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The Mobius Cup underway, from Sonic the Comic #133. Art by Lew Stringer.

The Mobius Cup is an event that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is an football tournament held on Mobius.


The 1998 edition of the Mobius Cup final was contested by Shinpadzio and the Reds. Shinpadzio were considered to be favourites by many, but their form had slipped before the match.[1]

Controversy marred the final as the manager of Shinpadzio, Ronnie Dribble, copied Sonic the Hedgehog's powers and gave them to his players. While confident of victory at first, Shinpadzio's players were unable to control Sonic's powers during the game, causing them to shoot offside and crash. In this confusion, Sonic apprehended Dribble, who got prosecuted shortly after by the Shinpadzio chairman, and Shinpadzio lost the match 22-0.[1]


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