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Mint Candy (ミントキャンディ Minto Kyandi?)[1] is a collectible item that appears in Tails' Skypatrol. They are pieces of candy that can replenish Tails' power gauge.


Mint Candies can be found lying on the ground in every level of the game which the player can collect by touching it. When collected, the Mint Candy will replenish Tails' power gauge in the upper left corner of the screen, which tells how long Tails can fly. As such, Mint Candy is an important item to collect; if the power gauge runs out, Tails will fall down and the player loses a life.

Mint Candies can be found in set of one, two or three sets. The larger the amount of Mint Candy that is obtained, the more will Tails' power gauge be filled.



  1. Tails Skypatrol (Sega Game Gear) Japanese instruction manual pg. 21.

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