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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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King Sonic Light Mobius

The future King Sonic of Light Mobius.

Light Mobius (also known as Mobius: X Years Later, Mobius: 25 Years Later, or Mobius: 30 Years Later) is an alternate universe from Mobius Prime in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It takes place many years ahead of the prime verse timeline. While this universe showed peace and prosperity throughout Mobius initially, this all changed when King Sonic was forced to go back in time and change history in order to preserve the fabric of reality. Upon his return to the timeline, events had dramatically been altered and Shadow was now king. With the help of Knuckles, Tails and Lara-Su, the despot Shadow was disposed of and a chance for peace returned. After five years of peace, trouble once again came to Mobius, beginning with Lien-Da and the Dark Presence.

Light Mobius has a counterpart which takes place at around the same point in time named Dark Mobius.


Between Present and Future - Unaltered

Various events are known to have taken place somewhere along the timeline between the present timeline seen in Mobius Prime and the present time in the Mobius X Years Later universe. When Dr. Eggman's empire began to collapse, he sought out the help of Dimitri, who was still on life support. When the ancient echidna refused to help him due to his change in ideology, the enraged Dr. Eggman ripped him from his life support unit. Because of this, Dimitri was reduced to a cyborg head contained within a floating glass ball to preserve his life.

Some time after this, Dr. Eggman stole the Master Emerald, causing Knuckles to once again transform into Chaos Knuckles. The Chaos-empowered echidna then used his power to wipe out Eggman once and for all. Following this, Chaos Knuckles began to reshape the world as he saw fit, removing Julie-Su's cybernetics. Feeling that Knuckles was now a threat, Sonic threatened to used a device called the Nullifier to neutralize Knuckles powers. The device went off prematurely, costing the Guardian his eye as well as returning him to normal.

In 3243, Sonic and Sally tied the knot and got married. However, King Max did not abdicate from the throne for the first two years of their marriage.

At some point, Tails settled down and married Mina Mongoose and had two children with her. Tails left with his family to move to Downunda. For some reason King Sonic was no longer on speaking terms with Tails, and did not show up at the airport with his family to say goodbye.

In 3259, the Kingdom of Acorn had to deal with the Overlander Uprising. Knuckles was unable to provide assistance, as he was preoccupied with the "Drone Problem", which was apparently contributed to the uprising.

25 Years Later — Unaltered (3261)

Originally in this universe, prior to his alterations, the status quo of Mobius had dramatically changed during the years past. Mobius enjoyed a state of peace and prosperity, with most if not all past antagonists destroyed or permanently defeated. The Kingdom of Acorn was currently under the rule of King Sonic and Queen Sally, who were married and had two children named Princess Sonia Acorn and Prince Manik Acorn.

Between Present and Future — Altered

As a result of King Sonic's journey to the past, the Mobius X Years Later universe had been changed almost beyond recognition. Due to Sonic's apparent disappearance and presumed death during the Second Robotnik War, Shadow the Hedgehog "both rescued and conquered" the war-torn planet Mobius within one year's time. Shadow's regime managed to bring peace and stability to all of Mobius, though his regime resorted to brutal methods. According to Knuckles, "Things may have been bad under King Shadow, but at least he knew how to keep the warmongers in line." Some time after, the much-loved Queen Sally married King Shadow, and she was able to ease some of the harsh rules and punishments of Shadow's regime. The Dark Presence, under the leadership of Lien-Da, became his enforcers. The world trembled in fear of the organization and its ruthless efficiency, while some felt there was some hope due to the humanitarian missions performed by Queen Sally. In addition to these changes, King Shadow turned Maria into an iconic symbol of worship. Furthermore, the world capital was relocated to the merchant city of Portal on Angel Island in 3262.

25 Years Later — Altered (3262)

Although these negative changes took place, the damage to the time space continuum was repaired, ending any danger of Mobius being destroyed. However, a handful of Mobians had escaped losing their memories of the original timeline thanks to being near the Tachyon Displacement chamber when it went off or through use of technological devices. Two of them, Rotor and Cobor, were locked up and tortured, the latter being killed by King Shadow. Tails, having preserved his family and memories from the timeline changes, sought out the help of Knuckles and Sonic to remove King Shadow from power.

Having retained her memories, Lara-Su found a world far different from what she left behind. As a result of the alteration, several of her friends ceased to exist, namely Sonia and Manik. Thus, she offered to join Tails in his quest to both locate Sonic and take down King Shadow after her father refused to help Tails. Lara-Su and Tails eventually found Sonic living on the streets of the city of Portal as a hobo. Sonic reconciled with Tails, believing that if he couldn't fix the past back to the way it was, then he could at least fix his friendship with him now. However, the three were then arrested by Knuckles.

After the three were imprisoned, Knuckles revealed he had arrested them merely as a deception and so they could get close to the king. Lara-Su, Knuckles, Tails and Sonic then launched a coup d’état against King Shadow, besieging Castle Mobius. Although Sonic was quickly defeated by King Shadow, Lara-Su managed to freeze the despot in time with her knowledge of Chaos Control. Thus, King Shadow's reign came to an end, and Knuckles was convinced of her worthiness to be a Guardian. Sonic spoke to Sally afterwards, who considered her marriage with Shadow annulled, and the two rekindled their old love.

These events were mistakenly labelled as being in 3265 in Sonic Universe #5. This is impossible, as the year 3262 was provided for events taking place right after King Shadow's defeat. It is likely that the year was supposed to be shown was 3262, as that year is provided in three panels directly afterwards in the issue. The year 3262 is considered the proper year for this series of events.

Five Years of Peace

In the summer of 3262, Sonic and Sally married, with Sonic crowned king. Support for the change in regime was universal according to News 11. In the spring of 3263, the royal twins Sonia and Manik were born.

30 Years Later (3267)

Although the majority of Mobius was in peace, some of the stability was lost when King Sonic took the throne. Both Knuckles and Julie-Su went to conduct peace talks with a warring faction, while Vector and Knecapeon Mace attempted to discuss with the Mazuri Separatists. The next day, the world celebrated the Five Years of Peace, only to be interrupted by an assassination attempt on the royal family by Lien-Da and the Dark Presence. The royal family was saved by Silver, who explained why he had arrived.


  • The characters of Sonic and Sally's children Sonia and Manik were named after the Sonic Underground characters of the same names, possibly as a tribute since nothing of the series had any major role in the comics.
  • The year Shadow took power was incorrectly stated as 3265 in Sonic Universe #5. It should have been stated as 3262. Proof of this error is that the issue goes on to label events following this as being in the years 3262 and 3263.

Characters Present in Light Mobius

Royal Family

Knuckles's Family

Tails' Family


  • Several important characters did not appear in Mobius: X Years Later, although a number of them were mentioned. These include:
  • Prior to the release of Mobius: 25 Years Later, another possible future storyline was planned out for the comics. Known as Mobius: 20 Years Later, it would have featured Mobius coming under attack from some unknown threat 20 years into the future of the comic and a new villain called Doctor Droid. This is the same threat that Locke was shown a vision of by the Ancient Walkers, prompting him to the experimentations that made Knuckles into a mutant Echidna, and which Princess Sally saw during her first contact with the Source of All. However, the storyline was cancelled before ever being published.

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