returned to the Sky Patrol, and in the absence of Amy, Sonic, and the D'Coolettes found himself helping defend it from Dark Gaia's Minions. A group of them swarmed Tails one night just before dawn, only to be cut down by a diving Sally, with Tails returning the favor by rescuing her from a bad fall. When Nicole received an unexpected distress call from the Digital World and left to investigate, Sally selected Tails and Big to accompany her to Isolated Island. On the way, the trio discussed Nicole's departure and its relation to her creator Dr. Ellidy, whose residence they were heading to. Tails noted with some enthusiasm Ellidy's contributions to the Kingdom of Acorn, including the Mobotropolis Grand Archive that had proved a fascinating source of knowledge for him. Arriving on the island, the trio were escorted to Ellidy's home by one of his repurposed Badniks, and arrived just in time to greet Ellidy and Nicole.[39] The next day Nicole announced her fear that someone was trying to take over Ellidy's systems after the doctor showed the Freedom Fighters the Red Star Ring that had recently emerged from the nearby Lake of Rings. In an effort to locate any intruders, Tails and Nicole teamed up, she examining the software of Ellidy's computers while Tails took a crack at the hardware. After a hard day's work, Tails and Big retired to the living room.[40]

Tails was later awakened by an unpleasant development-Dark Gaia's Minions AND Ellidy's Badniks were attacking, the later under the control of the evil computer virus known as Phage. After trying to keep the attackers out of the house, Tails and Big were ordered by Sally to go recover a Chaos Emerald that Phage had discovered on the island to keep it out of her hands.[41]

Worlds Unite


Tails is a good-natured, intelligent youth who is fiercely loyal to Sonic and his other friends. Though he is at times intimidated by the obstacles he faces as a hero, he continues to press forward with Sonic as his inspiration. Despite having been involved in conflict for some years, he retains a childlike positivity and fun-loving demeanor, though he's not without a certain amount of pride.

Powers and abilities

Tails' most unusual ability is derived from the twin tails that inspired his nickname, which he can spin to enable him to travel through the air or at high speeds across the ground. Though physically capable, he is more of a mechanic than a fighter, and often employs his brains and his inventions to defeat enemies. He is a capable pilot, particularly when it comes to his prized Tornado plane, and is apparently better handling hardware than software. His inventions include his robotic "dog," T-Pup, and the Miles Electric computers/communicators that are utilized by members of the Freedom Fighters and their close associates.





  • Tails' possession of two tails is derived from the mythological kitsune (Japanese for "Fox") from common Japanese folklore. The kitsune is said to be capable of growing multiple tails - nine tails at maximum - with it being said that the more tails it has, the more old, wise and powerful it is.
  • The name "Miles Prower" is a pun on "miles per hour", a reference to the famed speed of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.
  • According to Ian Flynn, Tails' food choices lean towards gastronomy cooking, but he's also a fan of peanut butter and jelly and mint candy.[42]
  • Ian Flynn has indicated that Tails was amongst the refugees from Mobotropolis who fled during Eggman's takeover, but was cut from Sonic Comic Origins #1 for unknown reasons.[43]

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