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Sonic Adventure 2
Mission Street

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Mission Street is the seventh stage in the Hero story in Sonic Adventure 2. It is a Tails level in which the two-tailed hero must slip through the town and across a bridge that is under heavy construction, all the while being attacked by aerial missiles. The area is also prone to earthquakes, which causes some sections of the bridge to collapse.

Story Overview

After witnessing Eggman's test fire of the Eclipse Cannon, Sonic, Tails and Amy realize that he's been collecting the Chaos Emeralds to fuel the cannon. Tails remembers that the Chaos Emeralds attract each other, and decides to use the Emerald he received as a gift for saving Station Square in Sonic Adventure to find the others. The police find the trio at this point, and Sonic offers to keep them busy while Tails escapes to look for the other Emeralds.

Stages missions

Collect 100 Rings

The first philosophy for successfully completing this mission is to take time. If the player gets hit even once, it becomes almost impossible to collect 100 Rings. Also, before walking under the giant suspended Weight, break the wooden Container on the right and hit the switch to prevent the Weight from falling onto the player. This stage has 104 Rings in Sonic Adventure 2 and 99 Rings in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, so the player must use the back Ring to collect more Rings located at the end of the Stage.

Find the Lost Chao

As the player approaches the second point marker, turn back toward the screen, and drop down. Hover to descend slowly and the player will see a ledge below with an Ancient Ruin on it. Playing the Mystic Melody atop this ruin causes a blue swirl to appear: it transports the player to a row of floating elevators. Jump and hover across them to find the lost Chao.

Reach the Goal within 3:00

The key to this mission is to move constantly. If the player picked up the Laser Blaster Level Up Item, just use the Lock-On Missile as fast as possible throughout the stage to destroy any obstacles in the path.

Clear the Hard Mode

There are few changes to this Stage's hard mode than the player is accustomed to. Extra enemies have been added as usual, but there are few structural differences.

  • First the falling cylinders may blow out the road ahead before the chance to cross them.
  • There is also a new mechanism, the swinging spiked balls.
  • The final section has different mechanics.

Big the Cat sighting

After the bridge with the collapsing pillars, cross a large bottomless pit. While crossing the pit, the player should be able to see Big on a support beam on the left side.

In Hard Mode, Big's location is moved to the furthest point of this stage. Before the Goal Ring, there is a collapsing highway above the arena. Once the player reaches it, a part of the highway will collapse and reveal Big's location.

Chao Container locations

  • At the beginning of the stage, the first Chao Container can be found on the upper path past the falling highway.
  • At the beginning of the stage, the second Chao Container can be found among the Wooden Containers below the pillar staircase.
  • After the first Point Marker, the third Chao Container can be found among the Wooden Containers which are located at the back of the platform with the pair of Weights.


Level Up Item

Tails' Booster is located here, allowing his mech to hover.


  • Throughout the stage, you can see electric billboards with Tails' head on them, offering a $1,000,000 reward for his capture. These billboards provide (non-detailed) description of Tails. Apparently, GUN has no records of Tails date of birth, location of birth or his nationality.
Tails GUN wanted
  • This level, City Escape and Radical Highway, seem to be based off the city of San Francisco. Since all three are in Central City, the city itself is likely based off of San Francisco.
  • There is an actual street in San Francisco called Mission Street.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Rumbling Highway (Mission Street)04:15

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Rumbling Highway (Mission Street)


Sonic Adventure 2- Mission Street Mission -1 - A Rank HD04:31

Sonic Adventure 2- Mission Street Mission -1 - A Rank HD

Sonic Adventure 2

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