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Mr. Blobnik from Sonic the Comic #59. Art by Richard Elson.

Mr. Blobnik is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a Badnik designed by Grimer for the purposes of defeating Sonic the Hedgehog. However, the robot looked ludicrous and acted completely incompetently. Even Doctor Robotnik thought that it was a ridiculous creation.


Mister Blobnik resembled a gangly humanoid, coloured pink, yellow and green, with googly eyes and a wide grin. A young bear from the Metropolis Zone was used as its organic battery.


The Freedom Fighters came to the Metropolis Zone on a tip from the Kintobor Computer, who had detected a new type of badnik in the area. When they found Blobnik, Sonic was so unimpressed by the robot that he decided to take care of it all on his own, while the others (Amy Rose, Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis) stood back and watched.

Mister Blobnik insisted that it was designed to defeat Sonic, but was so slow that it couldn't hit him, and then it whined that he should "keep still". When it revealed that it had forgotten to put the batteries in its "secret Blobnik weapon" (its umbrella), Sonic got tired and decided to end the fight. He ran around Blobnik at super-speed, blowing the robot apart in a stream of bubble. Unfortunately, Blobnik's ridiculous design was all a part of a trap to put the Freedom Fighters off-guard, and the destruction of Blobnik's body trapped Sonic in an impenetrable bubble. Blobnik's head detached from the rest of the body, sprouted legs (to look like a spider, or spider-shaped badnik such as Grabber) and grabbed the helpless Sonic, taking him away as a prisoner.

Thus, Doctor Robotnik's most ridiculous creation was actually the first to succeed in capturing Sonic. However, because of the threat posed by the Brotherhood of Metallix, Robotnik let Sonic go free in order to face them.[1]


Mister Blobnik acted incompetent, complaining whenever Sonic hit it and whining when Sonic would not let him hit back.

Powers and abilities


Mister Blobnik used a plastic yellow umbrella as a weapon, and carried a floral-pattern bubble pipe.


  • Mr. Blobnik was named after and loosely modelled on Mr Blobby.


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