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Mirage Saloon Zone (ミラージュサルーン Mirājusarūn?, lit. "Mirage Saloon") is a Zone that is set to appear in Sonic Mania.[1]


This Zone takes place in a vast desert, filled with cacti and huge mountains in the distance. Act 2 of the Zone features multiple saloon-like indoor areas filled with large, piano-like platforms.


The Mirage Saloon Zone features gimmick mechanics reminiscent of western play.[2] These include seltzer bottles to guide paths, a pistol to launch the player to new heights, piano keys that the player can bounce on, and the return of the pinball gimmick.

When this Zone is played as Knuckles, the Mirage Saloon Zone takes on a different Zone configuration compared to that of Sonic and Tails'.[2]


Act 1

Act 2


CvtRSAgWgAAENma.jpg large

The wanted poster of Fang the Sniper found in Mirage Saloon Zone.



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