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Several Mips at the end of the first act of Jade Gully Zone.

The Mips are creatures from the cancelled video game Sonic X-treme. They are the replacement of the Animal Friends and populate the worlds in the game.


In concept artwork, they look like little marshmallows or triangles but in the actual levels of the game, they are just colored balls with black eyes. It was planned that each zone will have different colors and movement for the Mips, for example, the Mips in Jade Gully Zone are colored blue, purple and magenta and are bouncing as seen in the promotional video of Jade Gully.


  • The name "Mip" was dubbed by Michael Kosaka and is an abbreviation for a computer term "Million Instructions Per Second".
  • At first, the Mips were mistaken for beardy creatures that appeared in a Christmas test level that was found in PackageX.