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Shuffle Event space

Event Space

Mini-Games[1] are short video games that can be played in Sonic Shuffle. These events are often initiated when a player lands on an Event Space. They can also be found by "accident". Forcejewels and Rings are usually the prizes for completing these games.

Mini-games that the player has played can be replayed in Sonic Room from the Toy Box. The aquarium here will also state how many Mini-Games there have been played.

List of Mini-Games

Vs 4

In these games, all four players compete equally, often resulting in a single winner:

2 vs 2

In these games, all players divide into teams of two. Through co-operation, two players can win:

1 vs 3

In these games, one player takes a unique role to prevent three other players from winning. The one player will win or loose if any or all of the three players win:


"Accidents" are board-specific Mini-Games that can happen on any space:

Emerald Coast

Riot Train

Fire Bird

Fourth Dimension Space

Nature Zone

Stage Clear

These Mini-Games are played after all the Precioustones on a board are collected and take place when the players are leaving the dream world:

Play Order

Activities played before starting a board decide the order of the players' turns:

See also


  1. Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast) United States instruction booklet, p. 14.
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