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What can I include for you This article's name is conjectural. Although this article is based on official information, the actual name of the article's subject is pure conjecture. What can I include for you

The Mimic Ghost[note 1] is a shape-shifting ghost who attacks Sonic and Tails in Mystic Haunt Zone, taking their forms before challenging the duo. It has only appeared in Sonic Rivals 2.


This being lives in the Mystic Haunt. When Sonic and Tails enter, this being takes their form, and challenges them throughout the zone, before losing to the pair.

The Mimic Ghost can become an exact duplicate of Sonic or Tails, minus its glowing red eyes. In its cutscene sprite it seems to have a ghostly body including a ghost tail. However, during the act it is shown to have a complete, transparent body of the character's appearance.

As it can copy Sonic or Tails, it is capable of using either Sonic Boom or Tail Copter.

The origin of the Mimic Ghost is never confirmed, as it has never been seen prior to Sonic Rivals 2 and is never seen again.


  1. Unofficial name