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"Mobodoon" is the third episode of the Sonic Underground television series. It first aired on 13 January 1999 in France and on 1 September 1999 in the United States. It was included in Volume 1 and Dr. Robotnik's Revenge.

The song performed in this episode is "I've Found My Home".


For the transcript of this episode, see Mobodoon (episode)/Transcript.

Sonic, Sonia and Manic return to their birthplace, Mobodoon, a beautiful, festive town. The homecoming is interrupted when Sleet and Dingo arrive to collect back taxes by order of Dr. Robotnik. Because Mobodoon has no form of currency to pay this bogus debt, Sleet and Dingo decide to raid the village and steal its most precious monuments, including the powerstone, which is the center of Mobodoon's vitality. It is up to the Hedgehogs to get the powerstone back and restore their former home to its previous blissful state.


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