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Quotation1 Me? I did nothing at all. Unless shooting him with my mind control beam that runs on alien energy counts as doing something to him. Quotation2
Dr. Eggman, Sonic Colors

The Mind Control Ray is the axis of Eggman's plot to take over the world in Sonic Colors.


The Mind Control Ray is powered by the Hyper-go-on energy that sustains the Wisps. A miniature version of it is attached to the Egg Mobile and receives Hyper-go-on energy from two containers on the back of the vehicle.


In Sonic Colors, Eggman kidnaps the Wisps and drains the Hyper-go-on from them, turning them into Nega-Wisps. The project is carried out on such a large scale because he plans to mind-control the entire world. He demonstrates the power of the Mind Control Ray on a smaller scale by using it on Tails which succeeded beyond Eggman's expectations until the weapon ran out of Hyper-go-on which allowed Tails to recover his senses.

Some time later in the game, the Mind Control Ray ultimately fails because, when Sonic battles Rotatatron (Globotron in the DS version) earlier in the game, the arm of the destroyed robot lodges itself in the ray. The hole in the machine that was created by the arm causes the Mind Control Ray to leak Hyper-go-on energy and explode, causing the Tropical Resort to collapse into a black hole made from Hyper-go-on.


  • An apparent side effect of the Mind Control Ray is that the target's nose hair tingles.
  • Eggman cunningly disguised the Mind Control Ray as a space elevator, which is why Sonic never gave it a second thought.
  • Despite its considerable size, the Mind Control Ray cannot be seen from everywhere in the park.
  • The Mind Control Ray seems to drain Hyper-go-on fairly quickly, as seen in a cutscene, so Dr. Eggman's plan might not have worked for long, even if it had succeeded. This was, however, demonstrated with a prototype of the Mind Control Ray, and might have been fixed in Eggman's final product for the Mind Control Ray.
  • The Mind Control Ray is similar to the Brainwash Beam from Sonic Jump in that they are primary plot devices in their respective games. They both take the form of a giant weapon from outer space with Eggman intending to use them to take control of Earth's citizens' minds.


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